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THE Memorable quotes
~~Sucre: [Scofield watches as a prisoner is stabbed] Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish.
~~Wendy (the tattoer): Most guys, آپ know, for the first time, they start with something small- mom, girlfriend's initials, something like that. Not you. آپ got a full set of sleeves, all in a couple of months. Takes guys a few years to get the ink آپ got.
Michael Scofield: I don't have a few years. Wish the hell I did.

~~Michael Scofield: I'm looking for someone... a guy name لنکن Burrows.
Wholesale: [surprised] Linc, the sink?
Michael Scofield: That what they're calling him now?...
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This is from Google:

Actor Amaury Nolasco makes an emergency trip to Puerto Rico after the death of his sister Deborah, 33.

Deborah, who suffered from a دل condition in childhood, died unexpectedly. The actor had to interrupt his work in Los Angeles in the series "Chase", which started working recently.

Upon his arrival at the island, Nolasco thanked in a press release samples of the public support and solidarity.

"These displays of affection mean a lot to our family and are a reminder of the دل that is my people," he کہا in the only statements made in this regard and in which he clarified...
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Went is on the video clip! <3
prison break
wentworth miller
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Some interviews with the cast of Prison Break Season 3!!
prison break
season 3
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