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In my opnion when it comes to friendship it means that آپ and the people آپ care about stick together for periods of time until آپ get to know one another.

However, not a lot of people are like this. In my case, I may have over a dozen شائقین but a percentage of them even talk to me nor do they know who I am and what I meant to be on here for. Don't get me wrong a few of the شائقین I have are very nice to me. Whenver I talk to them I always feel welcomed, safe, secured, and better. But when I am being treated unfairly یا being abused یا played around it makes me angry, sad, depressed, and unhappy.

I am not making this مضمون to hate everyone but I am just expressing myself to آپ all out there- the منٹ آپ try to make دوستوں with somebody most of the دوستوں آپ make will evenutally اقدام on and leave آپ behind, ripping آپ apart like a lion with a wildebeest. آپ may think I am going to leave آپ but I never will: I never forget someone once I have talked to them یا have meet them before. I always try to be on here all the time for my دوستوں and most of the time I make it while there are times when I don't even make it یا I may not want to come because I know I will get treated unfairly like what most people do to me all the time. It's just not fair to treat دوستوں this way.

Again I do not mean to start any arguments یا diagreeing یا agreeing here. I am only expressing myself because I think what these so called "fans" are doing to each other and towards me is unfair. We come on to have fun not to be abused. :( So the choice is yours- آپ can choose to be a bad person and just come on Fanpop and ignore the ones آپ care about dearly یا be like me and the rest of my other great friens and just come on for the joy and for talking to the ones that mean dearly to you. But the choice آپ make depends on the kind of person آپ are. I am a good person because I know I am. I give away gifts, I create gifts for my friends, I talk to them, come on for their sakes if they need help یا have troubles with something یا if they simply need a person who can listen to them. I am all of that and I am always online for them.

Just take a pieace of the page from my book- دوستوں are harder to find in this world especially دوستوں that آپ can relate to یا trust. I have a diffcult time finding the right friends, but I know I have them with me. They are the great ones because they understand me better and they know what I am looking for. I am not looking for someone who likes the stuff I do- even though that is what دوستوں are about but it's not the only thing I am looking for. What I am looking for as well are the kind of people that I can talk with and even express my proublems and feelings to. I know I have my family with me to express my issues too but they don't quite understand certain boundries. I am happy they are there for me and I always am happy to have them but I need some other good people besides them and that is why I come on here- to make as many great دوستوں as I possibly can to feel happy and welcomed. :) It's not about the attention, it's about the sake of the many faces here on Fanpop.

This is my story and I hope آپ all will learn something from me- it's not easy being the nice responsiable one in the group, but being reasonable and kind is what gets us going in life. It's always best to do what is right rather than do what is wrong. The right choices آپ make will effect the sake of your friends. I know I am happy being a nice person and a great friend for my friends. I love my Fanpop pals with all of my دل and I would never trade anything for them. I wouldn't even give up on them. If it weren't for them, I would be nothing. But just learn from what I have gone through: it's not always easy to make trust in somebody unless آپ get to know them better first. But if they ignore آپ یا go off doing their own thing then they are no better than any of آپ and I. Again, not being instuling about all of آپ just saying.
Ever made a pick that آپ really want people to answer, but it's moving along slowly? Try these tips to bump it up.

1. Post the سوال when there are lots of people online. Between about 5-10pm in America is usually the best time, but it depends on the club. Doing this ensures that lots of people will answer it before it gets bumped down the list.

2. Don't make your pick when آپ first post it. When آپ first create it it will be at the سب, سب سے اوپر of the list. If آپ wait until it dissapears off the homepage to pick it will go back to the top, which means مزید people will see it.

3. When آپ have picked and it dissapears off the فہرست again make تبصرے during peak time, which I mentioned in tip 1. This is not effective, but your pick will still appear in the updates, which can give it a bit of exposure, and hopefully if someoe جوابات it will go back to the سب, سب سے اوپر of the list.

I hope this helps! Feedback appriciated.
posted by thespikedturtle
I am depressed. Not that I want to kill myself, but I am definitely depressed. Everywhere I look, I see violence, harshness, and hatred. The sad part is that people today seem to not even notice it, یا may even contribute without knowing.

