Operation: Skilene
Author’s Note:
I started on these a while ago, and have decided to finally کریں شائع them. Most of these shorts were inspired سے طرف کی a game on fanpop called “What would Skipper say (WWSS) Game” on pages 40-43. Thank آپ to 27Kowalski (on Fanpop), also known as SierraTangoEcho on deviantArt, for helping me with ideas and scenarios. Credit goes to her for the few drawings. I hope آپ enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are in no particular order, other than the sequence they were written. Please review!

PS, for those following my “Operation: Challenge,” I have not دیا up on that. I have just had a lot on my plate lately. I hope to continue it soon, but I make no promises. These shorts do NOT have any rules like that set.

“Guitar Lesson”
November 2, 2013

    Marlene gently strummed various chords on her Spanish guitar. It was such a beautiful instrument, and her پسندیدہ سے طرف کی far. It seemed that her very دل and soul lived off the essence of the instrument — almost as if she would crumble into dust without it. As if each chord she played, her دل echoed. The Spanish گٹار was perfect for any mood. It comforted her when she was sad, calmed her when angry, and relaxed her any other time.

    “Hello, Marlene,” Skipper called as he entered her cave.

    Marlene set her گٹار against the دیوار اگلے to her. “Hey, Skipper. What are آپ doing here?” she asked, rising to her feet.

    “Well, you’ve been a little quiet today and I just wanted to make sure everything was all right,” Skipper explained.

    “Oh, I’m fine. I’ve just been trying to teach myself a song on my Spanish guitar, but I’m not the best at playing سے طرف کی ear,” Marlene replied.

    Skipper came to a stop at her side. “You know, I know a little Spanish guitar,” he told her with a smile. “I could teach آپ a song.”

    Marlene looked at him in disbelief. “Get out,” she کہا with a smile.

    “I’m serious! I spent eight years hiding in the jungles of Mexico, dollface. I had to pass the time somehow,” Skipper told her with a laugh.

    Marlene cocked an eyebrow. “But Skipper, آپ don’t even have fingers,” she observed.

Skipper crossed his flippers. “Are آپ asking me to prove it?” he asked with a smile.

    “Can you?” Marlene challenged.

    “Hand over that guitar, sister,” Skipper accepted. Marlene grabbed her گٹار and handed it to him. Skipper held it across his chest and looked up in thought. “Let’s see . . .” Then he nodded as he made a decision. “I believe this one is one of your favorites.”

    After gently strumming a few chords to tune the guitar, he started to play Enrique Guitaro’s first hit single, Starlight Serenade. Marlene watched in amazement as his digitless flippers glided over the strings with such impossible grace that she was almost sure she was hallucinating. It was beautiful. Skipper was actually just as good as her in playing, if not better.

    “Believe me now?” he asked with a smile as he continued to play.

    “I’ll admit, Skipper, you’re pretty amazing,” Marlene answered in astonishment. “So, آپ could really teach me that song? It really is one of my favorites,” she asked somewhat bashfully.

    Skipper pressed his flipper to the strings to stop their vibration and smiled. “Sure, why not?”

    He handed the گٹار back to Marlene and she held it at the ready, waiting for Skipper’s instructions. “It’s in the key of G-major. So —”

    “Every F is sharp,” Marlene finished for him with a smile. “For someone who spends his time leading a unit, I wouldn’t think you’d care to learn much about music.”

    Skipper smiled. “Can’t play گٹار very well without knowing a little about what you’re playing, dollface,” he replied.

    Marlene laughed. “Touché, touché,” she said. “So, what do I play first?”

    Skipper thought for a moment. “Well, how about آپ just follow my lead?” he suggested, standing himself behind her.

    He flushed his flippers with her arms and positioned her left paw to the starting chord and guided her other paw against the strings, and the notes resounded beautifully. Skipper looked sideways to Marlene over her shoulder and she looked back to him. Their eyes locked and Marlene smiled coyly and turned her attention back to the گٹار in her arms. Skipper smiled and repositioned her fingers for the اگلے chord and strummed again with her right paw.

    Moving a little مزید quickly and smoothly, he moved her paw up and down, back and forth along the fingerboard of the neck as Marlene found his rhythm and strummed without assistance. Without any form of communication aside from the tempo of the Serenade, they became one with each other, and the Spanish guitar. Although it seemed to take forever to reach, the ending of the song came and the song concluded. After a moment of silence as the last few notes hung in the air, Skipper smiled and nudged her shoulders.

    “I guess we do make a good team,” he said.

    Marlene smiled and locked eyes with him again. “Could آپ — دکھائیں me again? I think —”

    Skipper cut her off with a warm smile. “I don’t need a reason, Marlene. I’ll دکھائیں آپ as many times as you’d like.”

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