Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

It was a dark and stormy night in Naboo. Rain was falling down hard as lightning strikes flashed nearby, followed with the sounds of thunder.

Imperial Officer: *Slowly walking back and forth, making sure the Stormtroopers load everything onto the سٹار, ستارہ Destroyers* Not long now, just keep it moving!

What the Imperials didn't notice was that a Metra, was parked اگلے to two AT-ST's. Inside was a female officer being held hostage سے طرف کی two Rebel's.

Their Metra is the one on the bottom: link

The driver was Kelly. The Imperial officer was sitting اگلے to him, as another Rebel named Babra was pointing an A295 at her head.

Imperial Officer: Keep moving, don't stop until all supplies are safely on board!! *Walking past the Metra, but stops. He slowly turns around, and looks at Kelly*
Kelly: *Waves hello to the officer*
Imperial Officer: Hey! Hey!!

Song: link

Kelly: *Drives forward, heading towards the officer*
Imperial Officer: Stop them!!!! *Gets hit, and falls down*
Stormtroopers: Rebels, and they have one of our own as a prisoner!
Kelly: *Knocks down a fence, and travels on a muddy road*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A سٹار, ستارہ Wars پرستار Fiction

Kelly's Heroes

Starring Sean Bodine as Kelly
Louis Bodine as Big Joe
Craig Becker as Crapgame
Jerry Meyers as Oddball

Also starring everyone else in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Colonel Allandra
Alec Baldwin as Major Colwin
Brett Dejneka as Little Joe
Cody Wengryn as Rancher
Eminem as Corporal Baledin
Ian Lafferty as General Rancor

Kelly: *Pushes an IFT-D into an AT-ST*
Imperials: *Watching the AT-ST fall into a puddle, soaking them with muddy water*

James Arnold Taylor as Lieutenant Olara
Jeff Bodine as Cowboy
Joey Timpano as Babra
Kilmer Varela as Corporal Ramn
Michael Luxich as Fisher
Mordecai the Sullustan as himself
Wes Bentley as Merner

Artillery was closing in on Kelly. He stopped, watching an explosion occur in front of him. He proceeds آگے down the road.

Based off of the 1970 film of the same title.

The trio were out of Imperial territory, and were heading towards a small Rebel base, but there was still artillery closing in on them.

This پرستار fiction takes place during the same time as The Battle Of Endor. Our group of Protagonists are a squad of Rebel Soldiers that are tired of the war, hoping that it will end soon.

Kelly: *Slows down as he crashes through a fence*
Rebels: *Running around, moving supplies from one building to another* Come on boys, keep moving! It's time to get the supplies on the speeders!
Kelly: *Stops اگلے to a building*
Rebels: *Continue running with the supplies*
Kelly: *Gets out* Come on Colonel.
Colonel Allandra: Is this how آپ treat a lady? *Gets out with Babra, still pointing his blaster at her head*
Kelly: Only if they're an Imperial. *Walking towards the building with the Colonel, and Babra*

Kelly and Babra walked into the building with Colonel Allandra. Big Joe was angry as he talked to someone else on the radio.

Big Joe: I don't know how many times I have to tell you! Your artillery is being dropped on our position!! آپ are missing the Imperials, and hitting our boys!!
Kelly: Take a seat. This'll only take a second.
Colonel Allandra: *Sits down*
Big Joe: آپ can't hear me. The reason آپ can't hear me, is because of those orbital strikes آپ keep firing!! THAT ARTILLERY IS HITTING US, INSTEAD OF THE IMPERIALS!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!!! *Gives the radio to Little Joe* آپ talk to him.
Little Joe: Sure.
Big Joe: *Walks over to Kelly, and looks at Colonel Allandra* I thought I told آپ bring in an officer.
Colonel Allandra: I am an officer.
Big Joe: What rank are you?
Colonel Allandra: A colonel.
Big Joe: Alright, we're trying to find a hotel. We need a place to stay before our اگلے assignment starts.
Colonel Allandra: A hotel?
Big Joe: Yeah. We need to know if there are any hotels to stay at.
Colonel Allandra: There are three. Two are in Empyra, and another one is further away, in...
Big Joe: In what town?
Colonel Allandra: I can't remember the name of it.
Big Joe: Which one has the best wine, and girls?
Colonel Allandra: The Vindu hotel, but that's the one furthest away, and it's under control of the Imperials.
Big Joe: Imperials don't concern my Colonel. To the left, we got Han Solo, and another squad of Rebels in Endor. To the right, is the Republic fighting rip off's of their old clone troopers. And finally, we got our own guys firing orbital strikes at us!!!

