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I got bored, so here آپ go.

1. BlueEyedDemon

2. SuicidalSlut

3. MaliciousIntent

4. GloomyTears

5. Blacklight

6. DarkSunshine

7. FallenIsolation

8. DrowningInTears

9. DismalAngel

10. FallenSolitude

11. HopingInSolitude

12. SilentCall

13. CountingOnRain

14. CalledForMishap

15. RuefulDestiny

16. FallenAngel

17. KilledByAnAngel (I know for a fact it's taken on here سے طرف کی my twin sis but I made it up)

18. FlamingCore

19. Darkenin(g)InRegret (The G could be taken off if there is a 15 character like on Fanpop)


21. RunWithScissors

22. PlaydateWithFire (Over 15 characters but... I like it)

23. RejectedStar

24. SoulIsDarkening

25. InTheAsylum

26. PuncturedSoul

27. WoundedSoul

28. WiltedCore

29. WitheringCore

30. aPiratesLifeForMe (Alternative for 15 letter limits: aPiratesLife4Me)

31. VexedLove

32. Slaughterhouse

33. BurnThePictures

34. BloodWarmsMe

35. CuttingLifeAway

39. OvertheRiver

40. LoneSoul

41. MissingSoul

42. DeceasedOne

43. ShardsOfGlass

44. InTheMourning

45. TheParawhore (For Paramore lovers like myself)

46. OpenDuskToDawn

47. ColdBreeze

48. GustOfWind

49. MisfitGhoul

50. TenderSoul
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