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Sophia ranked No.24 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World فہرست of 2008.
In a حالیہ issue of Seventeen, Sophia کہا that the two people she counts on most are James Lafferty and Brittany Snow.
Sophia is very afraid of the bumps and creaks at night.
Sophia claims to be مزید interested in the developing of a video game rather than actually playing it.
Sophia enjoys taking road trips.
Sophia is of the Italian descent.
There are many designers who send items to the costume department on One درخت ہل, لندن specifically for Sophia to wear.
While Sophia was taking the stage for her acceptance...
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Please continue reading if آپ are open-minded and interested in gaining a different perspective. If anything this is a call for peace, یا rather understanding; FANPOP DIPLOMACY, if آپ will.

To begin, I must say that this season was particularly difficult for me to process as a viewer and in the end I made a personal choice to dis-continue watching the show. If آپ have read any of my گزشتہ مضامین آپ know that I prefer Brucas to Leyton, but that does not blind me from the fact that many people love Leyton, یا that there are histories and reasons, which ultimately could have brought either...
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Heres a sneak peek promo from episode 502 of One درخت ہل, لندن entitled 'My Way ہوم Is Through You'. It's a scene with Haley & Peyton in Tric watching a sound check of Kevin Federline's character.
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Haley: Skills is going to take Jamie to keep him away from the TV.
Nathan: آپ know the first memory I have is sitting on my father's lap bouncing a basketball. He spent my entire life trying to get me to the NBA, and now he is going to take that away.

Haley: Nathan, ارے its gonna start soon.
Nathan: It's been a good life, huh?
Haley: Yea, it's been a wonderful life, and آپ know when the دکھائیں is over it's still going to be a wonderful life, because I love آپ and your son loves you, and nothing that happens in the اگلے گھنٹہ is going to change that.
Nathan: God I needed to her آپ say that.
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