The ground shook as soon as Big Joe finished his sentence. Dust fell from the ceiling.

Little Joe: Sargent, it's Bob.
Big Joe: What does he want?!
Little Joe: He says he's sorry.
Big Joe: *Waves his hand in disgust*
Little Joe: Bob, I think Big Joe is still angry at you. It might be best if آپ go on leave. Get out of the planet. Find a new neighborhood.
Kelly: *Watching Big Joe walk towards Babra* Where are آپ two going?
Big Joe: Gonna speak to Major Colwin. Little Joe, tell Bob to hold off on the artillery for three minutes.
Little Joe: Okay. *Talks into the radio* Hold off the orbital strikes for three minutes. Yes, I told him آپ were sorry.

The rain was still pouring down as Big Joe and Babra made their way to Major Colwin.

Big Joe: Come on Barbara, hurry it up!
Babra: ارے Joe.
Big Joe: What?
Babra: Don't call me Barbara.
Big Joe: Well that's your name, isn't it?
Babra: But my real name is Babra.
Big Joe: *Pushing Babra towards another building* Get over there.
Babra: Ow, take it easy!
Big Joe: *Makes it towards a door, and knocks twice* Hello?
Rebel: Who's there?
Big Joe: Big Joe.
Rebel: Who?
Big Joe: Big Joe. We need to speak with Major Colwin.
Rebel: *Opens the door*
Big Joe: *Walks in with Babra*
Major Colwin: *Standing on a boat* Hello Sargent.
Big Joe: What are آپ doing?
Major Colwin: I'm testing this baby out, to see if it can float in the water. I wanna take it back to Theed, and do some fishing during some downtime.
Big Joe: We got some info on those hotels.
Major Colwin: That won't be necessary.
Big Joe: Excuse me?
Major Colwin: We're being put on reserve again. The 72nd Squadron is going out to Empyra instead.
Big Joe: Major, ever since we took over Champalla, the men have been restless. We've been fighting Stormtroopers non-stop, trying to control this entire planet, and when we think we're gonna get our big break in an area with a nice spot for us to relax, another squad takes over for us, and we get stuck on reserve in a shanty.
Major Colwin: Sorry Sargent. General Rancor's orders. We're pulling out now. Been ordered to اقدام over to Nogona. It's another small town, but you'll like it. *Walking to the controls*
Big Joe: Where are آپ going?
Major Colwin: Driving the boat. See آپ tomorrow. *Takes off in the boat*
Big Joe: Spread the word. I gotta take a leak.
Babra: Right. *Runs back to the others*

Back inside the other building, Cowboy was sitting in the driver's نشست of an ATC. Rancher was sitting اگلے to him playing a harmonica.

The ATC: link

Merner: *Walks over to Cowboy, and Rancher* ارے cowboy!
Cowboy: Yeah?
Merner: Babra says we're pulling out. I suggest آپ scout ahead for any Imperials.
Cowboy: *Looks over at Rancher* Stop playing that there Harmonica son, I think this here soldier is tryin' to tell us somethin'.
Rancher: *Puts his harmonica away*
Cowboy: Now, what was it آپ were sayin'?
Merner: Babra says we're pulling out. I suggest آپ scout ahead for any Imperials.
Cowboy: Oh, now we can't do that in this here Armored Troop Carrier. It's rainin' the size of astro-droids out there. Now if we get this speeder movin' through all that rain, it'll rust up, and go nowhere. Now we don't want that, do we?
Merner: Just get a اقدام on آپ lame excuses for soldiers.
Cowboy: Yes sir. *Starts the ATC, but as he drives forward, he crashes into a support beam, and part of the building falls down*
Merner: Goddammit Cowboy!!
Little Joe: *Getting into a Metra with Corporal Baledin* ارے Kelly, we're pulling out! آپ coming along?!
Kelly: *Still sitting with Colonel Allandra* No, we'll catch آپ later.
Corporal Baledin: It's his funeral Little Joe, let's move.
Little Joe: Okay. *Drives out of the building*

The building was empty. Kelly, and the Colonel were alone.

