Hello I'm NOT the nostalgia critic, I remembered it so آپ don't have to. I've been watching NC's biggest dumba** in distress video and I thought I'd do one. Except for me it's only going to be characters that are animated and it's not only going to be female characters, there are some male characters here too. With other characters I can find at least some aspect of heroics in them except for these characters. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I don't hate all of these characters. Please comments, enjoy.

10.Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

I promise I'm not being biased about this, I honestly think she's a huge damsel in distress and at least hear me out. She's a gypsy who believes in equality and is supposedly a strong fight. But apparently for someone whose suppose to be all those things she really gets captured a lot. I mean first of all she gets captured سے طرف کی the guards and saved سے طرف کی a goat. Seriously? A goat is مزید useful than she is! She can't even save herself in a church when all she has to do is claim sanctuary but apparently Pheobus has to do it for her. Quasimodo helps her escape twice. Shouldn't someone who's made a living on hiding be able to escape herself? She's in distress through the whole movie because Frollo is after her. She doesn't even have to do anything during the Court of Miracles and she still gets captured. Plus we have the climax where Quasimodo has to save her from burning to death and getting killed سے طرف کی Frollo. So far she's been saved سے طرف کی Quasimodo, Pheobus, the preacher, the gypsies, random towns folk that we don't even know, and a goat. A STINKIN GOAT! Kayley was supposedly saved سے طرف کی a chicken(he didn't save her he just helped cut her free, she saved herself) and she's one of the most bada** heroic heroines in existence. Besides Kayley did get captured sometimes, but not a lot like Esmeralda, besides she was just starting out. While Esmeralda had years of practice and got captured A LOT! I mean you'd think Esmeralda would be absolutely heroic but the only time she saves anyone was when she saved Pheobus and even then all she does is throw a rock at a horse's butt, any moron could do that. But she she's basically my Jubilee(NC had her on his) because she's someone who's part of a team and not just a team it's a team of rebels. Kids love a team of rebels and especially since a lot of them seem to believe in equality like she does. They're kind of like the Disney gypsy version of X-Men I guess. The reason she's not higher is because of that one scene during the festival of fools where she's cleverly avoiding the guards.

9.Lucky(101 Dalmatians)

I can't stand this little pup and how much of a damsel he is, is part of it. I mean how many times does this guy actually get in trouble. Even when he was born he was in danger but that wasn't really his fault. But I mean this kid never even payed attention to when they were trying to escape and just watches TV. Yeah why save your life when آپ can watch TV? Sure you'll be dead but oh well آپ can watch TV. His name maybe Lucky but he's a jinx, he causes trouble for everyone and almost gets everyone killed. I mean I'd probably just leave him because he's just going to end up getting himself and everyone else killed. It's like this kid can't even take a walk without getting into trouble. In the TV series he gets into trouble a lot too and it's all caused سے طرف کی him and his stupidity. He's as heroic as a piece of paper. I mean the other puppies got captured too but they didn't get into trouble like he did, actually none of them did, Patch even saved them in the sequel. But Lucky man this annoying little brat isn't even worth it and that's coming from an animal lover. He's not higher because he doesn't have as much big damsel moments as the others.

8.Wendy(Peter Pan)

Yeah آپ all know that آپ can't have a damsel in distress فہرست without her in it. She's one of the most iconic damsel's in distress there is. She starts off getting into distress when she's attacked سے طرف کی the lost boys, thanks to Tinkerbell, and it looks so cheesy. I mean why doesn't she just continue to fly? I don't think avoiding items getting thrown at آپ would take away any pixie dust. So that was the first time she was in distress. The اگلے time was that she was attacked سے طرف کی the mermaids and she actually almost died. She's not higher because in that scene she does stand up for herself but not enough for me to actually think she has any heroic in her. She's captured سے طرف کی Hook and his crew and forced to walk the plank. She doesn't even try to fight for her life یا the lives of her brothers یا friends. She just says don't sign and die. You'd think she'd try to fight to save her brothers but no she just walks the plank without a fight. She even lets her five سال old brother fight the pirates and she doesn't do a thing. I mean talk about a gutless and spineless character who can't do anything. She's not higher because of the thing with the mermaids I mentioned from before.

7.Princess Pea(The Tale of Despereaux)

This girl is so weak and pathetic that she makes Princess آڑو look like Mulan. First of all the reason she gets captured was caused سے طرف کی her being rude and stupid. From the way it looks it really didn't take much of an effort to capture her. It was like picking up a pencil. Then she was tied to the ground سے طرف کی a bunch of rats. Seriously? She was over powered سے طرف کی a bunch of rats! She can't even break free, the ropes were tied سے طرف کی a bunch of rats, they shouldn't be tied too good. Finally she's saved سے طرف کی a ماؤس and a rat. Seriously? I mean come on that's even worse than being saved سے طرف کی a goat. This is just pathetic, simply pathetic. It's a good thing she's pretty, but she's not even that pretty. The only reason she's not higher is simply because of others being bigger damsel's.


