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posted by Albiee
8.01 || Asleep At Heaven's Gate

Brooke: Before آپ say another word, آپ should both know that I just have just come from the city jail, where I was frisked سے طرف کی a large supposedly female cop who was very thorough in her cavity search. Now speak.

Nathan: Is everything okay?
Doctor: Yeah. I just wanna run some tests.

Mia (to Haley): Speaking of slutty, congratulations on being pregnant.

Clay: I just realized that I haven't seen a single person on this ساحل سمندر, بیچ all day...have you?
Quinn: No.
Clay: Do آپ know what that means? Skinny dipping.

Julian (to Brooke): Get ready for my greased lightning!

Haley: آپ کہا the باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال hoop was like my uterus?
Nathan: He caught me totally off guard. He was like a ninja...Like a three foot tall, where do babies come from, ninja.

Julian (to Brooke): This happens all the time. I sleep with a girl and then the اگلے morning she's already planning the wedding.

Haley: These aren't sad tears, they're happy tears.
Nathan: Alright, well how about from now on we do smiles for happy instead?

Alex: I know it must have been a surprise, me and Chase.
Mia: No not really. It's what آپ do right? Break up couples.
Alex: Yeah. It kinda is, but not this time. آپ screwed this up all سے طرف کی yourself didn't you?
Mia: آپ can go now.
Alex: سے طرف کی the way, I plan to make him happier than آپ ever did. So آپ should probably just give up and اقدام on now. Okay? Great. Now I can go.

Brooke: I was just arrested and explored سے طرف کی a woman with a mustache and man hands! When آپ look up "bad" in the dictionary, this is it!

8.02 || I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

Jamie (to Julian): I'm glad they sent آپ to pick me up. آپ don't just treat me like a kid.

Brooke: If آپ really like the new baby, can I have Jamie?
Nate: Yeah, آپ can have him, but آپ gotta have the sex talk with him first.

Haley (to Quinn): They say آپ don't know what you've got til it's gone. I guess I didn't know how much I missed آپ until آپ were in my life every day.

Chase: ارے Jamie, how آپ doin' buddy?
Jamie: Do I know you?
Chase: Dude, who are you? Victoria Davis?

Chase: Come on! How come yours is so good?
Alex: 'Cause I'm kinda awesome like that. Plus, I changed the ingredients.

Haley: When the silence gets too loud, and I really start to miss everyone, I tell myself the same thing: I can't see you, but I know you're there.

8.03 || The Space In Between

Clay: Is this heaven?
Quinn: No, just my version of it.

Will: This doesn't make sense does it? A couple of ghosts sitting on a roof... but here we are.

Nathan: I'm not strong enough Haley.
Haley: Yes آپ are. And when you're not, آپ have me.

Will: I know this sucks, but it's gotta be nice to know that somebody loves آپ like that.

Julian: He likes being with his Aunt Brooke.
Brooke: No he likes being with you. And I like seeing آپ two together.

Quinn (to Clay): آپ know my whole family was here. It's usually best to be in a coma for that so...nice work.

Nathan: You're a good man Jamie Scott.
Jamie: So are آپ dad.

Jamie: Aunt Brooke do آپ know where babies come from?
Brooke: Not from me.

Will: This sucks, huh? Now I know why they call it the waiting room.

8.04 || We All Fall Down

Julian: Years from now when we look back on this moment, we're not gonna remember the trouble with your company یا the bad press, یا even your mom being in jail, we're just gonna remember how great our wedding was.

Alex: Lets make it a dare.
Chase: Okay. Loser plays the اگلے hole in their underwear.
Alex: Yeah, like I'm wearing any underwear.

Victoria: Many captains of industry have done their best work while incarcerated. There's no shame in it.

Nate: I've been avoiding it now for a while, but my back is done. So, I'm gonna finish this beer, then I'm gonna go ہوم and tell my wife that I'm done playing.
Julian: Wow. That's huge. When did آپ decide that?
Nate: Just this second. Haley's pregnant. Clay and Quinn are recovering, and I didn't even know my own son liked baseball.

