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Joey = Nobody Panic. We've got cook books. If آپ can read English, آپ can cook. For Instance. Basic روٹی stuffing, melt one third cup of مکھن in a heavy skillet.
Danny = That's easy. On a stove,right?
Jesse = No, no. We stick مکھن on a rocket ship and send it to the sun.

Joey = Good Morning! How آپ guys doing? It's great to be alive. happy Thanksgiving,Buddy!
Jesse = Why can't آپ wake up grumpy and grouchy like normal people?

Michelle = آپ got it, dude.

Michelle = I hope I'm getting paid for this.

Michelle = But he tempted me with Ice cream!!!!
Becky = Jesse!!!!
Michelle = And it had sprinkles, and a cherry!!!

Joey = Freeze! I have a baby and I know how to use it.
Jesse = Joey!
Joey = I'm warning you, she's loaded.

Jesse = Have Mercy!

DJ = Uncle Jesse, there's a girl here to see you. This one's great
Jesse = That must be my new گٹار student.
DJ = Yeah,right.
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