Colonel Allandra: Why are we alone?
Kelly: That way we can make some actual progress with our interrogation. *Pulls out a bottle of شراب, کونایک with two cups* But first, I want آپ to have a drink.
Colonel Allandra: I am not thirsty.
Kelly: *Opens the bottle, and pours شراب, کونایک in both cups* That's what they all say. This is real cognac, it won't kill you. I want آپ to have a drink. *Pushes a cup towards the colonel while pulling out a DH17* Drink.
Colonel Allandra: *Staring at the DH17. She nervously drinks the cognac*
Kelly: There, آپ see? *Puts his blaster away* Nothing bad will happen to you. *Drinks his cognac*
Colonel Allandra: I could get drunk.
Kelly: That's up to you. I only gave آپ one cup.
Colonel Allandra: I...*Slowly closing her eyes*

The colonel was drunk after all.

Kelly: آپ gotta be kidding me. *Taps the Colonel on her shoulder* Come on, we need to talk.
Colonel Allandra: what about?
Kelly: What آپ were doing with those other Imperials. What were آپ putting on those freighters?
Colonel Allandra: We were ordered to retreat to Chevrelium.
Kelly: Why? What were آپ moving?
Colonel Allandra: Nothing important. I doubt your army will chase us around the galaxy for these. *Pulls out a bar* They're just made out of lead.

But upon closer inspection, Kelly noticed some gold.

Kelly: *Grabs the bar. He scratches at it with his finger, and sees the lead coming off, revealing مزید gold* How many مزید of these do آپ have?
Colonel Allandra: 14,000? I don't know.
Kelly: 14,000.
Colonel Allandra: *Falls down on the floor*
Kelly: Come on Colonel, آپ gotta wake up! *Pulls the colonel off the floor, and puts her back in her seat* Where are the rest of these bars?
Colonel Allandra: Empyra. Past those hotels I mentioned earlier. They're locked up in a bank. It's a brown building, all the way on the eastern side of town.
Kelly: Are they any Imperials in Empyra?
Colonel Allandra: There's some.
Kelly: How many?
Colonel Allandra: 2,009 stormtroopers, and a hundred officers.
Kelly: Do they have any vehicles?
Colonel Allandra: Land vehicles mostly. They only use Tie Fighters to shoot down any ships trying to enter the planet.
Kelly: What kind of land vehicles?
Colonel Allandra: Speeders, and tanks.
Kelly: What kind of tanks Colonel?
Colonel Allandra: What kind of what?
Kelly: *Shaking the Colonel* Tanks!!
Colonel Allandra: Mobile Artillery Hover Tanks. *Falls down on the ground again. She is fast asleep*
Kelly: I gotta get her out of here.

Big Joe was standing سے طرف کی a bridge going over a stream. He was making sure everyone evacuated safely.

Little Joe: *Stops اگلے to Big Joe*
Big Joe: Where's Kelly?
Little Joe: Still in the barn.
Corporal Baledin: He's with that Imperial officer.
Big Joe: *Hears an Orbital Strike land near him* The three منٹ are up! I gotta get Kelly out of there quickly! *Runs back to the barn*

Inside the barn

Kelly: *Picks up the Colonel*
Big Joe: *Runs inside* Kelly! Half of the Imperials are on our tail, and Bob's dropping مزید orbital strikes on us! What the hell are آپ doing?!
Kelly: Looking after the Colonel.
Big Joe: We don't have time for that! Shoot her!
Kelly: We shoot her, and we don't get the gold.
Big Joe: Gold? What gold?
Kelly: There's a bank that holds 14,000 bars of سونا in Empyra.
Big Joe: Okay, we need to move! *Runs with Kelly out of the barn*
Kelly: *Carrying Colonel Allandra*

On their way back to the bridge, Kelly accidentally dropped the Colonel.

Kelly: Shit.
Big Joe: Leave her! *Pulling Kelly back to the bridge*
Colonel Allandra: *Stands up, and walks away from them. She is still drunk*

An IFT-T was heading towards the barn. It fired two missiles, demolishing the wooden building.

Kelly: *Watching the Colonel*
Colonel Allandra: *Walking towards the tank, waving her arms*
Stormtrooper 79: *Fires five times at the Colonel*
Colonel Allandra: *Gets hit, and falls down*
Kelly: She's dead.
Big Joe: And so are we if we don't move! Let's go!

