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 Why Pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball.
Maybe thats why Pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball.
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This Pokémon تصویر might contain وین ڈایا گرام, وین کے آریھ, ڈایاگرام متداخل, and ڈایاگرام متداخل کی.

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Thunder clouds rolled over black city as another دن started in the Unova region.

The people of black city had no idea what was about to happen to them. They had grown so corrupted سے طرف کی evil that they no longer noticed crimes یا they just didn't care.

The thunder started getting louder and louder as the دن went on. It started to downpour and flood the city's streets.

The people of black city didn't notice as the weather got worse. The eyes of a monstrous being we watching the city and hating every part of it.

The Being thought the city must be destroyed, so with one giant thunder بادل it sent lighting...
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