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 Picture of joy directing her episode! :)
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This One درخت ہل, لندن تصویر might contain سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, تختۂ چاک, turntable کی, and ٹورنتبلی.

Moira Kelly, who plays Karen Roe, visits the One درخت ہل, لندن Podcast on May 19 to talk about her guest stint on the One درخت ہل, لندن season six finale and she talked about returning to Wilmington and the One درخت ہل, لندن set. She also shared her thoughts on the حالیہ news that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie برٹن would not be returning to One درخت ہل, لندن for the seventh season.

Moira Kelly’s تبصرے on Hilarie برٹن not returning اگلے season:

“Hilarie and I were talking about how it has to end at some point. When آپ are performer آپ get into your characters and آپ love them and آپ work them...
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Here is the فہرست I made for the characters,who I want to come back for season 7:
1. Rachel Gatina-She is very good,capable,charming,beautiful and very good friend with Brooke and Bevin.
2.Bevin Evan Mirskey-She is charming,funny,and tells good jokes.
3.Jake Jagielski-He is good character and father
4.Taylor James-She is very good,beautiful,she doesn't care and made efforts to save Naley's relationship.
5.Shelley Simon-She is very nice character,she made دوستوں with all of the girls,she and Mouth had a very steady relationship.

These are the characters,who I want to become regular in season 7.
 "their love is unbreakable, nothing can come between them"
"their love is unbreakable, nothing can come between them"
Message from Lucy: First of all, I just found out that I’ve actually won! I can’t believe it still..let me take a deep breath and enjoy it a little...oki doki…ready now :D So I wanna say a big “thank you” to all of آپ who voted me and to all my Naley buddies who I love so much! Oki doki, now to the سوالات we go :)

1. Ok for starters an easy سوال is Naley your all time favourite couple? (and if yes why?)
An easy سوال with a much easier answer..and that is “yes”. Why is that? Well, this kind of love they share is so rare, they have been through A LOT but they remain in...
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 One درخت Hill: The End of An Era!
One Tree Hill: The End of An Era!
Ok guys so I just got done watching Hilarie Burton's official blog! It was honestly the most sincere and heartfelt message! The most beautiful way, I think, for her to say goodbye! It's pretty much a محفوظ bet to say that Peyton Sawyer will not be returning to One درخت Hill! With that کہا what does this mean for the future of One درخت Hill? For Peyton fans? For Lucas fans? For Leyton fans? For Breyton fans? For Brucas fans? If our beloved P.Sawyer is no مزید where do we go from here?

First off, will start with Peyton fans:
We've watched her cry, we watched her laugh, we've watched her get angry,...
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Yesterday we saw Chad and Hilarie all day. Hil not stop joking around with us when she filmed. She even speak French, Chad signs her …

And big news. We visited, just the French, the room of the future child Leyton, it will be a boy. Everyone we spoke say Hello and all is huge. I try to tell آپ the rest as soon as possible.
ذریعہ - treeleuse @ فورم Les Frères Scott

We were filmed سے طرف کی the local channel because they can’t believe there are شائقین who come from France. We saw ourselves in TV ! Thanks to it, we’re pamped and we were allowed to visit the Tric, and the studios, and we have made pictures, it’s just amazin all we’re going to live.
And great news, we visited آگے first (?) the future baby Leyton room, it will be a boy credit: lyly@FF (her friend from France visited Wilmington)
We've heard rumors about how Chad Michael Murray does not want to continue acting out Lucas Scott on One درخت Hill. Because Chad might decide not to continue filming his role of Lucas, should they make a movie about what happens اگلے in درخت ہل, لندن and be over after the movie, یا should they continue the دکھائیں without Chad if he decides to not continue his role of Lucas and still make a 7th season?

Well, for me personally, I'm kind of undecided. If Chad decides to leave the show, I think the دکھائیں would be boring without him. Lucas does all of the "narrations" at the begining and end of each episode,...
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For me personally, I think season 6 has been the best season of One درخت Hill. I am a Leyton fan, so for me, this season has been great because season 6 was filled with lots of awesome Leyton scenes! :)And there were also other great things about season 6, nanny carrie was killed, Chase and Mia hooked up,and Nathan made the Cheifs باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال team. But on the other hand, there were some negatives this season, Brooke got attacked,and Q got killed. So, do آپ think Season 6 has (so far) been the best season yet of One درخت Hill, یا do آپ think Mark should do things a little differently to make the season better?
Episode 6.09 Sympathy For The Devil

Air Date: November 3

Episode Description

Added 10/15

Nathan finds himself face-to-face with an old rival, Brooke deals with someone who once hurt her, and Lucas’ novel leads him into threatening waters. Source

General Spoilers

Added 10/14

Joe Manganiello کہا there is a racy scene with him (and assumed Brooke) in this episode. OTHBLog Chat

Added 9/30

Hilarie filmed with Austin today [9/29]. Peyton meets Julian for the first time as soon as she leaves Lucas’ book signing in LA. It’s a flashback- same outfit and hair from 5.02. credit: curlyhead@FF

Joe Manganiello...
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 Best دوستوں
Best Friends
Both Brooke and Peyton are great characters that add alot to the دکھائیں so Im so sick of people taking one side just because of the altimate leyton vs. brucas debate they say آپ have to like either Peyton یا Brooke, but these to are best دوستوں and they dont always need to be compared to one another because they both different and great in there own way. Peyton is a strong passinate person and brooke is a loveing funny person so we need to stop always comparing them deffinatly now that they arent fighting anymore. Wether there with lucas یا not it really dosent matter i mean we can get so mean listing all the things that each have done wrong but when it all comes down to it theve both made mistakes so we really need to stop saying ones worse because without either of them the دکھائیں would not be the same!
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