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This is battle phrases that they would say if they were beginning to battle:)

Skipper:"your here to challenge me? Heh, alright then...."

Kowlaksi:"by my calculations....your going to lose this battle...

Private:"don't let my age and cuteness full you! I'm gonna tear آپ apart!"

Rico:"your gonna wish آپ never even looked at me...heheh..."

Julien:"my dance moves will make me win this battle!"

چوہا king:"I'm going to crush your neck with one strike.."

Fred:"ugh.....who are آپ again?..."

Marlene:"your going down! I guarantee it!"

Roger:"do we really have to fight? Ok, if آپ want your life over..."

Hanz:"this battle will be easy...just like Denmark!"

Johnson:"heh....this will be a great warm-up"

Manfredi:"don't look away for one second... یا آپ could lose a body part..."

Blowhole:"I'm gonna crush all of you!"

Mort:"I may be small...but my punches pack like a cinder bloc to your face!"

Maurice:"the king will be angry if I lose! That's why I must win!"

Tell me what آپ think:D
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So what does one do when آپ can't fall asleep and ur bored? This...These are just poems that i think describe different POM شائقین (the last is the best)...X3


Stuiped people who couldn't see
How wild and free...
We say what we think
We aren't afraid of the brink (tehe Rico)
They just can't admit
Or else they would be مزید legit


They still hid
They don't know what they can find
They watch in secret
Never knowing if their thoughts should stay... Akepen
They rather keep quite
Trying their best to fight it


They are proud
Shouting out loud
We are united!
Fights are unacceptable!...
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Skipper sat at his table, drinking his coffe, he just had a fight with his team - a simulated fight - and they won - he had teached them right, but just then someone knocked the door, and when skipper looked up, it was someone he hated, someone he thought he was over with, someone who made him a public enemy, it was no one else than Hans, the puffin.

"HANS?! WHY ARE آپ HERE?!" he shouted in atonishment

"I came back from Hoboken, آپ cheated on me!" he shouted angryly at him

"ok, ok, sorry, but it was MY revenge!" he shouted back

"ok, anyways, I have my own habitat!" he کہا دکھانا skipper his...
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" It says. My Dearest Lilly, I have had these feelings for آپ for a long time now. These feelings of love,and compassion. I wish we could be together for all eternity, but alass, آپ don't even know I exist. Love, your secret admirer." When Mason looked up from Phill's hand movements Lilly was watching with a rather seductive face. It turns out that Kowalski was right. She can't be subjected to any sighns of love یا affection while on the hormone stabilizer, because it will make her even مزید mate hungry than before!!! Normally, any male would kill to have Lilly for a mate, but when she's...
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Not sure what I just watched, but I thought the ending was funny. "Nope, the moment's gone. It's ruined."
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ارے this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)

That was one of the worst nights I ever had, I thought to my self, I need to get some help.

When I climbed out of my bunk I realized that none of my roommates were in their bunks, so I went out to the platform and saw them resting in the pool, they looked exhausted.

"Hey when did آپ all get up?" I asked

"5:30" Kowazi told me

"Why that early? I woke up at 10:00" I said

"For training" Private told me

Skipper thought he really needed to slap Private for that, but he held his ground, he felt nervous and paranoid again.

"Training...well okay training, I need...uh,...
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*Please note i will add a pic of Starlite in the last Chapter :D*

All 4 penguins and Marlene were staring at the sleeping female...She was دکھانا her back to them, her back rising and falling as she breathed. She used her bag as a pillow. Obviously to protect it, not for comfort."May i just ask again...How can آپ guess a girls name right? Especially a unique name like...Starlantern?" Marlene looked at Skipper."i can honestly say i have and still have no idea how i just guessed her name right Marlene. It shall always remain a mystery, and her name is Starlite Marlene." Skipper shrugged as he...
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posted by Cherpeng
Before sunrise on a beautiful Friday, everyone in the zoo (only the animals) were packed up in the gift دکان wondering why there was a meeting. Everyone was so excited and chit chatting they didn't hear Skipper yell "QUIET!!" in a very firm tone. Finally, Private screamed in the سب, سب سے اوپر of his lungs "BE QUIET SKIPPER WANTS TO TELL آپ SOMETHING!!" Everyone finally quieted down and looked at Private, then Skipper, then Rico and then Kowalski.

