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posted by deanwastedyou
Well, everyone on the OTH site has the couples they'd die for and all but all the fighting is annoying, knowone can state why they love BL, LP, JP, KK یا whoever without a death match.

The reason I wrote this is to say maybe a little مزید 'understanding' is needed for it all. Just post who u like and why and leave the fighting out, they have LP vs. BL spot so fight someone their.

Anyway just say one reason why u like him/her یا whatever and have a real talk with someone u might not see couple to couple with. OTH is so couple based (thnx Mark) still it does ruin it for شائقین but i'm doing this so ppl can learn to play nice when everyone is in love with their couples. Lately everones been talking abut it so it would be good to try and be nice cause we all love the دکھائیں and thats why were here :)
Here's a video where the cast crashed a prom... Well, it's مزید perfect than their own prom!
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Lindsey Will Stick Around for 'One درخت Hill' Season 6
If آپ tuned in to season 5 of One درخت ہل, لندن آپ probably had your fill of the love rectangle between Lucas, Brooke, Peyton and Lindsey. Much of the season was devoted to Lucas attempting to decide between married life with Lindsey یا rekindling his past with Peyton (Hilarie Burton), but Brooke's baby mama drama also had an impact on him in the last few episodes. The season ended with Lucas calling one member of the trio and inviting her to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. Who he called remains a mystery, but I think most شائقین assume that...
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So, آپ see
Youve got me back again for more
And it seems
Your song is in my head
This is war
Mystery; how I could feel آپ breathe me

I was sure آپ would keep
Every promise; آپ would keep
Every word

I try to put your stories in line
But nothing adds up right

For every 99 times
You looked me in the eye,
You looked me in the eye
And swore آپ werent lying
Well, I was so blind
I never saw the signs
Im getting out tonight
And youre not invited

Its a shame
That آپ left me hanging like آپ did
It was brave
But it was much مزید foolish
Dont آپ think?
Cause آپ know I wont be satisfied
Until آپ realize

For every...
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