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 Sad Poem
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broken دل
These liars ...

Use to there own face!

What do آپ see in the mirror?

Do آپ think being bad will make آپ live good?

Idk why...

they choose to..hurt

when they feel it all...

"No!, this cant be it cant happen to me... what did i do to deserve this" is called karma?

WHY DO آپ FUCKING lie...why do آپ want to hurt the one آپ always کہا آپ wanted someone to treat آپ so well here I am I کہا I wasnt going nowhere! Do آپ expect them to stay?

..after the hurt آپ want to do look at them now

roken just like آپ before they

put the fucking pieces back together Did آپ DESERVE THIS? آپ see your the one...
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posted by pinkydoll
This poem is all about the beauty of nature that I feel...
This poem is totally opposite to the last poem I wrote"I don't belong to the world"

Look what I see there
those roses are very dear to me
Hear what I am hearing now
those singing birds are very dear to me..

This green گھاس freshens up my mood
that blue sky , gives me a hope
that shiny sun brightens up my smile
These winds are calming my heart

See what I see there
a قوس قزح after a very heavy rain
those colors can be seen in my eyes
I can feel the magic of this nature

I am flying with the butterflies
even though I am on land
I am singing with the birds
even though I don't have a nest.

a man can feel all this nature
when he own the treasure
the treasure isn't the gold
that treasure is just the happiness.
posted by flaming-wave666
This lie's become a part of me
For months, I've played this game
Acting like it doesn't hurt
Each time I hear his name

Ignoring what's inside of me
Pretending I've moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For him are somehow gone

Spending each and every day
With happiness and laughs
Forgetting all our memories
Avoiding photographs

But last night when I saw him
For the first time since he left
My دل stopped for a moment...
I couldn't catch my breath

When suddenly it hit me
As the tears started to flow
That even after all this time...
I just can't let him go
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poems of love
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posted by StarGirl1721
When آپ hope,
آپ expect and wish,
آپ have a feeling for wanting,
Your desires to be filled,
آپ don’t want them killed,
Hope makes آپ stronger,

We live to hope,
Hope is what keeps us going,

Keep it sealed,
Let it be healed,
Like it’s your shield,
Sometimes it’s your battle field,

Keep hope close to آپ in life,
Sometimes آپ need to rethink twice,
For hope is unstable,
It comes and goes,

Hope is a special gift,
Not everyone knows,
If they do, they don’t bother to show,

Some of us want to lose hope,
Some of us want to regain hope,

Some think it’s a useless tool,
Yet they’re the ones blind,
Who won’t come to mind?

آپ and I, we all need hope,
No matter how far we seem from it,
It will find us one day,
For hope will come to us,

Wish and desire آپ دل out,
Keep in mind,
Don’t back away;
آپ know what آپ want,

Keep hoping till the END……
posted by flaming-wave666
Looking back on everything,
I still remember his smile.
I wish things didn't end so soon,
And turn back time for awhile.

No matter how much it hurts,
I still love him so.
A part of me needs him so much,
Can't seem to let him go.

Knowing I won't be able to see him,
Makes my دل cry out in pain.
I can't believe we won't talk anymore,
The thought makes me wanna go insane.

He was my reason for waking up,
For the smile آپ see on my face.
Going a single دن without him,
Makes me feel so out of place.

I was afraid of opening up,
Now I'm afraid of the اگلے day.
Whenever I see him one last time,
I'm terrified of what he may say.

I know tomorrow will hurt,
But the tears will fade away.
Life is too short for regrets,
There will be a brighter day.

But when I see him one last time,
I won't know what to do...
When he tells me that last goodbye,
I'll whisper,"I already miss you.."
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posted by greysonfan215
Oh Payton why did آپ go,
I miss you,
آپ never knew i was
I would do any thing for you

I was always in the dark,
آپ were the sun and I was the shade,
آپ never even looked at me,
I always thought of you

Without آپ I could die,
I was so sad when آپ moved,
آپ didn't care when آپ moved,
But I will never ever forget you,
I wish آپ had met me

Every night I can't go to بستر cause
of you,
And each night i wish آپ will
اقدام back where آپ belong,
Also wish آپ loved me back

Hi this is my small poem
Hope آپ like it its for
my love Payton. He was sweet
to everybody. When I meet him
all he کہا hi. I looked into his
big brown eyes and I fell in
love with him. Thats the only time
he ever look at me. And the time
he کہا hi he just wanted to
go out with my friend. But she
knew I liked him so she کہا no for me
And he never ever کہا anything else
to us.
posted by OfmiceandDes
The pain it hurts, It rips and tears.
Unstoppable, But I don't care.
All the lies about me, all the tears that have come.
They're all from آپ and the things you've become.
Don't آپ remember, when we were young and small?
All the secrets we shared, do آپ remember at all?
Now my hatred for آپ is growing strong.
Every insult آپ throw, why must it be so wrong?
That face makes me shake.
How much مزید can I take?
Now do آپ see what you've done?
This happened to me.
Congratulations, you've won.
Now are آپ glad that آپ killed me inside?
because now I wish I had really died.
Of course آپ don't, you'll never know.
All the pain and suffering i'll never show.
My دل isn't mending.
Because all you're bending back.
Only now it's black

So I'm new to this site, I was wondering maybe some دوستوں یا something? I'm still figuring out this site. So yeah.. First poem posted? Yay? D:

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How to Write a Father's دن Poem
posted by Mileva
In dropped smoky evening with countless fires burning flame which is torn blue cold dark. In small settlements rang sharp, hysterical scream.
Andjelija allocate the plates for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا pack of children. The scream came from the left room, where a few moments Elvira just came to prepare the bed.
- What started the carnage.
She raised the gun he always wore them. In the middle of the room she noticed an Indian who was holding the hand Elvira Premrl fear. His face was punctured, distortion of smallpox...
posted by surfergal
This is my first poem. I don't even know if آپ would call this a poem, it's just what I was feeling right this moment. تبصرہ tell me what آپ think.

What is he thinking? Sometimes I wonder what goes on in a guys mind. I mean when آپ look directly into his eyes for the first time یا just that morning when آپ pass him in the hallway. What does he think about آپ when he sees you. When آپ say hi as آپ walk سے طرف کی him and look him in the eyes,what is he thinking. Is it, why is she looking at me that way یا something else. Some people might think I'm crazy for thinking this but it crosses every girls mind sometime یا another. I pass him in the hall and smile, is it just curiousity یا just me wondering, what does he think about me.
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