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 What is Alice doing there?!
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Source: ME :3 S01E43
Alice is doing the most disturbing thing ever XD
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پینگوئن, پیںگان
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"Skipper!" Private cried, running to his leader's and friend's side.
The middle aged man ran off into the jungle.
"Come here, Private," Skipper said, his voice a hoarse whisper. "I need to tell آپ some things, and I don't have much time. First thing is I love you, but آپ already know that. سیکنڈ thing is that you're my son."
"I'm your son?" Private gasped.
Skipper nodded.
"Who's my mother?" Private asked.
"Doris. Please don't tell Kowalski. She broke up with him because of me. We were dating for about two years. Then she decided she wanted you...well, a kid, so we...uh...well, I'm not going into...
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K:lets see.....12 and 23....35° north-west
S:(pops out of nowhere wich causes kowalski to be frighten)So what are آپ for a trail Kowalski?
K:SKIPPER! on the trail the atlantic currents and the migration of the marine mammals....that it would be possible..that a certain ڈالفن is on the coast before New york at a few hours
S:(spits out his مچھلی coffee)DR.BLOWHOLE! آپ crazy genie,kowalski! MAY START THE PARRY!>:D(brings rico and private)
Far too long already has the upper fin had Dr.blowhole!
K:Uh skipper...well...
S:(goes on with talking and ignores kowalski)but now we...
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I have been going around this spot and have noticed something that everyone seems to agree with. Practically everybody is upset with the OC on here. I have written this مضمون to sincearly apologize. I am one of the BIGGEST OC drawers I know, and Im sorry if I have made too many contributions. I don't want to go on the other spot because there are barely any people there, so I have decided to just stop drawing and posting POM پرستار art. I really don't wanna ruin this spot anymore than I already have.
Thanks for your time.
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One afternoon in the Central Park Zoo, the penguins were watching tv. All of a sudden, the lights went out. "Ahh!" Someone sqealed. "Lilly! It's okay. Im here." Skipper کہا as he held Lilly in the darkness. She pushed him away defensively. "Hey! That wasn't me! It was Private!" Lilly stated back as Rico puked up a flashlight. He held it to a corner where little Private was shaking his tailfeathers off. "What can I say...darkness gives me the willies." Private کہا in an innocent voice. Then, as quickly as they turned off, the lights came back on, but the penguins saw something. Something that...
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posted by Lt_Kowalski
This is a poem I've wrote about my lovely wife..Please enjoy.. =),3

There she was,
As lovely as can be..
An angel from the sky,
There in front of me..
Feathers as soft as silk,
And eyes of piercing blue..
A soul beautiful inside and out,
Deep love for her I grew..
Into my flippers we embrace,
A kiss I lay upon her beak..
My soul mate full of elegant grace,
A returned kiss upon my cheek..
My love for her is like no other..
A vision of beauty just for me,
Never will I lay my eyes upon another,
My lovely lady as can be..
Not even a Light سال could I explain..
Breath taken directly from my soul,
This feeling launched deep into my brain,
Old together we will grow..
Sweet rose petals I lay down as she walks..
Her smile she gives towards me,
Beautiful emotion, the way she talks,
Side سے طرف کی side we may be..
Here she stands in front of me,
With eyes of piercing blue..
Deep love for her I grew,
My lovely lady as can be...
penguins of madagascar
پینگوئن, پیںگان
وٹر, اوٹار
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Breathe Again 04.10.16

“Thanks for this, guys. I really appreciate it,” Max کہا as the penguins prepared to leave.

“No problem, Moon Cat,” Skipper replied. “We hope your new ہوم works for you. آپ know where to find us if آپ need anything.”

“Just across town,” Max replied affirmatively. “Got it.”

“Let’s head home, boys,” Skipper کہا as the four of them climbed into their گلابی car. Rico pressed on the gas but had to brake suddenly when a وین zipped by, heading east.

“Whoa, they’re in a hurry,” Private observed.

“Wasn’t that a news van, Skipper?” Kowalski inquired....
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Family 12.17.15

Note: The following short takes place shortly after the four-minute prelude in the Penguins of Madagascar Movie.

— § —

Skipper groaned. "I think I'm dying . . . How long have we been floating on this death block, Kowalski?"

Kowalski looked at the position of the sun. "About six minutes."

"Really?" Skipper complained. "It feels like it's been forever!"

The newest, youngest member of the threesome carefully approached Skipper, touching the tips of his flippers together.

"Skipper?" he called softly.

Skipper sat up and looked at him. "What's up?"

The hatchling shifted timidly.

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