Julian: I picked out the flowers سے طرف کی the way.
Haley: آپ did? I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Gee, آپ did a beautiful job.
Julian: I mean I was hoping for calla lilies but I had to settle for regular lilies. I think the snap dragons really compliment them. In my mind they really make the arrangement.

8.05 || Nobody Taught Us To Quit

Julian: آپ make sad look beautiful, Brooke Davis.

Haley: Last time باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال left your dad, and this time he's leaving basketball.

Chase: Here's the thing. I know unemployment sometimes leads to crack smoking, and I understand that, but I kinda thought you'd be مزید excited about this.

Clay: Did آپ see me own that سیب, ایپل sauce earlier? Stuh-rong.

Julian: Besides hat دستانے, دستانہ belongs on the hand of someone who loves the game. Me, I used to stand out in right field and chase butterflies. Trust me, the دستانے, دستانہ respects what I'm doing here.
Nathan: I'm sure it does. Probably doesn't respect that آپ brought it here in a پرس, تھیلی though.
Julian: That's a man bag.

Victoria: I leave آپ alone for a few days, and آپ go back to being that stupid girl who follows her heart. I never cared for that version of you.

Nathan: Better be careful Mouth. Last time آپ helped me, آپ got fired and now you're sitting out here at the River Court looking kinda creepy and stalker-ish.

Brooke: I get to go visit my mother in prison and tell her I sold my company...good times.

8.06 || Not Afraid

Nathan: Now that باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال is over, I just keep asking myself this same question, over and over...will I ever be great at anything again?
Haley: You'll find it.

Mouth: Wow, what are you?
Millie: I'm a free bitch, baby.

Random dude: I bet you'd give anything to be playing tonight.
Nathan: Actually, not really. Happy Halloween.

Julian: How آپ feeling today, beautiful?
Brooke: I'm not very beautiful.
Julian: Oh, well I'm gonna go grab a mirror, your reflection should take care of that.

Brooke: I will not let these vampire bridesmaids ruin our wedding.
Quinn: They're zombies. Are آپ kidding me? Do آپ not see how slow they're moving?

8.07 || Luck Be A Lady

Mrs. Baker: What kind of wedding doesn't have a champagne fountain.
Brooke: Mine.
Haley: Mine either...I wish it did, though.

Brooke: What a random and total coincidence, my best friend Haley is here, unexpectedly.

Junk: A poker night.
Chase: Good going Julian!

Mrs. Baker: Do آپ know what that dress is missing?
Brooke: Style?

Mrs. Baker: آپ can't control mother nature.
Brooke: یا Mother Baker.

Nathan: (To Haley) آپ should have seen the way he looked at me. I haven't felt that stupid since high school, and at least then I could beat somebody up to feel better.
Haley: Well don't beat yourself up. It was just your first try, did آپ make the first basket آپ ever shot?
Nathan: Yeah.
Haley: Oh...
Nathan: To be fair, I was two and the basket came up to my waist. But, stats are stats.

Nathan: If I wanted to look stupid I would have stayed at ہوم and played Trival Pursuit against Haley. I didn't have to fly to Atlanta to do it.

Erin: Did آپ really like my music? یا did آپ just not want a suicide on your hands?
Haley: I really liked it.

Alex: I'm not that good a person. I've been dealing آپ cards from the bottom of the deck all night.

8.08 || Mouthful Of Diamonds

Erin: Are آپ sure you're qualified to work at a crisis center?
Haley: I don't know about qualified, but I've definitely been there.

Erin: To trust someone with my music, is to trust them with everything I have in the world.

Julian: آپ make me incredibly happy, Brooke Davis, but we all struggle sometimes.

Haley: My life is good. My son, on the other hand, is wearing headgear.

Brooke: Just because your son is in love with me, it's no reason to take it out on my liquor cabinet.

Jerry: Dude, were آپ really just plunging toilets?
Mouth: Yeah, we really gotta stop serving tamales at happy hour.
Jerry: آپ know how guys are, huh?
Mouth: It was the girls' bathroom.