It was quiet for a moment until King Julian yelled "Welcome animals to the King Julian annual gathering!" Skipper slapped himself on the forehead and کہا "RING...
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posted by JediPenguin16
Chapter Three: Psyche

" We never get to eat sushi at Hoboken!' Nitra exclaimed as she wolfed down her dinner, glad to finally be rid of etiquette. She belched loudly and licked the tips of flippers. " And I haven' eaten in a few hours, I though I was gonna starve."

"We wouldn't want آپ to starve, how about whipping up another batch, Rico?" Skipper motioned to Rico. Rico nodded and grunted happily. He regurgitated up a pair of large باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ knives and proceeded slice the raw مچھلی at lightening speed. Nitra watched in fascination as chunks of مچھلی flew under the precision flippers of Rico. In...
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Why they're just standing there? Sorry for asking, cuz i didn't watch the movie.
penguins of madagascar
“No, Mort! آپ are so stupid-y! آپ can not just hop right in front of me like that when I am shaking my money-maker!” Julien snapped at the small lemur.

“But I wanted to shake my money-maker, too!” Mort protested.

“No! آپ do not have a money-maker! Only the king has the maker of the money,” Julien insisted as he dusted off his crown. “Also, I—”

“King Julien!” Maurice interrupted from the sidelines.

“Maurice!” Julien کہا angrily. “How dare آپ interrupt me when I am ranting!”

“Just look!” Maurice کہا pointing to the penguins’ habitat across the way.

Julien followed...
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Even though the first half of the video is really cool with the "I Like To اقدام It, اقدام It", I have to say the سیکنڈ half is my favorite. It's really cute. :3 Those lucky little kids. :)
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Skipper:Kowalski,status report.

Kowalski: *writing his notepad* I think new Animal is entering the zoo,sir.I can't sure what animal is it.

Private: *hiding behind rico*Ack!Not the badgers...

Rico:*slaps Private*he,it enogh tu baters he'e!

Skipper: New habitat is complete builded. What do آپ think what kind of animal is it.

Kowalski:*blushed* Doris..

Private:Rainbow horses!


Kowalski:*tapped Skipper in his shoulder*Skipper,look!!

Private:but,why it was caged and covered with blanket?

Skipper:It may a very dangerous creature.

Kowalski:maybe..a Dragon?Bah.Its too Imposible.

Skipper:we won't find out if we not get there.

Penguins:*Slide into the new habitat*

In the new habitat.....

Penguins:*Kung fu pose* HYA!

????:what on the deuce?

Skipper:Who are you?

Draco:I'm Draco.Can آپ guys get me outta here?I really want to see my new home.

to be continued..
It's just the preparation of the team to go to the North and continue to the east... so, just read the back bone and you'll get it...

*Most of time our futures are controlled سے طرف کی something in the past... And so about the words of Sergeant. In the moment of the dead, Sergeant spoke a lot words that bring Skipper to اقدام closer to the truth, اقدام closer to the dead and اقدام closer to his past... lonely. Only cause سے طرف کی some un-cleared words that will bring Skipper to forbidden project and now, Skipper will realized... if everything he done and everything he believe... is wrong. He will realized if...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
ارے this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)This fanfic is about a girl پینگوئن, پیںگان that comes to the zoo and falls for Skipper.

My name is Kat, but I'm not a cat, I am a penguin, from Antarctica. I have one problem with my home: it's too cold. I knew one دن I would escape that horrible snow land, and that دن was yesterday, when that weird man came and put me in a crate, and for once in my life I felt comfortable and warm.

Today I am traveling to a new home, hopefully a warm one.

I don't know how long I was in that کریٹ, کھوکھا but all I know now is that I'm here at my new home...a zoo? cool!

Am I alone in this پینگوئن, پیںگان habitat? Just then I hear waddling coming from under the platform, okay good I'm not alone.

Skipper pokes his head through the hatch hole and spots Kat, then calls the the rest of the team. Is our new پینگوئن, پیںگان here yet Skipper? Private asks. Yes Private, she's here.

Oh hi I'm Kat, I'm new here I کہا cheerfully.