The Rebels took off in their Metra's and ATC's. They went into the town of Nogona. They set up in a small area with lots of dirt, grass, and only three buildings.

Early اگلے morning as the sun was rising with a bright blue sky, Kelly had a plan.

Kelly: *Walks over to Bob*
Bob: *Sleeping at his desk*
Kelly: Wake up.
Bob: *Wakes up. He's frightened as he looks at Kelly* Oh Kelly! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I tried firing those orbital strikes on the Imperials like Big Joe said, and-
Kelly: Bob, I'm not here to argue with you. I want آپ to do me a favor.
Bob: What?
Kelly: I'm going into Empyra, behind enemy lines to steal their gold. I want آپ to آگ کے, آگ orbital strikes for me. *Gives Bob a piece of paper* These are the coordinates, and the time that I want آپ to آگ کے, آگ your artillery.
Bob: *Nods* Sure Kelly, I can do that.
Kelly: Good. Don't forget now.
Bob: Okay.
Kelly: *Walks away from Bob, and gets into a Metra*

Big Joe was standing on a small hill. Several land speeders, and transport ships needed to اقدام to a certain location, and he was making sure they were going to the correct spot.

Kelly: *Driving a Metra towards Big Joe*
Big Joe: *Puts his hand up, signalling Kelly to stop*
Kelly: *Stops اگلے to Big Joe* Just the man I wanted to see.
Big Joe: Likewise. *Walks over to Kelly* Now listen, I need to talk to آپ about yesterday.
Kelly: I also need to talk to آپ about yesterday.
Big Joe: Good, now that we understand each other, I want آپ to listen. I do not want آپ telling anyone else about the gold. This stays between آپ and me. If آپ even mention this towards one person, I'll kick آپ so far into the sky that you'll land on the سیکنڈ Death Star.
Kelly: Well I do appreciate the warning Big Joe, but I'm going after that gold, with you, یا without you. *Drives away*
Big Joe: *Watching Kelly drive away*

Kelly stopped اگلے to an ATC. He got out of his Metra, and walked into a bunker.

Crapgame: *Sitting at his desk*
Kelly: *Walks up to Crapgame* Hello.
Crapgame: ارے Kelly.
Kelly: I need آپ to do me a favor. I'm going on a trip to Empyra, and I need enough fuel for two Metra's, and two ATC's to make it there, then come back here. I also need five A280's, three RT97's, and three DH17's. Along with enough people to use them.
Crapgame: That's a lot. What's in it for me?
Kelly: *Pulls out a سونا bar*
Crapgame: *Smiles as he looks at the سونا bar*
Kelly: *Puts it down on the desk* There's 14,000 of these behind enemy lines.
Crapgame: 14,000. Where did آپ hear about that?
Kelly: An Imperial Officer. I had to get her drunk in order to tell me about the gold.
Crapgame: Well if she was drunk, how do آپ know she wasn't lying?
Kelly: Intoxication doesn't prevent people from telling the truth.
Crapgame: Well, is that all you'll be needing?
Oddball: آپ could probably use some armor.
Kelly: *Looks up at Oddball, laying in بستر with a lady* What the hell is that?
Crapgame: Oddball. I wouldn't trust him.
Kelly: Well I'm not you. *Looks at Oddball* آپ کہا something about armor?
Oddball: Tanks. I got three AAC's waiting for آپ outside. Those babies will bust a door for آپ wide open if you're trying to get past enemy lines. An AAC can give آپ a very good edge in firepower. Come outside with me, and I'll دکھائیں you.

Kelly followed Oddball outside to see the tanks. As they approached the tanks, a song was heard on a radio: link

Kelly: *Looking at the three AAC's*
Oddball: Beautiful, am I right?

Near the three tanks, several humans, Sullustan's, and a couple of Twileks were relaxing. They were with two Astro droids, and a porg.

Oddball: We specially modify each tank we own. These AAC's are the fastest in the whole galaxy, forwards, یا backwards.
Kelly: *Looks at a Sullustan ہے رہا ہو لوڈ missiles into an AAC*
Oddball: We use real missiles, and fake missiles filled with paint. Scares the hell out of people, but it does make Stormtroopers look nicer. Who wants to be dressed in plain white armor, right?
Kelly: *Chuckles*
Oddball: Our tanks are also fitted with loud speakers. We like to play موسیقی as we charge into battle. It sorta, calms us down.
Kelly: *Nods*

Back inside the bunker, Crapgame was doing some math.

