This is where we are with Private Practice; presenting consistency, brilliant acting and a wonderful cast engaging in unthinkable story lines. Way to go Shonda Rhimes. The focus with 'Pulling the Plug' actually reflected the title. Naomi wanted to pull the plug on Addison and let whatever friendship they had flow down the drain. We also had the end of شارلٹ and Sheldon (gladly), probably even شارلٹ and Cooper. Finally the plug is pulled and Pete reveals his true feelings to Addison about Violet. Who would despise it مزید than Addison in that moment to be called سے طرف کی another woman's name.

Addison and Lucas worked well together - eventually. I wonder how many 'takes' it took Kate Walsh (Addison) when working with that scene. Addison seemed to miserable to function with a child and then that simple scene in a tub, it makes آپ wonder whether Walsh has experience with children. It's ironic that the child specialist, could not actually take care of a child on her own. Healing and delivering babies are one thing, nurturing is another.

I truly believe that the only connection Pete has with بنفشی, وایلیٹ is through Lucas. Let's call the بنفشی, وایلیٹ reference for delusion on his part, but we all know 'in wine there is truth'. I still felt sorry for Addison, especially since she bonded with his son, for it not to work out with the father. The focus has been central for Addison throughout the weeks, and she's often painted in a tainted light. Which is why that scene with her and Naomi came off as heartbreaking as Naomi mentioned.

Some سوالات need to be answered, regarding the ones Naomi addressed. How far does this Sam and Addison relationship تاریخ back? It's obviously not new to them. Sam admitted in an earlier episode to feelings for Addison before he and Naomi were married. So in Naomi's position, one would wonder whether her best friend and her ex husband always harvest these feelings for each other and سیکنڈ rate would always be her claim in Sam's heart.

I commend Audra McDonald for that elevator scene, brilliant acting on her behalf. Look on the bright side Naomi, Maya is your answer to whatever deluded thoughts about Addison and Sam. She surpasses all the drama, so if Addison and Sam have feelings, that can't be controlled. The focus should be on Maya, who سے طرف کی the way we haven't seen in ages since the wedding. Still on the honeymoon perhaps?

I enjoyed the 'continuation' appeal to this episode rounding off the cliffhanger from the last. The case dealing with the pregnant woman in a coma and waking up against all odds. The husband and wife were shrewd and showed no compassion towards the situation. I believe that was selfish on their end. I understand the fear riling up inside them when the husband wanted to pull the plug (pun intended) and set his wife free. Their delay might have saved her life and the husband's action could have awaken her sooner.

All in all, a commendable episode. Dell got some decent screen time and delivered a baby and بنفشی, وایلیٹ was absent again (what are they waiting on?). Go dell for helping Addison out with Lucas. That just goes to show, آپ don't know how to raise'em, until آپ actually have.




Four and a half Stars

Grade A-