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These are just some of my ideas of how Marlene and Skipper try to get closer to each other but they constantly fail to do so because of other peoples/animal’s intervention. Some of them are doing it subconsciously, some of them with full, malicious premeditation (aka Frankie the Pigeon). I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the first chapter

Chapter one: Frankie the Pigeon is back!

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The training was over, so Skipper decided to take his comrades and Marlene for a stroll in the park. Fifteen منٹ later, as they were sitting and sunbathing on a wooden bench, Private came up with the idea of buying some snowcones for the whole group.
“All right then, آپ wait for me here, and I will go and fetch آپ some lovely snowcones” کہا Kowalski. “Marlene, would آپ please take care of my clipboard while I’m off? “ he asked, putting his writing stuffs on the desk.
Marlene nodded in silence and took a quick glance at Skipper. He was sitting right اگلے to her, gazing somewhere far in the distance.
“Looks like he’s daydreaming” she stated in her thoughts. She noticed his left flipper was balled into fist and shaking convulsively. Hadn’t it been for Rico and Private..
“Why can’t they go all together?” she thought. “All of them.. except of my commando..”
“So once again” کہا Kowalski. “Strawberry one for Rico and کیلا one for Private..”
“I want a blackcurrant one, not سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری one!” protested Private, frowning his eyebrows in annoyance.
“Ee?” gasped Kowalski, evidently puzzled.
“I told آپ on our way to the park, I want a double portion of سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری snowcones!” کہا Private.
“Honestly, Kowalski, آپ really are a great scientist and mathematician, but when it comes to such awfully simple matters, like buying snowcones for your best chums..”
“Erm, erm!” coughed Kowalski, frowning his eyebrow at Private.
“Why all this rage , Private?” he asked.
“We’ve sent آپ to buy us some snowcones once” کہا Private. “And I asked for چیری, آلو بالو one and آپ bought me a کرینبیری instead! It was so goddamned awful..”
Marlene shot a quick glance at Skipper but he didn’t seem to bother much about his comrade’s argue. He just gazed at Kowalski, at Private then again at Kowalski, as if waiting impatiently for the outcome of the quarrel.
One منٹ later:
“Fine! Since it’s too risky to send آپ alone, I guess I have no other choice but to keep آپ company!”stated Private, folding his arms violently.
“Arbraghta!” remarked Rico loudly and jumped down on the bench right after Private.
Kowalski just sent them a glare but کہا nothing. They didn’t feel like kicking another row in front of a woman so they politely waited for the right moment to start their quarrel again, away from Skipper and Marlene. A soon as they had found themselves far away enough, the whole bantering stuff continued.
“And I’m gonna buy myself an extra large portion with a مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی مکھن winky cream on the سب, سب سے اوپر of it!” cried Private as they were fading away in the distance.
“Excellante! I love you, Private” کہا Skipper in his thoughts, his دل pounding like crazy.
“Dear me, Private is really something when it comes to snowcones” muttered Marlene, guiding the three penguins with her look. She then realized there were only two of them on the bench. Just as each one of them had secretly wished. Marlene blushed slightly and pressed Kowalski’s clipboard hard against her chest.
“You should have seen him two weeks پہلے when Rico accidently bumped against him and spilled his snowcone on the floor” remarked Skipper and let out a short laugh. “That was a hell of a scene.”
He then چرا لیا, چوری کی a quick glance at Kowalski’s clipboard Marlene was squeezing against her chest.
“Easy Marlene, there is a very little chance for somebody to steal it away” smiled Skipper and rested his sapphire blue eyes on her green ones. Marlene released her grip and dropped the clipboard on her knees, her دل pounding like crazy. This sapphire blue ocean, full of unsolved mysteries.. it made her legs melt.
“Is it just a delusion یا did he really moved a little bit closer?” thought Marlene, checking the distance between herself and her پینگوئن, پیںگان friend. Yup, he was definitely closer right now. Resting his head on the back of the bench, watching over her in silence, delicate smile resting on his beak.
Marlene wriggled uncomfortably and leaned slightly over him. Much to her surprise, Skipper made the same gesture in the same time. She saw his right flipper moving slowly towards her arm….
Suddenly he heard someone’s high pitched voice, voice he felt strangely familiar with.
“Here comes the payback for my wayback!”
As he heard these ominous words, he made a rush at Marlene and they both fell on the ground in a crumpled heap. A تقسیم, الگ کریں of سیکنڈ later, Frankie the Pigeon’s doody landed on the bench with a soft “plop” noise. Bird’s vulgar curse whisked the air.
Marlene goggled at the pigeon, then turned her eyes on her partner who was collecting himself from the ground, violent blush leaking on his cheeks.
Skipper straightened himself up and gritted his beak, sparks of anger glittered in his sapphire blue eyes.
“Didn’t see that coming, eh? But just آپ wait till اگلے time!” cried Frankie the Pigeon, waving his wings in frustration. “I’mma repay آپ for spoiling my mission with Commisioner’s Suie! Till اگلے time!”
Skipper let out a bark, pulled out the گوفن, جھلانا from his left pocket, then turned around and aimed a plastic ball at Frankie the Pigeon. Marlene let out a silent giggle as the target collided with Frankie’s feathery bum.
“Ouchies!” Frankie the Pigeon was just about to attack, but when his eyes met Skipper’s raging look he had سیکنڈ thoughts and decided to withdraw. He dived somewhere between the درخت branches and vanished from their sight.
Before they had a chance to تبصرہ on this nasty event, Rico, Kowalski and Rico appeared on the horizon.
Skipper gripped his flippers tight, then dropped his head and let out a resigned sigh. A sudden wave of anger and frustration took over Marlene’s body. But she knew she had to be very cautious with دکھانا her emotions in front of the team. They were smart guys.
“Multiflavoured snowcone for you, Marlene” کہا Private cheerfully and handed her the snack.
“Thanks, Private” answered Marlene, accepting the snowcone. The sight of Private’s childish, smiling face made her feel a little better tough. Why should she hold grudge against this cute little fellow? It wasn’t his fault after all.
She recalled Frankie the Pigeon’s devious smile and bit her lip.
So close.. and so far away….
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Video Credit: RiconatorProductions
penguins of madagascar
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I found this on YouTube when I was bored and just though it was cute! :)
penguins of madagascar
سے طرف کی - PenguinStyle
penguins of madagascar
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Author's Note: I apologize for the delay in posting this chapter. It won't happen again.

