Okay آپ guys, Im getting real sick of it now. Uaan is annoying and everything. I know. I know. Im just getting so sick and tired of all the arguments and all the cool people leaving before we can get anything going is giving me a lot unneeded and unwanted stress. Seriously first Zeppie and now we lost BP. Those two were amongst two of my پسندیدہ people on here. Maybe it’s the fact that I was دیا a false sense of peace and unity with how everyone was getting all up and excited about making Fanpop better again before getting it taken away and loosing BP when I wake up but Im just tired of it.

Random club is losing all the fun people and all the good things it once had for what? To poke fun at Uaan? To make Uaan feel horrible? Are آپ guys really telling me that its really all that worth it? Im not saying to stop completely. Im not saying to forgive him. But just for a few days can آپ guys just try to ignore him. Just remain calm for a short while. I am going to specifically call people out this time. Blind and Dream. I like آپ guys quite a bit but when your obsession with hating Uaan gets to the point that all our good دوستوں are running away from us, I cant keep smiling at your posts.

Im sorry. This is a complete rant and Im sure a lot of the sentences are incoherent. I know Im not much better but آپ guys (and a few others) seem like آپ aren’t trying to give Uaan what he deserves but also chase away anyone whose in the neutral party, whether they are دوستوں یا not.

Just watching that conversation with BP (when it was too late mind that) just had me pulling out hairs.

*sighs* Fuck it. Just go chase everyone away to get your petty revenge. Ill just keep doing what Im doing to try to get Uaan banned, though I cant promise Ill be around for much longer myself either. I am seriously starting to lose hope in this club. The only thing keeping me here at this point is the fact that I know how much it sucks for someone to leave and the fact that people like Zanhar1 and 8theGreat are here. BP used to be on the فہرست but he isn’t here any more.

Go ahead and say what I have to say is irrelevant to your opinion یا whatever. I dont really care anymore.