Even as the عنوان is 'Fear of Flying', it didn't only revolve around Sheldon's case, with the woman. It actually reflected everyone's fear of flying. Addison was afraid to hurt Naomi's feelings and venture into a relationship with Sam, Sam was afraid to اقدام on with someone that didn't quite remind him of Addison, Naomi was afraid to explore her feelings for Fife, Cooper was afraid to admit his feelings for Charlotte, شارلٹ was afraid to get hurt again and بنفشی, وایلیٹ was afraid to come home. Each and every character, had their fear similar to that of flight, climbing and moving up یا even moving on.

I was surprised that Amy Brennman (Violet) was not included here. Each character was well utilized, but as a main character, she was missed. All they seem to establish around بنفشی, وایلیٹ since her incident with Katie, was that she was damaged and needed some sort of fixing, emotionally. Let's hope this trip did her some good and she returns اگلے time revived and newly reformed.

I still can't get used to Addison and Pete, locking each other in a romantic embrace, like a couple. The concept of them hasn't registered much really. I begin to ponder upon the reliability of their relationship to last at all, since it was created out of share depression from rejection. Things are just too complicated and when the real issues emerge, I doubt they could handle it. Addison was forced to face Sam, but Pete didn't get the chance to face Violet, how will that be handled? The opening missing underwear scene with Pete and Addison, was slightly disturbing. I kept wondering, 'couldn't she have bough one on her way to work, even if she probably left from his place'? I don't think Addison truly understand the responsibility of a relationship as what they may have is purely physical. Otherwise, why haven't we had a scene with Addison holding Lucas, یا playing the potential parent role. That would soon come into play and may be the driving field to get بنفشی, وایلیٹ back into Lucas' life.

Sam, in my opinion, has been a true snob lately. I believe he is acting out of a bruised ego as opposed to a broken heart. Nothing truly happened between him an Addison enough to say that he was in love with her. So dating someone that reminds him of her, might grant him a referral to Violet's office. Sam needs to stop acting stuck up and discover the real reason Addison and Pete are together.

I wonder if Maya is on her honeymoon now? She was deliberately omitted here and it would have been good to find out what was اگلے after the wedding as newlyweds. Naomi is too fixated on William and Sam on Addison for the story-lines to intercept, and deal with what's new with Maya and Dink. I honestly don't know where Noami's attraction in William. She may not mention the wealth, but I am certain that has a great impact. The sex talk from her was a bit disturbing as well, could آپ actually picture Naomi and William together *shreeee*. Probably just as disturbing as Sheldon and Charlotte.

Private Practice did دکھائیں a litter side to things, although the theme was set around depressing circumstances; where a father is forced to leave his family behind, because of inconsistencies in paperwork and a health condition. How many sad plots could Private Practice create before they start focusing on the good times again?




Four Stars

Grade B-