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1. When آپ were young, were آپ involved in any kind of political protests such as for the Civil Rights movement یا against Vietnam? Why یا why not?

2. What tells آپ when a child is responsible enough to trust a lot?

3. What was your first car? What was your پسندیدہ car when آپ were young?

4. How often do آپ go over the speed limit?

5. Were آپ considered مقبول in middle school یا high school? Why یا why not?

6. Did آپ have big fights with your mom when آپ were growing up? If so, what were they usually about?

7. Did آپ have big fights with your dad when آپ were growing up? If so, what were they usually about?

8. Did آپ ever get arrested for anything? If not, did آپ ever do anything آپ should have gotten in trouble for if anyone had found out?

9. What was your most important relationship in high school and why did it end?

10. If آپ could do any job in the world, besides the one آپ are doing now, what would it be?

11. What kinds of things get آپ angriest? Why?

12. When, if ever, do آپ think it's okay to tell a lie?

13. How old do آپ think آپ look? Why?

14. When did آپ have your first kiss? Who did آپ have it with? Did آپ like it?

15. How did آپ and Mom/Dad meet?

16. How old are آپ in your dreams? What are آپ doing?

17. What was your پسندیدہ pet when آپ were a kid?

18. Why did your parents give آپ your name?

19. What is your پسندیدہ joke? Why?

20. What was the best thing I ever gave you?

21. Who was your best friend in high school and what was the best thing about this person?

22. If آپ could afford any car in the world, what would it be?

23. Do آپ think آپ have any prejudices? What would they be?

24. If a friend of yours told آپ that he یا she did something dishonest, would آپ رپورٹ him یا her to the police? Why یا why not?

25. How important do آپ think it is to look really good?

26. What kinds of scenes in فلمیں make آپ cry?

27. Is there any experience that آپ have not had that آپ regret not having?

28. What qualities do آپ most respect in a woman? In a man?

29. Do آپ think we should know details of political people's private lives, like the President of the United States?

30. Is it okay for someone who is twenty-two to marry someone who is forty یا fifty? Why یا why not?

31. How would people who knew آپ in middle school describe آپ then?

32. How would people who knew آپ in high school describe you?

33. How would آپ describe Dad/Mom the first time آپ saw him/her?

34. If there were a war against the United States, how would آپ feel about volunteering for duty?

35. What makes a good friend?

36. How do آپ tell when someone is lying?

37. What do آپ think is your worst bad habit?

38. Have آپ ever done something brave? If so, did آپ regret it?

39. What's the worst dream آپ can remember?

40. How many times have آپ been in love?

41. How much money does a person need to have a good life?

42. Did آپ ever wish آپ didn't have children? If so, what made آپ think that?

43. If آپ could do only one of the following, which do آپ think is the best use of money: being able to take family vacations, having a really nice home, یا being able to send your children to a great college? Why?

44. Would آپ rather be famous, یا make a lot of money? Why?

45. When آپ are really old, would آپ want to live with me, in a community for elderly people, یا in your own place? Tell me why.

46. What is your opinion of nude scenes in movies?

47. Have آپ ever been hit? If so, tell me what happened.

48. What is the worst thing that your parents ever کہا to you?

49. Did آپ want a marriage like the one your parents had? Why یا why not?

50. What makes آپ lose your temper with me?

51. What age group of kids do آپ think آپ are best with: babies, middle-school, یا high school?

52. Over your lifetime there have been a lot of different kinds of music. What is your all-time favorite? Why?

53. What have آپ کہا to me that آپ wish آپ hadn't?

54. Did kids ever make fun of آپ for any reason? What do آپ remember best?

55. When آپ were younger, did آپ ever drink too much and get sick? If so, how did that happen?

56. Would آپ get upset if I wanted to live in another country when I was grown up? Why یا why not?

57. There are two kinds of weddings: big fancy ones and small private ones. Which do آپ like?

58. Did آپ ever run away from home? If آپ did, why did آپ do it? If آپ didn't, did آپ ever think about it? Do آپ remember what the issue was?

59. What are your all-time پسندیدہ movies? Why?

60. What kinds of things make آپ sad?

61. If آپ could be any female sports star, who would آپ be?

62. Do آپ believe men and women ought to be equal partners, یا should the man be in charge? Why? Did آپ and Mom/Dad talk about this before marriage?

63. Did آپ ever get jealous of someone?

64. Do آپ think people are born intelligent, یا can they be made intelligent?

65. Would آپ admit to me if آپ were afraid of something?

66. Do آپ think there should be a death penalty for murder, یا should the worst possible punishment be life in prison? Tell me why آپ have this opinion.

67. Do آپ think it is ok for a man to be the person who stays ہوم with the kids instead of the woman? Why یا why not?

68. Why do women shave their armpits and men don't?

69. If آپ won the lottery, what would آپ do with the money?

70. What makes آپ like one of my friends? What would make آپ dislike one of my friends?

71. Have آپ ever thought of adopting a child? Why یا why not?

72. What did آپ get in trouble for when آپ were a kid?

73. Did آپ ever have a teacher who picked on you?

74. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

75. Is my personality the same now as it was when I was younger? Tell me how I am the same یا different.

76. Why is it such a big deal for rooms to be clean?

77. Why do آپ care if I fight with my brothers یا sisters یا wrestle with my friends?

78. How often do آپ think آپ scream at me? Why do آپ think people scream?

79. How would آپ feel if I changed my first name? Last name?

80. What really gives آپ the creeps?

81. Did آپ like middle school? High school? Why یا why not?

82. In what ways do آپ think آپ are similar to me?

83. In what ways do آپ think آپ are different from me?

84. What was your biggest disappointment when آپ were a kid?

85. What is the thing آپ wanted most that آپ haven't gotten?

86. If آپ could look like any movie star, who would it be? Why?

87. Who was the best teacher آپ ever had? And the worst? Why?

88. What toy did آپ want when آپ were a kid that آپ never got?

89. What were the three happiest moments in your life so far?

90. What things do we have now that آپ didn't have when آپ were growing up?

91. What hinds of things did your mom and dad do with آپ that آپ have tried to do differently with us?

92. Did آپ have a nickname in middle school یا high school? If so, what was it and how did آپ get it?

93. When آپ were a kid, did آپ have a پسندیدہ hiding place? If آپ did, wh+B44ere was it and what did آپ do there?

94. When آپ were a kid, did آپ ever belong to a club? If آپ did, how many people became a member and what did آپ do together?

95. What special kinds of food did your mother give آپ when آپ we+B18re sick? Why did she give آپ those foods?

96. Why do some people think it's important for husbands and wives to have the same religion?

97. What makes a TV program good, یا bad, for kids?

98. When آپ were young, did آپ collect anything? If آپ did, what was it and why did آپ get into that?

99. When آپ were in high school, what did آپ want to be when آپ grew up? What about in college? How did آپ come up with those ideas?

100. Who was مزید strict when آپ were growing up, your mother یا father? How did آپ feel about that?