I walked into the apartment with Miyako and Momoko. They were holding their sleeping bags, pajamas, tomorrow's clothes, and their backpack. We went into the kitchen. My mom was cooking dinner.
"Hey, mom! I brought Miyako and Momoko over for a sleepover." I told her.
"Ok, Kaoru, Miyako, and Momoko. رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا will be ready in ten minutes." she replied. We کہا our thank-you's to her and went to my room. My دوستوں set their things on my bed.
"So, what do آپ want to do?" I asked them. They shrugged their shoulders. My mom came in the room.
"Kaoru, I invited the new girl to شامل میں آپ three. Is that okay?" she asked. I nodded. Actually, I don't mind hanging out with the new girl, Haruko. After all, she is pretty funny. A few منٹ later, she came in.
"Hey, Haruko, what's up?" I greeted. She told us that nothing really happened. While we were playing quote on quote, Catch the Octi, my mom brought in our رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and left. I gave a smile of thanks and she smiled back. After an hour, we were exhausted from playing and went into our sleeping bags.
"So, what is it like in New Townsville?" Haruko asked us. Miyako and Momoko looked at me to answer and I gave in.
"Well, to begin with, there is three superheroes called Powerpuff Girls Z. They got their powers from a chemical compound called Element Z. They fight all sorts of villains who terrorize the city in any way. Then there is the stores. Just about everything آپ could probably think of is in the stores. The students here are pretty cool. Just watch out for the rich kid, Himeko Morebucks; and the class prankster, Natsuki. He's pranked every girl in class. And if he get's beat up سے طرف کی one of us; he just laughs. In the classroom is where I keep my مکڑی friend, Chiyeko. A piece of extra advice; don't go near anyone with گلابی furr, green skin, wearing jester clothes outside of a circus, a flying princess, puddle like creatures, یا anything with a dark aura. The only exceptions are بھیڑیا guy, shapeshifter, monkey, noodle head, speggetti guy, and rowdyruffs." I told her. I caught my breath and relaxed.
"Wow. This city sounds so cool!" Haruko gasped. "Do آپ know the heroes personally?"
"No, but we are دوستوں with the son of the professor who made the girls heroes." Miyako answered. Then after a few minutes, we went to bed.