Haley [to Jamie]: As long as آپ pout about your braces, Momma's rocking the eye patch all the time...everywhere!

Jamie: Some people look a little different. Some people are a little different. I think that's cool.

Mouth: Parents coming ہوم tired from work and still have time for their kids. That's who I respect.

Erin: How is Haley as a person?
Mia: Amazing. She is one of the good ones.

Clay: Yes! Suck it, soup!

Julian: Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness مزید often.

Mouth: Sorry for the guy who has to clean up this place, which is me.

Sylvia: Good luck with your Hoot 'n Nanny Wedding.
Brooke: Good luck with being old. سے طرف کی the way, I like my towels.

8.09 || Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Jamie: Don't worry Uncle Skills...that one is not farm fresh.

Skills: Oh, damn. I thought آپ was the turkey.
Millie: Gobble, gobble.

Brooke: I'm thankful you're such a good friend.
Haley: I'm thankful I got to watch آپ chug wine out of a bottle.

Chase: They're both great girls...amazing girls. But the truth is, I think they chose for me. I want to be with a girl who really wants to be with me. Not someone who lies to me, یا broke up with me سے طرف کی text. I think I should just be سے طرف کی myself for a while.

Jamie: I am thankful for my baby brother.
Haley: یا sister.
Jamie: Whatever.

Victoria: But that table's for misfits.
Brooke: How perfect for you.

Victoria: Here we got with the typical Brooke dramatics.
Brooke: آپ want dramatic? There's a carving چھری here I'm not afraid to use.

8.10 || Lists, Plans

Dan: I ended two lives when I pulled that trigger, and one of them was mine.

Brooke: Did آپ seriously just quote Hitch?
Julian: Yeah because it's a really good quote.

Julian: I promise آپ it will be the سیکنڈ most exhilarating 45 سیکنڈ of your life.
Brooke: What's the first? Oh, a sex joke, which might be cute if آپ weren't 15,000 feet in the air with half the plane missing.

Brooke: Is this thing even legal to take on roads?
Julian: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Dan: She's pretty. I can see why Evans was sleeping with her.
Quinn: He wasn't.
Dan: That's too bad.

Dan: What can I help آپ with?
Quinn: Murder.

Haley: I loved spelling bees when I was your age.
Jamie: Yeah, Dad کہا آپ were a nerd.

Brooke: James Lucas Scott, are آپ drinking a beer?
Jamie: What kind of backyard hootenanny and pig roast would this be without it?

8.11 || Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Quinn [to Katie]: I'm your storm.

Katie: I can't...
Quinn: Breathe? I know. It's okay, you'll pass out soon, but unlike me آپ won't lay there for 12 hours. Only a psycho would let آپ do that.

Katie [to Quinn]: Go on! Run in to the storm! But I'm your storm, and I'll find you.

Nathan: This is so A Christmas Story. Back in the car, Ralphie.
Haley: Sorry.

Jamie: So? Chuck and Madison are going.
Haley: Chuck's mom's an alcoholic.

8.12 || The Drinks We Drank Last Night

Haley: To Brooke and her last night of freedom. It's her turn now.

Haley: Just read the book and forget about professor what's-his-face.
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Okay I'll read the book.

Brooke: This سال has been the hardest of my life, and آپ know who's always been here for me? No matter what? My maid of honor.
Haley: Me?

Brooke: آپ did all this for me?
Sylvia: I did this for the girl my son loves.

Sylvia: Haven't آپ ever forgiven someone for a kiss?
Brooke: Well, I forgave Lucas for kissing Peyton, but I never forgot.
Sylvia: Has everyone dated this Lucas character?

Dave Navarro: ارے where's that other chick that I nailed? I want to apologize to her for the black eye.

Brooke: What are آپ doing here, Dave Navarro?

Julian: Good morning, gorgeous. If آپ don't get ہوم soon, I might have to misbehave all سے طرف کی myself.
Sylvia: Good morning, honey.
Julian: Mom?

Sylvia: Wow, it's like I did shots of fire.