Kelly: *Walks into the bunker with Oddball*
Crapgame: Kelly, I've been doing some arithmetic. 14,000 bars of سونا are worth 16,000,000 credits! Just think how rich we'd be if we got our hands on that gold.
Kelly: I've been thinking about it all day. Now Oddball, We're going to meet up with آپ in Empyra. We'll be at the western side of town سے طرف کی tonight. Meet us at the farm سے طرف کی the intersection.
Oddball: No can do man. We got a special movie planned tonight. Can't miss it.
Kelly: Tomorrow night then. We won't اقدام towards the bank without you.
Oddball: We'll be there.
Crapgame: Hey, do آپ want this bar back?
Kelly: آپ keep it. Thanks for your help. *Walks out of the bunker*
Oddball: I wonder who that is.
Crapgame: That's Kelly. He's been in the Alliance for nearly two years. Used to be a Lieutenant, until he got orders to attack a hill. Accidentally wiped out half a dozen of our guys. Somebody had to take the blame, and he volunteered.
Oddball: *Walks out of the bunker*
Crapgame: *Looks down at his سونا bar* 14,000, oh baby!

While Kelly was with Crapgame, and Oddball, Big Joe and the rest of the rebels were waiting سے طرف کی a stone building, awaiting orders from Major Colwin.

Major Colwin: Now we'll only be here for a few days. Once I get back, we'll be moving towards enemy lines. *Walking towards two Rebel Transports*
Big Joe: Where are آپ going?
Major Colwin: To Theed. I'm getting my کشتی prepared to go back to my ہوم planet, and then I'll be in a meeting with General Rancor. *Runs towards the transports*
Little Joe: *Watching the major board a transport, then watches the two ships take off* Where does he get these ideas?
Corporal Baledin: From thin air. Where his brain oughta be.
Merner: Yes, but, just how does he get away with it?
Big Joe: Simple. He's the General's father. Now we only got three days of R&R until we get sent back out to the front lines. We're going to turn this wretched shanty into a palace. We need wallpaper, and paint, and some decorations. آپ got that Barbara?
Babra: Babra.
Big Joe: Shut up. Merner, آپ Rancher, and Cowboy are in charge of the bar.
Cowboy: But we ain't got no booze.
Big Joe: *Mimicking Cowboy* We ain't got no booze. We're gonna get some! Now I heard some of آپ making threats towards Major Colwin, and his son. If I here anymore talk about آپ guys going down to headquarters, and killing the General, یا raping the nurses, and snipers, I'll beat آپ to a pulp! Now I'm gonna go a few miles west out of town, to buy some dirty films. *Climbs into a Metra* I want this place to be nice and clean when I get back. *Drives away*
Little Joe: I hope he's also getting the booze.

Back to Kelly.

Kelly: *Helps Crapgame load the blasters into his Metra* We'll get the Metra's loaded onto a trailer, and have them towed towards the rest of our squadron سے طرف کی the ATC's. That way we don't have to keep going back and forth.
Crapgame: The fuel's already loaded in the back of the ATC's, and the سیکنڈ Metra.
Kelly: Alright. Looks like we're good to go.

Crapgame, and Kelly climbed into their ATC's, and drove to the building where Little Joe, and the rest of the Rebels were waiting.

Big Joe returned to the stone building with the films. As he returned, he noticed the two ATC's, and the two Metra's with the weapons, and fuel. He knew exactly what was going on, and rushed into the building.

Big Joe: *Looks at the others, then at Kelly* I thought I told آپ not to let anyone in on this.
Kelly: Look Joe, we need all the help we can get on retrieving that gold.
Big Joe: آپ look. That Colonel was drunk. We don't know if the سونا will be there. You're raising their hopes up over nothing.
Merner: That's what Major Colwin's doing to us for fifty credits a month.
Rancher: We don't have a choice when it comes to General Rancor, and his father. Kelly here has something for all of us. Even if there is no gold, we can at least end the war.
Big Joe: What did آپ offer these guys to help آپ find the gold?
Kelly: Everyone here gets a share of the سونا when we find it.

Big Joe hesitated to ask his اگلے question. He still had his doubts.

