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1. Pikachu Family
3. Eevee and Eeveeloutions
4. Fennekin and Bunelby
5.Panchem and Goomy


1.Because they're all so cute !!!!!

2.Because its cute sounds adorable and can change into other Pokémon and teleport and... too many reasons too list.
3.They're all unique in they're own way.
4.Because Fennekin is cute and Bunelby is caring.
5. Panchem is small but strong and Goomy looks out for its friends.
6.Tepig always tries its hardest.
7.Froakie can be stubborn but comes through when it counts.
8.I t can survive on sunlight in the wild.
9.Chespin is funny.
10.Charmander is friendly and full of energy.
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