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Girl in bathroom thinks people are in the toilets and they Ask for toilet paper...... Anyway, you'll understand once آپ See it!
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On a farm in Australia, there was a Border Colly,
A mother of 2, but she had another pup on the way.
The farmer Joe had non stop super vision on this Border Colly named Misty.

After a few weeks the new pup was born,
The other 2 pups peered at the new born.
Little did the pups know that they would be sold at a
Pet store in town.
But the mothrer new, she new very well as the same thing happend to her.

One night the mother Colly کہا to her pups while they were snuggled up in the barn, "You know that ill always love آپ my little pups", she کہا with a tear that ran down her face.
the youngest pup...
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So, you've decided to شامل میں R@nd @ ch@ts have you?
What a great desision!
Anyway, "hi" I'm Jessica, I created R@nd @ ch@ts.
This is just to get آپ started to R@nd @ ch@ts,
By 2012 this club should be bursting with random سوالات and joy!

getting started

now you've joined and are ready to live the jooys of the
r@ndom world!!
post R@ndom things like videos/pics/questions/chats
they can all be absolutely rAndom as possible!!
I'vE left the banner image on fanpop so anyone can put
r@ndom pics that آپ love!

having fun

ok, so now آپ know what to do to fit in with the other fans!!
you must be eager...
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