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dear tamake, i just doint love آپ that waye so stop stalking me!!!!!!!! STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOW EVERY NIGHT I CANT GET ANY DANM SLEEP!!! also plese try to stop wrighting i love آپ on my face book دیوار 336 times a day. another thng is your not my daddy ur far from im sick of every mom i see at the store aske me is your daddy single. and stop sending the twins over to try to get picture of me.ju remind me of a pedifiler. and no me 456 llove lettersw in one دن u SEE ME EVERY DANM DAY!!!!!! also stop swiching my close with dresses im just not going to WEAR THEM OK!!!!. im alos send your last letter back

sined haruhi

a leter from tamakie befor this

dear daddys litl grl,

i love love love love love love آپ so much sooo why wont to wright me back darling i love آپ so much but yet u ignore meplese write me back at least send a picture of you

from آپ daddy
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ouran high school host club
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this made me piss my pants! so funny! watch یا i'll eat آپ >:(
ouran high school host club
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