Haley: I thought we weren't in high school anymore.
Brooke: Well, let's face it, she's always gonna be the girl that got naked in front of my boyfriend.

Julian: You're only getting married once. I want it to be perfect.
Brooke: It is.

Brooke: Marriage is about loving someone for who they are and accepting them for their mistakes. I have to tell him.

Sylvia: All people don in small towns is have sex and watch TV.
Brooke: آپ say that like it's a bad thing.

Quinn: Oh my god. We have to go now.
Alex: Why?
Millie: Why?
Quinn: Because we چرا لیا, چوری کی Nathan's professor's dog!

Millie: I can't believe we چرا لیا, چوری کی a dog.
Alex: We don't know that!
Quinn: He skateboards! Guys we are in possession of a stolen skateboarding dog!

Sylvia: Great news! They found it!
Brooke: My ring?
Sylvia: No, my phone! It's at the آگ کے, آگ house lets go!
Haley: Of course.

Haley: Oh my god what the hell were آپ doing with Dave Navarro?!
Sylvia: What the hell am I wearing?!
Brooke: What the hell did we do last night?!

Millie: Why would I get boots?
Haley: Because that tattoo kicks ass!

Quinn: I found it!
Brooke: My ring?!
Quinn: Millie's کدال, hoe tag.
Alex: کدال, hoe tag? It's called a tramp stamp.
Quinn: Then where's yours?
Haley: I have one!

Haley: What was in those drinks?!
Alex: I don't know. Energy?

Brooke: Everyone shut up about their stupid mouths! I lost my engament ring.

8.13 || The Other Half Of Me

Haley: I have heard a lot of best man speeches in my life, and yours was سے طرف کی far the sweetest, most honest, and the most memorable.

Julian: Brooke before I met آپ I thought my world had everything I needed to be happy.I had nothing else to compare to. Then آپ walked into my life and everything changed. I realized how empty my world was without آپ in it, and my old life was no longer capable of making me happy, not without you. I love everything about آپ Brooke, I love the way آپ challenge me like no one ever has, I love the way آپ look at me like no one ever has, and I love the way آپ love me like no one ever has. I cant imagine spending my life without you, and if آپ say yes to me in a few منٹ I wont have to......You look beautiful سے طرف کی the way!

Jamie: I'm gonna have a little sister?
Haley: Is that okay?
Jamie: Yeah. I hope she's just like you, Mom

Haley: I have heard a lot of best man speeches in my life and yours was سے طرف کی far the sweetest, most honest, and the most memorable. I have never been so proud of you.

Priest: If anyone can دکھائیں just cause why this couple should not be joined together, speak now...
Skills: Don't nobody say nothing!

Jamie: Brooke looks like an angel.
Julian: That's why I'm not nervous.

Julian: I found my other half.

Brooke: We're going to the church. We're going to the church where I'm getting married. Haley, I'm getting married.

Skills: آپ know a few years back there was a wedding here in درخت Hill...bride wasn't who she کہا she was. A lot of good people got hurt that day.

Alex: Honestly I'm really terrible at keeping secrets. This one time my friend Kimmy told me she hooked up with two people at the same party, and I promised I wouldn't say a word, but then I told like four people within an گھنٹہ and one of them was actually Kimmy.

Chase: I thought we were chosen because Julian has no guy friends.

Haley: Why are آپ dancing like that Brooke?
Brooke: Because this dance is what made an amazing man fall in love with me!

Haley: But sweety, آپ know this isn't a competition right?
Jamie: Okay good. Just remember that when they like my speech more.

Julian: Guess this is my lucky day.

Julian: It wasn't really about the girl. It was the idea of someone out there for me. So I kept this other half bumper car token ever since as a reminder that somewhere out there, if I'm lucky, is my other half.

Julian: Why would your rabbit have an emotional response to our wedding?
Jamie: Well, he's always had a thing for Brooke.

8.14 || Holding Out For A Hero

Chuck (to Chase): Nice they make 'em for guys?

Chase: I could be a big brother. I've always liked playing with kids.
Mia: Yeah, don't say that out loud.