Oh my gosh I absolutely hate this annoying whiny little brat, his damselness is part of it. He's always getting into trouble without any effort. Tommy is constantly having to save him and if not him than Kimi. This kid just needs to take one step and he needs saving. Every time the rugrats have an adventure he's getting into some kind of trouble where he had to be saved. Part of it is caused سے طرف کی him being whiny and a coward. I mean he makes Shaggy and Scooby look like Superman and Batman. He's been saved سے طرف کی pretty much all of the rugrats; Tommy, Kimi, Phil, Lil, Susie, and even Angelica and Dil. Angelica is the antagonist of the دکھائیں and she actually saved him, that's pathetic. What's ven مزید pathetic is that Dil, a baby that's not even a سال old, actually saved him. He even got saved سے طرف کی Spike, a dog. He just cries and screams for someone to help him instead of doing it himself. I know he's just a toddler but Tommy can do it so he can too. I mean if he was a superhero his superpower would be crying. The reason he's not in the سب, سب سے اوپر 5 is because the others have been in worse situations than him.

5.Naveen(The Princess and The Frog)

I promise I'm not just putting him here because I loath him, he's really a huge damsel in distress. He's been in distress مزید than any of the Disney princesses. He was in trouble when he got involved with Dr. Facilier, he was put in a jar, he gets attacked سے طرف کی a frog eating bird, he needs saving from the alligators, he gets captured سے طرف کی frog hunters, he gets out thanks to کرن, رے and tries to save Tiana but ends up needing her to save him again, he's captured سے طرف کی the shadows, then captured سے طرف کی the shadows again, it put in a box, and captured سے طرف کی Lawrence. So all together he's been in distress ten times. TEN TIMES? GEEZ not even any of the Disney princesses were in distress that many times. So he's constantly getting saved سے طرف کی a girl(not bad), an old blind lady, and a آگ کے, آگ fly. That's even worse than being saved سے طرف کی a mouse. The reason he's not higher is because the others are just bigger damsel's in distress.

4.Mary Jane(Spiderman) and Lois Lane(Superman)

Every single one of us know آپ can't have a فہرست about damsel's in distress without these two here. It's hard to decide which one of these two is مزید of a damsel in distress so I just gave them both the spot. Though I have to say I actually really like both of them because they maybe damsel's in distress but unlike the others on this فہرست they're actually enjoyable characters. Anyway we all know their reason for existence, to be the love interest and person who constantly has to be saved سے طرف کی the main character. I mean it seems that these two should be getting paid for getting into distress. If they had a penny for every time they've been in distress they'd be some of the richest people in the world. In the Superman دکھائیں they've even made fun of how much Lois has been in distress and even کہا to Superman "I hate to say it, I've kind of gotten use to it". Neither one of them is very useful and you'd think they'd learn a thing یا two after being in distress so many times. What is this, just a trip to the spa for them? They're not higher because as times they were useful, مزید so Lois.

3.Ron Stoppable(Kim Possible)

Here's a character I don't hate یا dislike, I'm neutral about him. Ironic how he's here when Kim Possible is the most bada** heroic character in existence. This guy is so incompetent that he constantly loses his pants. He's usually the distraction and is always getting into distress. I think Kim might need to get a new sidekick that doesn't get into distress so much. I mean all he has to do is اقدام and he's getting captured. If Kim is ever in trouble than she can save herself with like once یا twice where Rufus has to save her. Ron can't save her because every time he tries he ends up getting captured too and Rufus has to save them. So maybe Kim should آگ کے, آگ Ron and keep Rufus. I mean a naked تل, مول چوہا is actually مزید useful than him. He never saves the دن and is as useful as a نیبو, لیموں with a paper-cut. He's basically Robin with Batman. Batman should probably آگ کے, آگ Robin and keep Batgirl. He's not higher because the other two are just pathetic.


This chick is so annoying and part of the reason is her being such a damsel. I mean first she's in danger from the giant troll, falling from the tree, falling into the wishing-well, falling from a billboard, and eating the poison apple. She's so weak that even a stinkin chipmunk کی, چاپمنک is مزید heroic and useful than her. She's even such a damsel that she can't even walk without falling and needing someone to help her. She's even aware that she's a damsel in distress "Well usually someone's there to catch me". What is this just part of your daily rue-teen? Sure she tried to help save Robert but she doesn't really do anything, it's Pip who save the دن and in such a stupid way. She's absolutely useless and is definitely the biggest Disney damsel in distress in existence. She's not higher because number 1 is on the same level of being a dumba** damsel in distress as Bella Swan.

1.Princess Irene(The Princess and The Goblin)

This has got to be the weakest character in existence, this girl makes all the other characters on this فہرست look like Kim Possible. I mean it doesn't really take much to capture this girl, all آپ have to do is use your pinky to grab her and that's all it takes. First of all she's in distress in the first few منٹ of the movie and is saved سے طرف کی a boy who was singing. That's right, all آپ have to do to defeat the goblins is sing, that and step on their feet. She's captured during the climax of the battle and what makes me mad is that she knows that آپ just have to sing and it'll defeat the goblins and she could've easily saved herself. But does she? NO! She just screams like an idiot. She also needs to be saved once again when she's drowning. She gets a chance to save her love interest from the Goblin Prince and she ends up messing it up سے طرف کی tripping and needing to be saved again. This girl is absolutely pathetic, she's even مزید of a dumba** damsel in distress than Bella Swan, who actually jumped off a cliff for goodness sake. I mean I'm surprised she and her love interest didn't end up dying because this girl keeps on almost getting them killed. If she even moves slightly she'll be in distress. There's absolutely no competition! It's a good thing she(and all the other girls on this list) is pretty because she's really useless.