Big Joe: Are all ten of آپ going to risk your lives out there, going behind enemy lines?
Little Joe: Kelly's got it all planned Big Joe. We'll have support from three AAC-1's.
Big Joe: Who's in charge of them?
Kelly: Some guy named Oddball.
Big Joe: Oddball? He's a nut!
Cowboy: Just like all of us. Otherwise we wouldn't be here.
Big Joe: So you're all willing to risk your lives to do this, huh?
Crapgame: That's right.
Big Joe: Who invited آپ here Hustler?
Crapgame: I hate it when people call me that.
Kelly: I did. He's the one who got us the weapons, vehicles, and fuel.
Big Joe: Who's going to lead these people?
Kelly: If آپ don't, I will.
Big Joe: *Looks around at the others*
Little Joe: He's got everything planned out.
Big Joe: So آپ really want to do this?
Fisher: Yeah.
Corporal Baledin: *Nods*
Cowboy: Anything good enough for Fisher is good enough for me, and Rancher.
Big Joe: What if Major Colwin discovers we're missing?
Merner: He'll just assume we went out to the front lines.
Big Joe: *Smiles* Alright, I'm with you.

The others cheered. They were glad Big Joe would شامل میں them.

That night, Kelly and the others were ready to start their trip. They had a map on the ڈاکو, ہڈ of Kelly's Metra.

Kelly: The intersection is half a mile down the road.
Big Joe: What do we do once we get there?
Kelly: We go left. We'll have مزید enemies firing at us, but it's quicker to Empyra.
Big Joe: آپ planned it all out, didn't you?
Kelly: Bob's going to provide orbital strikes for us once we get near them.
Big Joe: آپ actually trust Bob to give us covering fire?
Kelly: In about three minutes, yes.
Big Joe: What if he doesn't?
Kelly: He better. *Checks his watch* Time to move.
Big Joe: Right. *Walks to his Metra*
Kelly: *Sits down اگلے to Corporal Ramn*
Corporal Ramn: Everything set?
Kelly: Yeah, I think we're set to go.

Song: link

The convoy took off. In front of everyone was Kelly, and Corporal Ramn in a Metra. Following them was Cowboy, driving an ATC. Merner was اگلے to him. In the back was Rancher, Little Joe, and Fisher. The 3rd vehicle was the 2nd Metra, driven سے طرف کی Big Joe. Bringing up the rear in the 2nd ATC was Crapgame. His passengers were Babra, and Corporal Baledin.

Kelly: *Sees the intersection up ahead, and turns left*
Cowboy: *Following Kelly*
Big Joe: *Following Cowboy*
Crapgame: *Following Big Joe*
Big Joe: *Checks his watch*
Kelly: *Looks at his watch*
Corporal Ramn: Bob's late.
Kelly: *Nods* We better slow it down until he starts firing those orbital strikes.

Everyone slowed down, hoping orbital strikes would be fired soon.

Big Joe: I knew Bob couldn't be trusted.

Stop the song.

Bob: *Sleeping. He hears an alarm go off. He picks up a DH17, thinking it's his phone* Fire. *Opens his eyes, and drops his DH17. He turns off the alarm, and picks up his phone* Fire!!

Orbital strikes were now being fired in the town that Kelly and his دوستوں entered, but they weren't entirely accurate.

Merner: That crazy idiot's dropping them all over the place.
Stormtroopers: *Running out of a building, just as soon as it explodes*
Corporal Ramn: *Shooting at Stormtroopers with an A280C*
Cowboy: Give 'em hell boys!
Fisher: *Shooting at several Imperial's with the RT97C mounted on the back*
Stormtroopers: *Returning آگ کے, آگ with E11's*
Rancher: *Shooting several Imperials with an A280C*

An orbital strike pulverized a nearby building, with five IFT-T's inside. As a result, a massive explosion occurred.

Stormtroopers: *Shooting at the Rebel's with E11's*
Kelly: *Leading the others out of town*

Meanwhile, at Theed.

