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These کلب relating to Pokemon are almost abandoned and I'm trying to make it active again. The لنکس are below if آپ want to check them out! I hope this was worth your time. I just wanted to spread the word of these کلب and I hate it when these کلب are abandoned and inactive. Well these کلب can be fun with مزید people contributing to them :)! These are the clubs:

Pikachu club


Ash Ketchum club


Pokegirls club


I hope these کلب are great! And تبصرہ to what is your پسندیدہ out of all of them! Personally I like them all :p!
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1. Ash's Snorlax

True to his species, Snorlax eats lots of food and then falls asleep, and as a result of this, Ash has difficulty with Snorlax and getting him to wake up and battle.

2. Ash's Oshawott

He is very gluttonous and most of the time takes food from other Pokemon and doesn't دکھائیں any regret unless he gets caught. He mostly did this to Ash's Pignite, resulting in a fight between the two of them. This has caused trouble for the gang یا a member of the gang. An example of Oshawott stealing Pignite's food that caused trouble for the whole gang was in "Baffling the Boufflant" which took place...
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