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An AWESOME video of Annabeth Chase singing "I Won't Say I'm In Love" سے طرف کی the Cheetah Girls. I cannot stop watching it because it is such a good song! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ANIME433, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is kind of weird, but this is a few clips of the animated version of the Lightning Thief. ALL RIGHTS GO TO VAMPIRESNAKEBITE, NOT ME!
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posted by Neptune2148
Inspirator: Rick Riordan
Fake author:Neptune 2148
Main characters: Percy,Annabeth,Jason,Leo,Piper,Hazel,Frank,Reyna
Not so main:Octavian,Chiron,Gods,Lupa,Gaea
All credits go to rick riordan. I dont own PoO یا HoO.This is my first time writing one of these.I will also like to say if آپ did thanks for reading and i hope that آپ enjoy this.:)Please comment. Annabeth I chapter 1

I was thinking of all the horrible things that could happen. The Romans could attack us, Percy might not remember me, he could have a new girlfriend, یا he could be dead. She thought of all of this pacing back and forth...
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posted by percabeth-4-eva
Ok... here is the first chapter...

Chapter 1

Percy's POV

As the Argo2 landed, I thought I saw a boy with blonde hair holding something glittering in the sun... " A coin," I thought. As the battleship landed, I noticed that a few people were still holding their weapons at the ready. I talked to Reyna about it and she کہا that if anyone from the Roman camp tried to hurt them before we knew that they were enemies, the Roman would soon enough be executed. As we were walking سے طرف کی through the crowds, I noticed that Octavian was nowhere to be seen. As I watched the ship safely land, I let go of my breath....
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