I find myself always writing مضامین about similarities between characters and shows, and this مضمون is no different.
Have آپ ever seen the OC, آپ know the story, and آپ know that although the two (oth and the oc) are two teen dramas, they couldn't be مزید different. But I find that the similarites are practically endless. It's strange really how they can have so many similarities and still the two shows can seem complete opposites. Let me explain my conclusion.

Both are stories of brotherhood. Defiantly different types of brotherhood- Ryan and Seth being دوستوں from the start and growing into brothers, as Lucas and Nathan are two brothers from the start, and grow into accepting each other as brothers, and as friends. But both story lines are about the continuesly growing bond between these two characters, fighting rough spots that harm their brotherhood.

And, as in most teen dramas, there is at least one love triangle. In the oc they're are many minor ones, and in One درخت ہل, لندن there is one (or two if آپ count lincas/leyton) big triangle(s). But both have love triangles. In the OC there was Seth, Summer, and Zack which was less sneaky and مزید for humor as in One درخت HIll there was one REALLY heavy one that was مزید dramatic (Brooke/Lucas/Peyton).
There were also minor triangles that lasted only a few episodes in the beginning of season 1.
For One درخت ہل, لندن there was Lucas/Peyton/Nathan and in The Oc there was Ryan/Marissa/Luke.
(Lots of Lukes are in love triangles- lol)

And for my last similarity, because I have detected many مزید but don't really have the space to write them all down, nor the time, One درخت ہل, لندن and The OC both have almost rapes, that result in a serious brawl.
Trey nearly raped Marissa when she got close to him and trusted him as her friend, and Peyton almost got raped سے طرف کی Psycho Derek/Ian when she began to grow close to him as a friend and brother, and trusted him.
There are also some similarites between Peyton and Marissa, but not many.

Although it wasn't much of an article, there it is, so please تبصرہ and tell me your thoughts. =]