Alex (to Mia): I came to ask Haley, not you. Why talk to the greasy rag when آپ can talk to the mechanic?

Kellerman: Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.

Brooke: Was I sleep fighting again?
Julian: Yes! No مزید Kick پچھواڑے, گدا for my wife before bed.

Chuck's mom (to Chase): Hey, I know you. You're my bartender.
Chuck: Bar manager, and he's also a pilot.

Quinn: And آپ all take down that website یا I'll post your photos, and they're all from bad angles.

Haley: Maybe I'll call the Dean.
Nikki: Like the Dean of Princeton would listen to some whack job in a cape.

Brooke: They're not crypts, they're kids. مزید specifically, they're stuck up little bitches that need to be dealt with.

Chase: We got plans today remember?
Chuck: My dad says guys can always flake on each other.

Quinn: Kinda makes آپ Super Haley.
Haley: That's so dumb. Why would I include my real name in my super hero name?

Brooke: آپ haven't even heard my idea.
Haley: Fine, what is it?
Brooke: We should be super heroes.

8.15 || Valentine's دن Is Over

Brooke: Do آپ think I'll be a good mom?
Julian: You'll be an amazing mom.

Haley: آپ love me?
Nathan: Of course I do you, dork. With all my heart.

Chuck: Yup, another Valentine's دن alone.
Chase: It sucks.
Chuck: Well مزید for you. I'm only eight.

Chuck: Betcha my dad has a تاریخ tonight. Probably has four یا five.

Jamie: If آپ were a girl would that be okay?
Quinn: Yeah it'd be awesome, and technically I am a girl.
Jamie: If that's your story.

Jamie: I'm sticking with the shoelaces. The hearts say I like you, but the shoelace part isn't too mushy.

Chuck: My dad says real men drink whiskey.
Chase: How bout a root beer?
Chuck: Lame.

Julian: Just remember, you're my girl Brooke Davis, and آپ always will be.

8.16 || I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Julian: Eating ice cream is the best part about Little League...except for maybe catching butterflies.

Julian: Alright! Let's get this audition started.

Julian: That دستانے, دستانہ belonged to Roberto butterfly!

Haley: What about the off chance that he doesn't do so well, آپ gonna go all Dan Scott on him?

Julian: Brooke Penelope Davis Baker, آپ break that box spring and you're sleeping on the floor.

Haley: That was because Jamie کہا he had a great دن and his dad was a big part of that.

Nathan: Well how was his moms day?
Haley: It was good, it was great actually, and I think Lydia really enjoyed it too.

Nathan: آپ can't have an open bottle on the mound in the pros. آپ gotta pour it in a cup.

Haley: Here's to my best friend, Brooke Davis. There is no one else to whom I would trust my child more.

Haley: Well آپ must be starving. Feel free to have some food and uh just ya know don't eat my ho ho cake.

Ian: I party on a boat. It's my dad's pride and joy, so I like to trash it now and then. آپ guys in?
Nathan: Maybe we should just go to a bar.

8.17 || The Smoker آپ Drink, The Player آپ Get

Chuck: Where we goin'?
Chase: Dude, it's late on a school night, does it matter?
Chuck: Good point.

Random Guy: Are آپ the angry chicken reporter?
Millie: That's me.
Random Guy: That was awesome سے طرف کی the way. Can I have your autograph?

Haley: Ooh, آپ wanna watch Psych?
Quinn: Never heard of it. Is it any good?
Haley: Nahh.

Chase: آپ can دکھائیں your va-jay-jay in a sex tape, but God forgive they know آپ wear glasses.

Nathan: Ian's a hell of a prospect and he's gonna need an agent.
Kellerman: I didn't say I didn't want him represented Mr. Scott. I simply don't want him represented سے طرف کی you.

Millie: I AM hot. My chicken feet are sweating like آپ wouldn't believe.

Haley: آپ tried to stuff me into a stingray. آپ were so not ready.

Quinn: آپ cried wolf, بھیڑیا crier.

