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my fanart made سے طرف کی me! Lolz :P
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posted by Phinella
A twenty-three سال old Phineas woke up in his بستر very excited.He and Ferb had just graduated college and they still lived with their're parents until they were ready to اقدام out.

Phineas ran downstairs,he helped himself to some
مالٹا, نارنگی رس, جوس then he called Isabella.She answered
,"Hello?" "Hey Isabella,it's Phineas I was wondering if آپ wanted to go on a تاریخ tonight?"
"Sure." she replied to her red headed boyfriend.They hung up,Phineas کہا to himself
"Finally,I'm going to Isabella to marry me."Behind
him came a familiar british voice"You're going to ask Isabella to marry you?!"He looked behind him
to see Ferb staring at him in suprise.
posted by drillz
later that night ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
phineas i have to tell u something.what is it Bella ? phineas im pregnant. really that's amazing! i know but i just want it to happen u know.
well i know what to do.what??? isabella i know what im gonna do tomorrow. i haven't herd آپ say that for 7 years. yea its been so long well lets get some sleep.

the اگلے day
ok so u ready to do this isabella. yes phineas.ferb آگ کے, آگ it up. phineas grabs isabella's hand and walked into the age-afire u ready isabella.yes yes i am.a giant flash blinded the couple as the room went dark

2 hours later
phineas how far did u speed up our life? only سے طرف کی 9 months.wait that means.yep only 12 hours until

2 be continued

should i continue ???
sorry if its short im just being lazy today
اگلے one will be longer and out سے طرف کی 3/21/12
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barry manilow
don bluth
posted by violetpinkgirl
It is very strange but,

I woke up this morning thinking about phinbella and کہا
"What if phineas is trying to think of an idea one morning and was pacing back and forth, Suddeny Isabella walks in and says watcha doing as usual and phineas comes up to her and says scarsly "Isabella i'm out of ideas help me get an idea!!" Isabella squeals.and they work all morning to think of an idea.Then he gets an idea and tells Isabella to stay outside and he went in the گیراج for about 30 mins whenever he walks out he tells Isabella to close her eyes and walk in the گیراج when Izzy walks in she opens her eyes and looks surprised,What he had built her was a giant دل with in the middle says in big letters:
Isabella gazed at it for about 1 min and Phineas closed the گیراج door and izzy got very romantic and started to kiss surprised Phineas when Candace walked in and کہا PHINEAS AND ISABELLA WHAT ARE آپ DOING!!! izzy runs ہوم

Thats all i got آپ can think of a better ending