Pinocchio also appears in two other attractions at Disney parks.

Firstly the film has a large presence in Disneyland California's Storybook Land Canal Boats. The beginning of the ride sees boats pass through the mouth of Monstro the وہیل, حوت (possibly why this isn't a feature of the dark ride) and then on to see various miniature scenes of Disney films, one of which is Geppetto's village.

I will review Storybook Land Canal Boats - and its Disneyland Paris equivalent - in مزید detail in the future as it is a ride themed around a number of different films rather than being Pinocchio-centric.

I do like the idea of travelling through Monstro's mouth, though (in Paris it is the opening to the Cave of Wonders instead).

Pinocchio also has a presence in Fantasmic! with both Pinocchio and Monstro the وہیل, حوت appearing at various points in all three versions of the دکھائیں (at Walt Disney Hollywood Studios; Disneyland California and Tokyo DisneySea).

I have seen the Hollywood Studios version of this دکھائیں but can't claim to remember Pinocchio یا Monstro's appearances sticking in my mind (although I do remember none of my photographs came out very well!).

Pinocchio has also had a strong presence in the various parades and fireworks across the parks. The Blue Fairy presented the Main سٹریٹ, گلی Electrical Parade and Jiminy Cricket is the host of the Spectromagic parade.

Indeed, the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio and Geppetto, along with a bunch of marionnettes were part of the Disney Dreams parade we saw on our حالیہ visit to Disneyland Paris.