Look at your first option.

-Is it convinient
-Is it appropriate
-Is it neccesarry
-Is it a good choice

If no to two یا مزید of the above questions, skip that option. Look at the اگلے and ask yourself the same questions. آپ may find the other option similar, inappropriate, unnessary, not a good choice and inconvinient.
So, if the other choice is worse than the first option, skip that choice, and just go with option no.1.
If the سیکنڈ choice is as good as یا better than the first, consider it.

It should be convinient for آپ and others through change. How and will it benefit people, how, and will?
It should be appropriate of course. آپ dont want to be an oddball selecting innappropriate answers, آپ know.
It should be neccesary. If one option is peanuts and the other is money, peanuts isn't really a neccesary choice.
It should be a good one. When دیا the freedom to have options, voice your opinion with a choice that gives feedback. If EVERYONE picks the bad choice, would you? Well, at least آپ should not!!! Please respond to my article.