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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way back to Olivine City when they passed a trainer's school and saw a girl with long dark brown hair. They recognized her as Giselle and she was training with her Graveler and Cubone when Ash, Brock, and Misty entered the trainer's school. Are آپ going to ask Giselle for a battle, Brock? asked Ash آپ bet i am. It's time i tested out my skills in battle against her. I'll use Onix for my battle against her. کہا Brock (Brock and Giselle's battle) Onix! Go! کہا Brock, sending in Onix An Onix, hmm? In that case i'll go with my strongest Pokemon Graveler! کہا Giselle, sending in Graveler I knew she'd send in Graveler. کہا Brock Onix! Use your Bind attack! کہا Brock Onix wrapped its giant stone body around Graveler. Graveler! Use your Rock Throw! کہا Giselle Graveler got itself free from Onix's coils and defeated Onix easily with Rock Throw. Onix! Return! کہا Brock Looks like Brock lost. Now's my turn to battle! کہا Ash Hold on Ash! I should go next! کہا Misty (Misty and Giselle's Battle) Your Graveler may of have beaten me just that one time, but don't think i'm going to lose to آپ again! Staryu! Go! کہا Misty, sending in Staryu This should make for an easy victory! Graveler! Get in there and defeat that Staryu! کہا Giselle Staryu! تیز رو, سوئفٹ Attack! کہا Misty Graveler! Use your Rock Throw! کہا Giselle Just like with Onix, Staryu was taken out سے طرف کی Graveler. So which one of آپ wants to try your luck next? asked Giselle I do! کہا Ash, stepping foward (Ash and Giselle's battle) Totodile! Go! کہا Ash, sending in Totodile Graveler started out with Rock Throw, which Totodile dodged at the right moment. After a few منٹ of Graveler chasing Totodile with its Rollout attack, Ash thought of a strategy. Totodile! Dodge the اگلے Rollout attack and use your Water Gun attack on the dirt to trap Graveler! کہا Ash Totodile dodged Graveler's اگلے Rollout attack and used Water Gun on the dirt to trap Graveler, leaving it with no where to run and vulnerable to any attacks from Totodile and putting an end to Graveler's winning streak. After the battle, Team Rocket showed up with a machine that fired off empty Pokeballs. The machine shot some of the Pokeballs at Giselle and Ash, leaving James with the perfect opportunity to grab Pikachu and the two continued to get hit with Pokeballs until they came up with a strategy to beat Team Rocket back. Squirtle! Bayleef! Bulbasaur! Get ready to play a little catch! کہا Ash, sending Squirtle, Bayleef, and Bulbasaur in. The three grabbed as many Pokeballs as they could and threw them back at Jessie, James, and Meowth. Graveler also joined them and threw some back at Team Rocket as well. Once all the Pokeballs were thrown back, Bayleef saw its opportunity and tackled James, making Pikachu land out of his reach and back into Ash's arms. Once back in Ash's arms, Ash had Pikachu use Thunderbolt on them to send them blasting off. Bye-bye. کہا Ash and Giselle at the same time after Team Rocket was sent blasting off (Later that afternoon) Your battle with me against those three taught i shouldn't call آپ out for having so little Pokemon. کہا Giselle Don't worry about it. So shall we shake on it? asked Ash Sure. کہا Giselle
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