I was walking into Annie's when I heard giggling. I turned to see Miyako and Minoru holding hands. Then they noticed me. "Hi, Kaoru!" They shouted.
"Hey, آپ two. Where's Bu-er, I mean Katsou and the reds?"
"They are meeting us here. Don't آپ just love mind talk?" They giggled. I seriously think that Minoru is the only boy that giggles like a girl.
"Hey, آپ guys!" We turned to see the reds and Katsou running towards us. "Did we miss anything?"
"Nope. We just met up, too." I answered. Then all three of us girls heard our belts beep. "We were supposed to meet to say what we should do later."
"We should go to the fair when it's open. We should get ready for it." Minoru. We all agreed. Miyako and Momoko went with me to transform. As soon as we transformed, we flew in the air and instantly saw the problem.
"The Gang Green Gang! Oh, great." I said. We flew towards them.
"Hey! Guess who?!" Blossom announced. They turned to see us. "The Powerpuff Girls Z!"
"So what? We have a few upgrades." Ace smirked. Then he pointed a finger at us, causing ice to shoot out of his hand.
"Well, Ace, so do I!" I shot white energy at him, sending him flying in the air. "And I believe that mine is مزید affective than yours!"
The rest of the Gang Green Gang scrambled away and went home. We transformed back to normal when we heard a gasp. We turned to see Makoto. Oh, no! He's not supposed to know yet! I mind contacted Katsou. 'Katsou, it's your brother! He learned the truth! He knows that Miyako, Momoko, and I are the PPGZ! He hasn't responded, but I'm not sure it will be good.'
'I will be there in a sec with Minoru.' Then I turned my attention back to everyone else.
Makoto walked slowly towards us. "Y-Your the PPGZ?! How come آپ never told me?"
Momoko stepped up. "Well, even our parents don't know. We are sorry we didn't tell you." Just then, the other two arrived.
"What's going on? I heard talking over here that sounded like guilt." Katsou said. 'Don't آپ just love acting, Kaoru?'
'Oh, shut up. I don't want to turn red again.' Then I said. "He figured out a secret of ours. Momoko was saying sorry of not telling him."
Katsou gave me a devious smile. 'You already are red. And سے طرف کی the way, aren't we supposed to go to the fair?'
'Oh, yeah! Thanks for reminding me.' I turned my attention to everyone else. "But it's ok, now. Besides, aren't we supposed to go to the fair?"
"Oh, yeah!" Everyone replied. We all ran towards the fair. There were so many rides I wanted to ride on at once that I couldn't choose.
Miyako pointed at the ferris wheel. "Let's go on that one! I call going with Minoru!"
Momoko grabbed Makoto's arm. "I call going with Makoto!" Katsou gave a smirk.
'I guess it's just آپ and me, Kaoru. I have something to tell آپ anyways, so I guess that it's a good thing that we are going together on the ride.'
'I need to tell آپ something, too. About yesterday, after trick یا treating.'
We all got onto the ferris wheel. As soon as we reached the top, he said, "Kaoru, I, um, I like you."
I blushed. That is what he he was keeping from me? I have mixed emotions now. Is this possible? Then the ferris wheel stopped. "What the?"
"Sorry for the sudden stop, but there is a problem with the machinery. آپ must please remain calm. We will get آپ down as soon as we can."
After ten minutes, it started moving again. For the rest of the day, we all went on rides and played games.