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This Powerpuff Girls تصویر contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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This story is for Halloween and is based on my مضمون "A PPG Story" hope آپ enjoy!!!
Note: I changed قوس قزح Girl's and Rainbow's names. قوس قزح Girl's new name is قوس قزح Bash and قوس قزح Boy's name is قوس قزح Smash. similar to قوس قزح Dash right?

Somewhere in the graveyard...
-3 tombstones are being seem-
R.I.P. Momoko
R.I.P. Miyako
R.I.P. Kaoru
-a ghost rises out of Momoko's grave-
Momoko: Miyako? Kaoru? آپ awake?
-Miyako and Kaoru rise out of their graves-
Miyako: i can't believe i'm dead!
Kaoru: meh, i think it's kinda cool.
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bubbles:wat color bunny should i be? buttercup:duh a light blue one bubbles:o ya boomer:so that means im gonna be a dark blue one blossom:the countanier gotta be گلابی and the chemical X going to be red buttercup: it so sample we all know wat color gost im gotta be we finshed are coustumes now let put them on bubbles:omg blossom&buttercup:wat bubbles:I SEE BUNNY all:yayyy(all run downstaris to get her then come back up) rrb:umm hi bunny bunny:hi bubbles wat آپ wanna dress as bunny:umm lollipop wait not lollipop ummm monkey!!! bubbles:you wanna be a monkey bunny:yaa bubbles:ok(makes coustume really fast)here آپ go bunny:yay blossom:omg i see the power punk girls bubbles:o ill get them(gets them and bring them up here)ppng:hi all:hi blossom:wat آپ guys doing here ppnk:o idk hang out buth:you wanna go to the haunted mansion wit us ppng:cool peoplefromoutside:help us ppg help ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa ppg:we gotta go help them ppng&rrb:well help too(all go out the window) TO BE COUNTIED
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Ok, آپ guys saw my new thing Through th eyes of puffs right? well i've decided to give a full character's list,and also I'm adding people. also our plot line's changed a bit so I'll tell it to آپ guys.

Bit on what it's "Now" about.....

Powerpuffion, the puff/ruff dimension. A colorfull and peacefull community, until the villians joined together to start war. As this goes on, the hero puffs and ruff must find a way to stop the villans and bring safety back to Powerpuffion. Dexter, ruff genius, along with his Ha-ha "Friends" ("cough"[i]servants[/i)Otto and Wallabe beatles went to تلاش for something...
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 portul merer
portul merer
faiza:im going to the merer
flor:im going to the merer
faiza:um guys look !!!!
flor:um ah guys look at this
kadar:WAHT OMG look cardarn
cardarn:WHAT???? 0.o
christopher:what is it O.O
pmf:lets all fer get this agreed
rpf:lets not ferget this agreed
cardarn:hay lets go get those powermuff freinds
faiza:i got a ida lets steel gramps rocket and go to the black houl got it!!!
kardar:got it but im the leder and i am suppose to say got it GOT IT!!!
faiza:yes ser got it ser
kardar:good i almost had to thow...
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*btw the ppgs, rrbs, ppunkgs, and dexter are 13*

"so, breeze, do آپ have any things?" blossom asked. "yeah, the professor gave me a ton of stuff, and he got us a new bed" breeze responded. "well there isint enough time to install the bed, just get a suitcase and pack a few things, we're going to our ساحل سمندر, بیچ house today!" کہا buttercup. "really? cool! well let me get a suitcase" کہا breeze. Breeze left the room. Blossom walked over to the phone and dialed a number. "Hello?" Dexter asked. "Hi Dexter, so, are آپ coming to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ house?" Blossom asked. "yeah but im going to be kinda late..."...
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Things haven't changed since a few years after my birth, my dad would argue with my mom, My sister Blaze I would sit through the whole thing crying trying to tell them to stop but it was no use, my dad was evil and my mom was good but she used to be evil. My Dad's name was Bleak and my Mother's name was Belle and my name is Blair. Everyday I would get yelled at سے طرف کی my dad for no reason, he would say things like "You're so stupid, why can't آپ and your Mom be مزید like me?!" یا he would say "Why couldn't آپ girls have been boys, so آپ could be tougher like me and not gentle all the time like...
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powerpuff girls
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are آپ wondering what happened to the rowdyruff boys? me too. this is not what really happened, why? because nobody knows! XD. anyway I'll shut up and let آپ enjoy this. sorry if this is offensive to G3 My Little ٹٹو fans

Brick: man, good thing we ditched those losers.
Butch: yeah, they were getting on my nerves.
Boomer: yeah. hey, what's that thing?
Brick: -uses laser vision- looks like a pony.
Rowdyruffs: WE HATE PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brick: get it!
-they fly toward it and about to مککا, عجیب الخلقت it-
G3 قوس قزح Dash: we have them, I repeat we have them.
in G3 Ponyville...
G3 Pinkie Pie: good.
G3 Rainbow...
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Source: Whoever is responsible for these delightful تصاویر