♦ ♦ ♦

    Lorrie cried for about twenty منٹ into Preston’s chest and before he finally pushed her آگے and wiped away her tears before they froze to her face.

    “Lorrie, I know you’re hurting but we need to move. Think about it this way. When we turn them in, you’ll have avenged Kowalski and his father’s death,” Preston کہا softly. Lorrie choked and shook her head.

    “It’s all my fault. I was so caught up in trying...
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Part III: The Greeting
(All the penguins are outside with ?)
?: I can't believe it... I can't believe I'm talking to PENGUINS!!!
Skipper: us for a moment...
(Skipper grabs entire team into HQ while ? looks supiciously...)
Skipper: Kowalski.
Kowalski: What?
Skipper: Thanks to your 'ingenious' invention, now we have to deal with a human problem!
Private: That's right... He can't learn about our secret missions... یا even that we're undercover!
Kowalski: Well, he's not just gonna survive out there on his own! Here, we won't tell him that we're undercover but he can stay here...
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Author's Note: So, have NOT done a blooper in forever! I hope آپ enjoy it! :D


Waiting: Take 1

Kowalski: “So, twenty questions?”

Skipper: “Shoot.”

Kowalski: “Is it a person, place, یا thing?”

Skipper: “Thing.”

Kowalski: “Is it bigger than a روٹی box?”

Skipper: “Yes. And no!” >:)

Kowalski: :/

[scene shifts to RICO and BROACHES]

Broach 1: “Deal ‘em, Bromeo.”

Rico: :D *hacks up roach* O_O “That’s not right...”

Everyone: O_o

Broach 1: “Hey, that’s my brother, Steve.”

Steve: *horrified* “The things I have seen...”

Waiting: Take 2

[scene shifts to RICO and...
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Here comes chapter 4;)

CHAPTER 4: In sickness and in health

Next day...
"Dahahahah!" Take that آپ freaky little pigeon!" laughed Terry.
"Hey, watch it!" shouted Frankie the pigeon when the plastic bullet collided with his bum. Rico and Terry burst out in loud laughter. But her face fell when she spotted her older brother, standing in front of her, his eyes frowned, his handsome face distorted in a grimace of disapproval.
"What?" she said, confused.
"You give this thing back to me, pronto!" he demanded, stretching his flipper out.
"Oh maaan! Can't we just have some fun!" sighed Terry.
"I won't tolerate...
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This is from 3 episode scenes (The فالکن and the Snow Job, Invention Intervention, and جھولا, پنگورا and All) which amazingly seem to make one whole scene سے طرف کی itself. This is mostly for شائقین of the show. I will remove this soon in a week یا so.
the penguins of madagascar
the فالکن and the snowjob
invention intervention
جھولا, پنگورا and all
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