after the last episode about madoka i just want to make a fanfic about it!

Short story about it...........

After Homura never meet Madoka again she felt so sad and lonely she just figt the witch herself,but....someday later kyuubey told her she can save madoka again he will make Mami lives again to help her...........but homura must change her soul gem into blue mode,and find a girl named Nadoka to turn her into puella magi cause nadoka have power to bring homura to madoka,but at risk it will be born walpurgis's new seed and make it مزید stonger named Walpurgisnct grifferlote,and if nadoka can't bring madoka she will die,homura approve it....

The Characters

Akemi Homura

A puella magi has a dream to meet madoka again,she will do anything to save her,she is sweet and shy girl but she also strong and this season homura be mami's best friend to she is مقبول in her new school

Mami Tomoe

Homura's best friend she also a puella magi too she is a beautiful and مقبول girl too same as homura
she want to save madoka with homura she died in first season.

Nadoka Kisaragi

A گلابی haired girl looks like madoka,her soul gem also combined with madoka too she is a kind girl but don't know the mean of best friend.she has power to bring madoka back.


a strange creature can turn a girl to be puella magi,he live with homura and mami.

Confesserdo-witchent (kyoko)

a witch creator girl,she is kyoko a puella magi,mami and homura's friend.i first season she died but she born again with walpurgis seed and become dark magi

Slaysrinne-witchent (sayaka)

kyoko's partner a puella magi too,she born as dark magi she also died with kyokoayukana

homura and mami's classmate she always help mami and homura she is sweet girl she have a sister named akura.

Asakura yukana

homura and mami's classmate she is smart and sweet girl she always halp homura and mami she have a sister named amiru.later she become pro-puella magi a girl help puella magi.

Akane hayuragi

homura and mami's classmate too she is energetic and grumpy she can act strange too but shes really friendly,she comes from rich and مقبول family.