Melancholy of puella magi ep.2

is begin............

"the beginning of story"

Mami : "so,this is our house? looks really fun!"

Homura: "yeah!this house also have place for hot bath!"

Kyuubey:"okay,lets clearing your goods and after that we can goto somewhere?maybe..."


(after mami and homura clearing their goods they go to a garden in the back of their house)

~homura is sitting in a swing

homura :"what do آپ think about last day?"

mami : "pretty good i think well,Nadoka is a mysterious girl"

homura: "agree with you"

kyuubey: " آپ know in madoka's world now have really big problem!!!"

mami&homu : "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!"


homura:"what problem"

kyuubey:"okay...Walpurgisnct grifferlote's seed is now growing in her world maybe now she can defeat it but another days they will make illusion and lock madoka,after that the illusion will break the world"

mami:"it can't be that"

kyuubey :yes i know but, we must break the seeds first,it just the beginning!


~the اگلے دن nadoka come to homura and mami's house homura tell about what kyuuber talk to her and mami

nadoka:"it's so cruel"

kyuubey:"cause it آپ become puella magi,but i think something wrong,cause when آپ and mami fight the witch,the witch is not come from nadoka but know nadoka's feeling''

homua:"so the witch is been controlled?''

kyuubey:"i think,so"

mami:"what it can't"

kyuubey:"if not what the other reason?"

mami:"but who can controlled it,cause ordnary people it can't!''

homura:"maybe an evil puella magi?"

nadoka:"agree...but why?"

kyuubey:"maybe cause she has sad backstory,or maybe can make she be evil''



(at the night they go to a bridge and meet a controlled witch homura and mami fight them)

~homura shoot the witch with a bow
~mami shoot the witch with a gun

mami:"nadoka its your turn"


~nadoka approach to witch and shoot them with arrowhead but the arrowhead was not on target

nadoka:"oh,not lucky"

homura:"shoot it again!"

~nadoka shoot with her arrowhead again and its right on target


~mami shoot them with hundred guns the witch has been defeated

kyuubey:"good job! lets go home!"


homura:"so..tomorrow we can kwow that wich is controlled سے طرف کی someone"

nadoka:"why do آپ don't ask the witch,by who it controlled?"

mami:"haha...its sofunny it can't,nadoka!"

kyuubey :"sure,it can!!!!"