General Rancor: *Slams a picture of an Imperial Officer on his desk* This man is the man that I have on my mind today! *Stands up* He's been leading Vader's hooligan's on this planet ever since they started bringing in Stormtroopers. They call him Chendig. Colonel Chendig. He's a nobody, a loser. I want him caught. And now we اقدام onto the 2nd part of our meeting. Corporal, the aerial photographs.
Rebel: Yes sir.
General Rancor: Why are those bridges still up?!
Major Colwin: About that sir, we keep bombing them with Y-Wings during the day, but the Imperials rebuild them at night.
General Rancor: Is that how those bastards keep getting their supplies?
Major Colwin: Well sir, some of the bridges are barely complete once our bombers start bombing them. We must be tiring them out if they can't finish the bridges.
General Rancor: We'll see about that once we get a good look at those bridges.
Rebel: *Returns*
General Rancor: Where are those photographs?!
Rebel: They're gone sir.
General Rancor: What do آپ mean?!
Rebel: I don't know, somebody took them.
General Rancor: Where are they?!?!

Oddball and his دوستوں were سے طرف کی a forest early in the morning looking at pictures of bridges. They had موسیقی playing from one of their tanks: link

Oddball: Yeah, here's a good one. We'll have to pass through an enemy base with a few frigates, but we have to.
Mordecai: Just to make it to one bridge?
Oddball: And fast. When the Empire rebuilds them at night, a few Y-Wings destroy them during the day.
Mordecai: Well then, suppose the bridge ain't there.
Oddball: *Annoyed* Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think that bridge will be there, and it will. It's a really beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there.
Mordecai: Yeah, alright.

Further north in another forest, Kelly and his دوستوں were taking a break. Two A-Wings were flying in formation nearby.

Fisher: *Refueling one of the Metra's*
Big Joe: How much further do we have to go?
Kelly: I'd say 70 miles. We should make it there سے طرف کی tomorrow.
Big Joe: I like the sound of that.
Corporal Ramn: Hey, there's two A-Wings coming towards us!
Merner: Hit the deck!!
A-Wing Pilots: *Shooting the Metra's, making them explode*
Babra: *Behind a stone دیوار with Little Joe* Don't they know we're on the same side?!
Cowboy: They're comin' back! Stay down!!
A-Wing Pilots: *Shooting the ATC's. They also explode*
Crapgame: They probably thought we were Imperials, disguised as Rebels.
Kelly: Well, break time's over. We need to اقدام now.
Big Joe: Little Joe, Merner, and Hustler, آپ take the RT97's.
Crapgame: *Picks up an RT97* This is not how I expected the journey to go. Carrying a heavy machine gun through enemy territory.
Merner: Well آپ don't hear me یا Little Joe complaining.
Crapgame: آپ do it everyday, you're used to it.
Little Joe: Sure.
Big Joe: آپ wanted to be a hero Hustler, this is your chance.
Crapgame: *Annoyed as he walks with the others*

A shipping yard was being run سے طرف کی the Imperials. There were a few Victory 2 Class Frigates being loaded with supplies from boats. Oddball, and his group were in a tunnel nearby with their three AAC-1's.

Oddball: Take it easy now, take it easy. *Stops* Okay hold it. Hold it! *Looks at the shipping yard* Okay, it looks like we arrived at the enemy base. We're gonna go for attack formation 3, and make a triangle. I'll take down the infantry, Mordecai آپ آگ کے, آگ missiles at the frigates. Don't worry about the boats, those'll be taken out from the exploding frigates. Okay let's move.

And as soon as they started moving out of the tunnel, Oddball played a song in his tank: link

Imperials: *Looking at the tanks moving towards them*
Oddball: *Shooting the Imperials*
Mordecai: *Fires a میزائل at a frigate*
Rebel 75: *Driving the 2nd tank*
Rebel 66: Fire! *Shoots a میزائل at the same frigate, making it explode*
Stormtroopers: *Firing at the tanks with E11's*
Rebel 75: *Shoots the two Stormtroopers*
Rebel 66: *Rotating the میزائل turrets clockwise. He looks at the tunnel seeing the 3rd AAC-1 emerge.*
Rebel 67: *Driving the 3rd AAC-1*
Rebel 66: *Moves the میزائل برج to the right, and fires a میزائل to help the 3rd AAC destroy a building*
Imperials: *Running out of another building*
Stormtroopers: *Firing at the tanks with a cannon*
Rebel 67: *Shooting the Imperials*
Rebel 66: *Destroys the میں تپ, تپ with a missile*

Two alarms went off: link

2nd alarm: link

مزید Stormtroopers were coming towards the tanks, but they weren't properly equipped. They stopped on the middle of a bridge to commence their attack.

