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posted by sk8ergirl08
OKay first off i wanted to say who did Oth awsome job of making it. About Brook and Lucas i think their meant 2 be together and always! In the begining they were great and now their not together. I think in Lucas دل he always will love her no matter what. I really think their great together!!! Lets see remember that one epsiode when Brook told Lucas about her writting him letters?? That دکھائیں was awesome!! I have to admit i did cry on that sence. I just love them two together. What does anyone else think?? I hope u guys like this spoapbox. Lucas and Brook will always <3 each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe sooo they will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sk8ergirl08
ارے Everybody!!!
Hope u like my new spot"Only For Girls". My other site Oth شائقین got earsed سے طرف کی the fanpop ppl. So hope u enjoy this spot i did just 4 the girls and boys sorry:-( Anyways thanks 4 reading my SoapBox and hope u all have a good دن and great weekend and be safe!! If u have any سوالات about the spot let me know message me! Ill be glad 2 answer them 4 u. Who cant wait til Oth comes back Jan 8th??? I cant wait i love that دکھائیں soo much!! Iam soo happy its coming back on!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been too long for wait! U think soo? Well hope u like this once again hehe. Hope 2 hear from u!!
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