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posted by P1kachu_Squad
By the way, PMD means Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so don't mistake it for something else... plus this is my first story, so please don't judge.

Author's note: BEWARE: if آپ do not like to read long stories, this is just a very long introduction, really. This is just letting آپ know everyone and everything yada yada yada, so if آپ don't like to read long intros, then just skip to part 2.

The sun fell over the sea lines slowly, and Eevee watched it closely. Birds flew in the distance, and Eevee smiled.
For a moment, she pictured herself flying like the birds across the sea. She pictured herself...
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posted by P1kachu_Squad
WELL I guess I can thank آپ if آپ became a fan. But on the other hand, if آپ are very talented at writing, I'd be مزید than happy to tell آپ to post anything Pokemon related onto this club. Please. I'd like it alot... :3
So, thx for joining, and write away. Look for me on other کلب where I'll be typing my other stories.
Anyways, I like chicken.
Here's a فہرست of things that آپ cannot do, yada yada yada...
1. Do not post anything innappropriate *You should know this...)
2. Do not post anything that has something to do with sex, porn, یا any other crap like that. There are کلب for that...
3. If آپ like chicken, آپ are my friend. If آپ don't, I don't like you. But I may like your stories :]
4. If آپ don't mind, I think I'll go and type a story now... :3


Signed, P1kachu_Squad

P.S: I'm not fibbing. I really do like chicken. :3