"it is true?!"
"yes!of course!i can bring madoka!"

ep.1 ~~~~is that true?

(after mami lived again and homura turn into "blue mode").................

homura:"kyuubey,why آپ turn my soulgem to blue"

kyuubey:"because,now its the most suits to آپ it can make yo meet madoka~"

mami:"awesome!oh,kyuubey whos nadoka is?where she lives?what her...full name?"



mami:"so annoying!!!"

kyuubey:"hahaha...you tricked سے طرف کی me i don't know her full name but i can make آپ in her 'time zone'

homura:"Fast!bring me to her now!"

kyuubey:"as آپ wish!"

at the same time mami and homura's soul gem shine and...............

mami:"kyuu!it doesn't....work?"

"yukana-san!good morning,i hear there a new transfer student"
"eh?is that true?"

(bell ringing)

"mami-chan,homura-chan ,lets go the class is started!oh!sorry,my name is Ms.Hatanaka,nice to meet you!"

homu&mami:"Eh!Nice to meet you,too ms.hatanaka^^ "


ms.hatanaka:"this is mami tomoe-san and akemi Homura-san! pleasa be good friens of them!"

"they're cute" "look the blonde girl's hair style!cute"
"the other one looks awesome with her uniform,cool"

ms.hatanaka:"okay,class where is the empty chair?"

class:"beside yukana and behind akane"

ms.hatanaka:"okay girl آپ can sit and this is the first time to study here!"


(after school)

homura:"um...yukana-san is there any girl named nadoka یا something...."

yukana:"nadoka?why آپ know her?!"

homura:"Ah..i-i heard someone tell her name!um,um yes!"

yukana:"oh i see"
(nadoka come to yukana)

nadoka:"yuka-san is there any homework?"

yukana:"Bingo!homura!this nadoka"

who is her is she madoka?she is,she is............. madoka?


(mami coming)

mami :"homura lets find.........eh madoka why آپ here?"

nadoka:"um..sorry i' m-my name is nadoka kisaragi nice to meet you!"

mami:"nadoka.......i got you!!!!!!!"


nadoka:"what puella magi ?become magical girl,make contract with strange long pinked ear creature?!"

mami:"oh,i see it is true i hope آپ want to bring madoka back,and آپ can make your wish come true"

homura:"why آپ won't it become puella magi? its fun,its-its awesome it just....a game,a fate,to make better world!"

nadoka:"because i-i'm afraid......to have magical power"


nadoka:"cause i' m too weak,since i meet other people,they don't like me they کہا i' m weak and useless!this is useless i can't,i can't!!!"
(nadoka run and start crying)


"where ? what place is this?why i heard someone crying?its dark,i fly in the darkness...please stop crying.its hurt,hurt this is dark stop,please!darknes is,is over loaded?! stop crying stop!why?why?............someone help,helpHELP!"me,help,help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

nadoka:"homura,mami!your cloth is changing is you're transformed?cool"
( a witch attack nadoka)

mami:"nadoka watch out!"

(homura save her)


(homura and mami still fight the witch)

"so its puella magi,strong and can save other friends,its amazing! i want to be,i want to be...."

(nadoka approach to the witch)
(the witch attack with a spinning wheel wood)


(the spinning wheel wood crash nadoka)

"again this dark place....but no one is crying but its hurt so hurt! i hate this!"

homura:"the witch is getting stronger!"

mami::"its a big problem!"
(mami shoot the witch with her gun,homura attack the witch with bow)

"i feel both fight to save me...but the strange creature 'witch' not come from me but its understand my bad feeling)

homura:"the witch not come from nadoka's feeling"

mami:"so we can erase them?!"

homura:" why not ?"
(homura stop the time and shoot the witch with bazooka)


(homura go to nadoka,nadoka wake up )

nadoka:"homura آپ defeat it!"

(homura smiles)

mami :"so do آپ want to be puella magi?"

nadoka:"sorry,but............YUP OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!"
(nadoka hug mami and homura)
mami:"so ...just make contract with him!"