At lunchtime, آپ usually walk into the cafeteria, jump in line with your friends, and go on without another thought. But jumping people in line really isn't as cool as آپ think it is. You're not only دکھانا disrespect to the other people, but it's just plain selfish. What you're really doing is using friendship to your advantage and making others suffer...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Ok thx 4 the تبصرے in part 2! most of them were awesome! So here is Part 3!!

Awesome: Sup Z??

Z: Pigs!!

Awesome: Yeah they make funny noises!

Z: I see a penguin!

Awesome: We're not in Africa !

Z: Oh did u see Billy Bob's سال book picture?

Awesome: No is there something wrong with it?

Z: yeah i had no clue he had a beard!

Awesome: I think ice cream should come in a chocolate flavor

Z: They do...

Awesome: MY gramma has a pretty kitty

Z: aren't all kittys pretty

Awesome: We went out last night

Z: آپ and who?

Awesome: Charlie Bartlett

Z: As in the movie?

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Angelas POV

-Jenna, Jenna, wake up!!-I said
-Huh..I'm awake, mum. I'm awake. School time?!-She answered
-No, silly, it's Angela.
-Angela? What da.?
-Listen, and listen carefully. I'm a werewolf. I'll دکھائیں you.
-Hahaha.-She started laughing!
-Shut up, and listen, Jenna! PLEASE! And I have a talent..My dreams are actually reality. Whatever I do in my dreams actually happens. If I dream in Paris, I will really be in Paris! I can take pictures and do everything like when I'm awake.
-Angela, why are آپ kidding with me?
-I'm not-I yelled -Please believe me, please!
-Show me!
-Okay. Jump on my back!

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So Angela left. Jacob was alone at the beach, thinking about her. They're both in love.

Angela's POV
-Angela! Fast!- Aunt yelled at me
-I'm awake, aunt Lizzy!- I yelled
-Okay! Get ready! School starts in half an hour!
-Damn! It took me so long!?
-So long for what- She asked not knowing about my talent.
-Oh, nothing, aunt.

Wow.. This night was the best! I wanna see him again. Just wait till I tell everything to Jenna and Clarissa- I thought excited. Oh, yea, they wouldn't believe me. That's the bad side of my talent. It's supernatural. Haha, weird. I'm a supernatural girl.. My talent and I'm a werewolf....
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
I'm making a new graphic novel/manga series (still untitled). It's about a large group of agents from the future, trying to defeat an evil force called I.E.S.A. The agency, with no specific name, is trying to stop I.E.S.A from grabbing the earth's energy and using it to power the maciene they made, which will destroy the earth. The series focuses on 6 of their members, the Fruit Racers. They find a human girl, Katsumi, and figure out that she is the closest thing related to the leader of the agency, who could not find any family members. The Fruit Racers are training Katsumi to become more...
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posted by Dippicus
How to eat pie:

Preparation: Go buy a pie from Wal-mart. کدو, لوکی pie is preferrable.

1) Stuff in face.

2) Get another pie.

3) Stuff in face.

4) Repeat until آپ feel your life is worth something.

5) Sue me for destroying your face.

6) Rate this boring مضمون that was a waste of your precious time.

7) Read the اگلے مضمون that is probably a waste of your time just like mine.

8) Rate the اگلے article.

*To all people: do not be offended سے طرف کی my innocent, mediocre مضمون about pie. Thank you.*
posted by Little_Cullen
So I was sitting at home, watching the comedy gala and texting (you know those meaningless conversations, the ones آپ don't enjoy but آپ don't want to just be rude and ignore your harasser), not really focusing, just daydreaming (about a bunch of grapes, with each انگور having a seperate personality and the ability to communicate, if آپ must know. Imagine the arguments they'd get into...), vaguely conscious of the fact that on the T.V a comedian was up there standing there in silence with no one laughing.

I was then pulled out of my reverie (one انگور had just کہا to another "What did the...
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The creepy but awesome short on Adult Swim.
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