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This is battle phrases that they would say if they were beginning to battle:)

Skipper:"your here to challenge me? Heh, alright then...."

Kowlaksi:"by my calculations....your going to lose this battle...

Private:"don't let my age and cuteness full you! I'm gonna tear آپ apart!"

Rico:"your gonna wish آپ never even looked at me...heheh..."

Julien:"my dance moves will make me win this battle!"

چوہا king:"I'm going to crush your neck with one strike.."

Fred:"ugh.....who are آپ again?..."

Marlene:"your going down! I guarantee it!"

Roger:"do we really have to fight? Ok, if آپ want your life over..."

Hanz:"this battle will be easy...just like Denmark!"

Johnson:"heh....this will be a great warm-up"

Manfredi:"don't look away for one second... یا آپ could lose a body part..."

Blowhole:"I'm gonna crush all of you!"

Mort:"I may be small...but my punches pack like a cinder bloc to your face!"

Maurice:"the king will be angry if I lose! That's why I must win!"

Tell me what آپ think:D
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Horror 02.07.16

“All right, team,” Skipper کہا into his radio. “Good work. I’m returning to HQ.”

After jumping down from atop the Zoovenir Shop, he started toward HQ after a long afternoon of surveillance. But prior to leaping into his habitat, a scream came from Marlene’s. Dropping the radio, he leapt into her habitat and dashed into her cave.

“Marlene!” he called. “What’s the trouble?”

Marlene stood on her bed, holding her Spanish گٹار like a bat and scanning the floor.

“It was right there! I saw it!” she screamed.

Skipper, still in combat position, awkwardly scanned...
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OK, so since I'm be inspired to continue سے طرف کی Sylvia & Peacebaby. Enjoy! :D
Location: Forest
I walked on and on in this pain-stinking woods. No food یا water to support my needs. Just....bugs, but I rather keep my dignity. I tripped over a pebble and was knocked onto the cold feet of the Mother Nature.

It was then when I heard a strange noise of those two-legged things called, "humans."

"Hey, Dex, this one looks like its been dragged across four countries."

"Shut up آپ loon! That deer could hear yo-! ارے Larry, I found something, it...
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They walked up to the house. The old grey porch creaked. They opened the door. A faint light cast shadows on the stone walls. It smelled of dirt and mothballs. یا maybe dirty mothballs.
"Ow!" Yelled Skipper.
Kowalski glanced over Skipper. He had stepped on a board that flipped up and hit him in the face.
"Ssshh." کہا Kowalski.
"Ow." Wispered Skipper.
They heard footsteps. They ran out the door and back to the base.
"How about we Just knock." Suggested Privete, "or میل ای him."
Bang,bang,bang. The door didn't open. Bang,bang,bang. Still .didn't.
"Rico, rope." ordered Skipper.
"Here Skipper." کہا Rico handing him a rope.
Skipper made a lasso and lassoed the weathervane.
"Skippah," کہا Privete "couldn't we try something a little less… well, dangerous."
"Sure Privete. Got any ideas?" کہا Skipper.
The door creaked open. A peice of papper blew in front of Skippers face. It said: TO BE CONTIUED. XD
"OK lets slit up! Kowalski آپ go look in the lemurs habitat, Rico go check on Marlene, Private, the chimps, and I will go look in the petting zoo." Skipper کہا and realized they still had the axo...axol..whatever with them. "Actually, on سیکنڈ thought, Kowalski stay here with your, "baby"."

Kowalski frowned and sighed. He sat اگلے to the creature and gave a slight smile. "Aye, Skipper."
Marlene's Habitat

"Mar ene?" Rico called out. No answer. He tried again and again,...
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“Good Game”
July 30, 2014

    “I believe that’s checkmate, Marlene,” Skipper announced, moving his piece to trap her king.

    Marlene pursed her lips and threw a bishop at him. “Come on, that was the third time in a row,” she protested.

    Skipper laughed. “Hey, don’t hate the player, here!”

    Marlene laughed and threw a knight at him. “I don’t hate you, it just makes me feel better,” she corrected.

    “Well,” Skipper replied with a smile, “two can play at that...
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No Time 07.14.16

“Maurice!” Julien cried from his throne.

Maurice trudged up to him, not even trying to hide his contempt. “Yes, your majesty?”

“I need another smoothie,” Julien said, propping his head up with one paw while rubbing his chest with the other. He coughed and wheezed. “I can feel my time approaching . . . so make it with extra آم for the extra sweet-y-ness-ness . . .”

Maurice rolled his eyes. “You کہا your time was approaching two days ago,” he said.

“Well, how should I know, Maurice? I am not Clair’s Voyage!” Julien کہا before coughing again.

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I made a tag video and dedicated this one to the fanguins. Hope آپ guys enjoy this and the ترمیم
penguins of madagascar
i'll fight
first fandom tag
posted by Cowtails
"I'm back aren't آپ all so happy!" Cowtails کہا happily.

Skipper stared at her, "Uhhh...Sure..."

Cowtails scowled, "Geez if you're all gonna be jerks I'll just let Sweet Pripper deal with you!"

Kowalski's eyes widened. "Oh please no...I missed you" He کہا quickly.

Rico nodded, "uhuh uhuh uhuh"

Private laughed nervously, "Me too!"

"So only Skipper needs punishment...what shall I do?" Cowtails کہا deep in thought.

"ANYTHING BUT THE CAT!" Skipper screamed.

Sweet Pripper's POV

"Or needle cat." I said.

"Needle cat...I like that idea." My friend کہا with a smile.

