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سب, سب سے اوپر 20 Moments - Pacey & Andie
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I think Bacey and Andie changed the image of couples on TV. I don't believe there was anything as strong as their relationship. IT was the kind of love that helped the people involved to be better people. When Love changes you, makes آپ stronger and better than آپ ever dreamt to be then that is the real thing. Pacey did admit how his love for Andie changed him. He was grateful for her until the end, long after their end. She was the only one he told about his graduation.
Even when we go back to the early beginnings, we find that he did not run from Andie when he met her crazy mother even before they began dating. How many people would do that? He did not run away from her when she was mentally sick.
I think they were meant to be together. They loved each other so madly. And i can't figure out how they couldn't find their way back.
I can talk on and on about what an amazing couple they were but i don't think there are any words to describe them. They were inspiring.