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Annabeth lay in my arms, the blood from her back seeping into my jeans. I didn’t care. I threw the car on the road and drove to the nearest hospital. I carried my wife into the hospital and felt the blood flooding onto my hands, but once again, I didn’t care. I only wanted to make sure that she was okay again.
“What happened?” A doctor came rushing forward.
“We were in my car, and the اگلے thing I know, she screamed. I think it’s a bullet. Help her!” I screamed. The doctor nodded and wheeled her away. I slumped in a chair and wiped my hands off before pulling out my phone and...
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"DADDY! DA-DADDY-DA-DADDY-DA-DA-DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Percy Jackson youngest daughter, Lilliana, but the called her lilly.

"What it is it sweetheart?" anwsered Percy.

"Look what i did! Look! Look! Look! I killed a چھپکلی in the backyard! and its dead! Aren't آپ happy! Look! Look, look, look, look Daddy!" Lilly anwsered as she pulled on his ear to get onto his shoulders.

Percy had married Annabeth. Ofcourse. Poseidon and Athena weren't very happy about that, but the had to live with it. He was also not sure if they had been happy that annabeth and him had been married at age 18. The only god...
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I felt Gabe’s fist collide with my face, and I struggled to get away, though I could do nothing about it. Gabe glugged down the last of his بیئر and smiled at my bloody nose and bruised…well, everything. “Please stop.” I begged, but Gabe only hit me again in response to my plea. I shuddered backward; I wanted to do something, anything, but if آپ were eight years old too and were trying to get away from a jerk that was three times your size, آپ had no choice.
My mother would have stopped this if she could, but this always took place when she was at work and couldn’t stop it. Gabe...
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After a long دن of training I decided to rest so I went under a درخت to rest but just then the fates appeared and made me drink blue liquid.when I woke up I felt different so i went to a mirror and looked at myself but what I saw was a really beautiful girl with a big butt and breasts and long hair with a high lit of blue it seemed as boys will do anything for me . so I decided to go to my کیبن but on my way there boys were drooling over me and out of nowhere jason stepped in front of me and asked if i wanted to go out.jason looked pretty hot so i کہا yes.


After a party that jaosn and persephone [femalepercy]they went to jason's house and once they got inside they found a mistletoe
so jason کہا we have to kiss as he kissed persephones breast's
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OK guys here is my best shot at it. Hope آپ like it! If I get 150+ گیا پڑھا مرتبہ I'll put the rest that I have written up!

My name is Annabeth Chase. Before آپ get started reading I would just like to tell آپ that if at any point during this book آپ fell like this has happened to you, stop reading. Put the book down and forget آپ ever started reading. Anyways this is completely fantasy.
Well, I'm thirteen years old. I'm the daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, Goddess of wisdom. That makes me a half-blood. There are thousands of half-bloods world wide. Some lead normal lives and others train to...
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Before I know it, I'm back at Camp Half-Blood. Piper McLean comes up to me.
“Where have آپ been?”
I look behind me. He’s gaining. I try to keep running, but Piper grabs my arm.
“I asked آپ a question.” I yanked my arm away from her. I look at her. He’s gone. I snap back and see him sitting in the grass. My eyes widen. I just stare at him.
“Perseus!” someone yells. He disappears, which perplexes me. I look at who کہا my name.
Jason Grace.
Then pain flares in my leg. I drop to the ground clutching it. I pull out a dagger. I barely register the yelling voices as the ground...
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