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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
1. It's funny!
2. The characters have been worked on. I like stuff where the characters all have their own personality.
3. I would never have found Fanpop if not for PoM!
4. Mort is adorable!
5. So is Private!
6. The اندازی حرکت is awesome. I suck at animation. The best I can do is some weird blue monkey head with فر, سمور sticking out of its eyeballs.
7. None of the characters are annoying!
8. It's different. Most shows aren't like it.
9. If you're sad, یا worried, آپ can just watch PoM and you'll feel better. It works every time.
10. It's even fun to watch with the sound turned down! (You should try it--it's...
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I'm bad at reading stories so please برداشت, ریچھ with me people. And please تبصرہ and tell me if I should continue, Warriors of Night & Caught.
Location: پینگوئن, پیںگان HQ
Kowalski looked up from his newspaper. His face held a puzzled look. " there something I need to know, Skipper?"

Skipper hung his head and looked up. His eyes were soft and delicate. "Not really, only the thing is Sophia is my sister," he muttered. "The troublemaker in my family."

"So your last name is, Lewis?" Private asked with his strong...
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Chapter 8

Skipper made his way into the Clock Tower, and just like the last time he was there in the normal castle, a quick flash of light came and went and the fingers on the clock both started to move. They both landed on the six, which was on the سب, سب سے اوپر instead of the bottom due to everything in the قلعہ being in reverse. And just like the last time, it rang thirteen times. Dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong… dong…dong…dong. The floor opened and Skipper made his way up. When he arrived he found an elevator just like the last time, but instead of going...
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The car stopped right outside of a forest. “Um, Skipper? Are آپ sure this is the right place?” asked Private, staring at the vast unknown.
“Don’t worry,” کہا Skipper. “They’ll be here.”
As if on cue, two turkeys came out of the jungle. “Skipper! Me amigo!” کہا the taller turkey.
“Hello, Turk,” replied Skipper evenly.
Turk ushered the smaller turkey forward. “This is me son, Gobber.”
Gobber raised a hand. “Hello.”
Turk laughed. “Gobber here is about the same as that young ‘un back there.”
“Me?” asked Private, pointing to himself.
“Oui, nice accent,”...
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posted by midnightangel88
private: oh ya skippah this is my mom
melody: hello my names melody nice to meet آپ skippah
skippah: nice to meet آپ too
melody: ارے private wanna go get something special آپ deserve it come
private: okay mom
skipper: kowalski analysis
kowalski: i have no idea
private: mom can i have 2 boxes of مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی مکھن winkies please
melody: sure here
both: (eats مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی مکھن winkies)
private: ohlookoverthereiseeabirdheheheyay
melody: private high on sugar rush
private: okwaitheymomdidn'tseeyoutherehuhyoudidn'teitherhuh
private: (wakes up) mom what happened
melody: sugar rush private
to be continued
Foreign 02.24.16

“Morning, Nari!” Marlene کہا one morning, excitedly nudging her habitat-mate and adoptive sister. “Come on, wake up!” she urged, eager to get out in the Monterey sun.

Nari stretched her arms and legs with a yawn as she sat up. “Marlene, the morning will still be there in ten minutes,” she complained with a smile.

Marlene laughed and pulled her arm. “Don’t be a wimp! Come on! Let’s go for a swim!”

The two went outside their cave-like room out into the California spring morning, Marlene at the lead while Nari lagged behind. Marlene کبوتر into their pond while...
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Enjoy Chapter 4!
Location: Penguin's Island
I awoke in a large کریٹ, کھوکھا with dim lighting through a little hole for air. I was to tired to get back on my webbed feet and knock open this door myself.

Finally I stood up in my کریٹ, کھوکھا and looked through the small hole. I gasp. Their was another eye!

"Hello?" I heard someone say. "Is anyone in there?"

I almost leaped out of my feathers. Wow did the cops find me that easily?, I thought. Things were going through my brain like going fishing with مچھلی streaming
through a river.

"Hello?" I asked. "Can...
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posted by Skiparah
Apparently I was wrong when I thought I'd seen the last of Hans that night. I couldn't have been مزید wrong. The اگلے دن he was back and glowing. "Hello chummy fun-pal!" he greeted, a derpy expression on his face. Back then I wasn't as paranoid as I am now, and I didn't smell foul play when it was in the air. I was just glad I had someone to talk to. We spent the دن fooling around 'just like old times' as Hans said. It wasn't the same for me though. Too much had changed during that time. I'd fell for love. I'd lost love. I'd دیا up on life. I'd been rescued from death. That was alot to...
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posted by peacebaby7
Alex & Maurice...

Alex & Maurice had been walking for about an گھنٹہ now. So far there was no trace of Mort. They called his name several times without an answer. "Oh man. Where is he? This is bad....he's probably out there all alone. Cold. Scared. This is all my fault..." Maurice کہا worriedly. Alex put his paw on his shoulder & turned him around to face him. "Look Maurice. I'm sure Mort's fine. And it's not your fault. آپ couldn't of known." Maurice considered for a moment. "I suppose you're right..." Alex put on a sad smile. "Yeah. C'mon. He's gotta be around here somewhere."...
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posted by Skiparah
The war called me to fight not long after I married Hanna. My one focus was on the war, and the war alone. I promised Hanna before my departure that I would write her every day. I did. For a while..
Then I started writing a letter a week..
..a letter every few weeks..
..then I forgot almost entirely about her..
The war got feircer and the battles got rougher. I'd lost track of Hans in my whirl-pool of life. As far as I was concerned he was a thing of the past. I was above my past for all I knew, and I wasn't looking back. Then one دن I recieved a letter from Hanna stating that she was carrying...
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