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This Pretty Little Liars TV دکھائیں تصویر contains hip boot and thigh boot. There might also be ہوجری, نلی, hosiery, hose, ہوزری, legging کے, leging, ٹانگ غلاف, لیگانگ, pantleg, and پنٹلاگ.

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posted by xoxogossipchick
For those شائقین who live in Australia guess what? Pretty Little Liars will be airing here soon, Mondays on GO! I've been seeing commercials and promos for it all the time. They keep saying coming soon to Mondays....haven't got an exact تاریخ yet but as soon as we do, I'll be posting it!

Can't wait to see all the episodes again...I love them! Favourites are probably the prom/homecoming episode and the finale episode. Favourite couple is easily Ezra and perfect for each other! And I know people are like, "They're illegal" and I completely agree, they are illegally perfect for each other! LOLS! :P

UPDATE: Pretty Little Liars premieres on GO! Monday 29th November at 8:30pm! Double episode (Pilot and The Jenna Thing) to start things off down under! VERY VERY EXCITING!

UPDATE: Pretty Little Liars has now moved to the new time of 9:30pm on GO! Mondays.
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posted by BlondeGirl93
This is my theory of 3 girls being buried "that night."
NOTE: Again, this is my own personal theory that doesn't make this true سے طرف کی any means but I think this is my only theory that I have so far, that could end up being true..

1. Sara Harvey went missing around the same time Alison did.
(We find this out when Emily and Hanna go to visit Sara's دوستوں Claire and Tina)

2. Remember when Sara was found in the dollhouse? (Yes the same one where the liars were) The cop asks her name she کہا "I'm Sara, Sara Harvey" This mirrors when Mona thought she was Alison she کہا "I'm Alison, Alison DiLaurentis"...
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posted by BVBUnderMyBed
This isn't my theory, but I agree with it, so I'm posting it.

Though it might seem a bit all over the place.

So throughout the seasons Melissa Hastings has been shady, not only is she shady, but she tends to disappear for long amounts of time.

The theory here is that Melissa Hastings made up Bethany Young as like a decoy type thing, and that would explain why when Mrs. DiLaurentis took her to the stables, she was using the riding hat that had MH written in it.

The reason that she would want a fake name is because her family is all about reputation, she says she pushed Bethany into the hole, but what if she is just a psycho? Also, Bethany's voice kind of sounds like Melissa Hastings, and the only person we know Mrs. DiLaurentis having an affair with was Melissa's dad.