8.18 || Quiet Little Voices

Brooke: I promise آپ I'm going to know this child, and they'll know matter what.

Victoria: Because if this boy Julian loves you, and آپ love him, that's all that matters. That is the most important thing, and the clothes can wait.

Julian: I want آپ to know that whenever we do get pregnant, that's gonna be a great day.

Haley: Who do آپ wanna be Nathan?
Nathan: I wanna be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.

Nathan: If I don't go to Duke, if I don't play college basketball, if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course. Nathan as long as آپ are a good husband and a goof father to your's a boy Nathan, we're gonna have a son.

Jamie: And when آپ and Dad were in high school آپ had me?
Haley: That's right. You're not allowed to do that.

Nathan: آپ my man are not a baby anymore.
Jamie: Nope, but they are.

Hayley: Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of us.

Quinn: آپ know my dad's name is James James right?

Brooke: We need a name. Our baby's gonna be born without a name.
Julian: Oops.

Clay: Ya know we'll have kids of our own some day.
Quinn: Well they'll have your big bushy eye brows.

8.19 || Where Not To Look For Freedom

Brooke: I think we'd be happy in New York.

Julian: I think آپ should take that job in New York.

Alex: Now what?
Chase: Chuck says you're hot.

Alex: So آپ liked it?
Chase: I did. Talkin' about that kiss right?

Julian: I nearly lost my wife. Nathan nearly lost his son. Do آپ know what that feels like?
Kellerman: Yes I do. I've lost both.

Skills: Lotta livin' down here bro. End of an era.

Ian: Congrats on the baby. Very strong. Tell her to come see me in about 17 years.

Kellerman: It's a good system, tenure, except when teachers fail to use their freedom for the common good.

Kellerman: As of today, I'm no longer Professor Kellerman. I've resigned my position.

Haley: Okay. Let's take the baby from insane Aunt Quinn.

Nathan: I know what آپ did and آپ know what آپ did. And this is going to be made right سے طرف کی آپ یا سے طرف کی me.

Kellerman: Well it seems my class gets younger every day. آپ must have done extremely well on your advanced placement exams.

8.20 || The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

Haley: I'm gonna miss آپ Brooke Davis like آپ can't understand.

Brooke: I have come to offer آپ a trade. Last reminisce of Karen's cafe for Lydia...straight up.

Alex: So much for baby steps.
Chase: آپ played guitar. It wasn't fair.

Nate: Ginger ale?
Julian: I like ginger ale, it settles my stomach.

Brooke: We're pregnant!

Chuck: We only need one madison. Don't mess it up.

Ian: I couldn't stay. I just couldn't.
Julian: Well now maybe آپ can stay and think about it. Enjoy the walk.

Julian: آپ know what's good about boats? They float. Cars not so much.

Chuck (to Alex): And I saw pictures of آپ on the internet...naughty, naughty.

Chuck: Wow Jamie, آپ bat like my mom.

8.21 || Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Brooke: How آپ feeling sunshine?
Lauren: Shame. So much shame.

Chase: آپ could have killed yourself! یا someone else!
Chuck: I just...I don't want آپ to go.

Clay: I don't understand camping. We have houses, bed, showers, flat irons.

Clay: The tent did not get it done last night.

Nathan: آپ fertile bastard.

Mouth: In case آپ have noticed, I'm weird Millie. I'm an odd duck.

Clay: You're just now noticing this? I'm a weird dude. An odd duck.

Nathan: Who are you, Brian Boitano?
Clay: Brian Boitano won the سونا in men's figure skating.
Nathan: That's my point exactly.

8.22 || This Is My House, This Is My Home

Julian: Your mom is Brooke Davis, and she has enough strength for all of us.

Julian: I'm sure in three months I'll be wondering who I was before we had a family.

Chase (to Mia): آپ inspire me. Your goodness inspires me.

Chase: Can آپ write thanks for the 45 سیکنڈ of heaven?
Mia: 30!

Julian: This is our miracle Brooke Davis, and now it's two miracles. And no girl deserves it more.

Doctor: Congratulations, you're carrying twins.
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