P. Sawyer
When One درخت ہل, لندن comes to an end what happens to the one and only Peyton Sawyer. Will she and Lucas get married? Will they be a family with their child(ren)??? Will she be a big شبیہ in the musical industry???? Will she find the greatness that she is destined for?????

Personally, I hope she marries Lucas, has twins (Boy and a Girl) and becomes the most مقبول label in the universe. Peyton has always had the potential to be the most surprising character. She has started very tradgeically and it would be very nice to see her get her fairy tale ending for a change. Peyton is abnd always has been my پسندیدہ character and whatever Mark and Joe (Schwahn and Davola) come up with for the ending will be perfect!!!!