Stormtrooper 57: Throwing grenade! *Throws a thermal detonator*
Stormtrooper 55: *Firing at the tanks with an E11*
Mordecai: *Fires a missile, destroying the bridge*
Stormtroopers: *Falling towards the ground*
Rebel 66: Fire!! *Shoots a missile, destroying a 2nd frigate* Bringin' it around hard! *Fires a missile, destroying another building*
Mordecai: *Fires seven missiles, destroying the last frigate*

When the damage was done, Oddball and the others began to leave the yards. Two مزید explosions occurred when they left.

Meanwhile, in another forest.

Rancher: *Playing a harmonica* ارے I hope آپ got my note, all I got left of آپ is your coat. I wanna make things right with you, I also wanna marry آپ too.
Big Joe: Alright, time to move.
Crapgame: Come on Big Joe, my arms are still sore from carrying this big machine gun.
Big Joe: Not my problem. *Starts walking with the others. They pass a stone wall*
Crapgame: *Goes towards Corporal Baledin* Hey, I'll give آپ 50 credits if آپ carry this RT97 for me.
Corporal Baledin: Do آپ have it on you?
Crapgame: Okay, 100 credits. Anyone, please!
Merner: Ah, shut up!!
Corporal Ramn: I wouldn't do it for 200!
Crapgame: Some دوستوں آپ are.
Others: Shut up!!

Oddball and his squad found the bridge he needed to use to get across a stream. He was looking at it with a pair of macrobinoculars.

Oddball: It's still up.
Mordecai: *Laughing*
Y-Wing Pilots: *Flying towards the bridge. They drop two bombs, destroying the bridge*
Oddball: *Puts his macrobinoculars away* No it ain't. آپ see what them negative waves did Mordecai?
Mordecai: Don't look at me. I had nothing but positive thoughts about that damn bridge all day!
Oddball: *Puts his hand on his chin* It looks like we'll have to find ourselves another bridge.
Mordecai: And where do we come up with another bridge?
Oddball: There آپ go again, مزید negative waves! Have a little faith baby. Have a little faith.

A few منٹ later at a Rebel base, hundreds of men were marching as they played music.

Lieutenant Olara: *Sitting behind his desk*
Rebel Sargent: ارے Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Olara: What?
Rebel Sargent: It's Oddball.
Lieutenant Olara: What does he want?
Rebel Sargent: He's on the phone, and he wants to talk to you.
Lieutenant Olara: Alright, put him on. *Picks up his phone* Hello.
Oddball: *Beeping like an Astromech*
Lieutenant Olara: Ah don't play funny games Oddball, what do آپ want?
Oddball: ارے uh, I am calling آپ from a cafe about ten miles behind enemy lines. Everyone here seems very friendly.
Lieutenant Olara: Yeah, uh-huh.
Oddball: I am stuck however, and I need about sixty feet of bridge.
Lieutenant Olara: How do آپ expect me to get sixty feet of bridge ten miles behind enemy lines?
Oddball: Look Olara, I made it here without any trouble at all. This sector is so screwed up, nobody knows where our lines are, یا their lines are.
Lieutenant Olara: Have آپ been drinking too much whiskey again?
Oddball: ارے man, for crying out loud! That is the lousiest stupidest joke, and you're always pulling off that lousy stupid joke. I wanted to offer آپ part of a deal, but forget it. You're out of it. Sixty feet of bridge I can find almost anywhere. Schmuck.
Lieutenant Olara: Alright. Alright alright, look, I can get آپ sixty feet of bridge, but I need people to set it up. I need at least a hundred people. Where am I going to find that amount of men? *Looks out of a window, looking at the marching soldiers*

Meanwhile, Kelly and the others were walking towards a road. In front of them was a plowed field. They walked into it.

Corporal Baledin: *Walks onto a mine, and explodes*

As soon as Baledin was killed, everyone else hit the deck.

Little Joe: *Looks at Corporal Baledin's corpse*
Corporal Ramn: Joe!
Big Joe: Shut up! *Looks at the others* We've walked into a mine field. Who bought it?
Merner: Baledin sir.
Big Joe: Alright. Get out your mine detectors. If آپ find any mines, mark 'em.

Mine detectors are like lightsabers, only smaller. The blade is blue, but if آپ hold it in front of any mines, they turn red.

Kelly: *Holding his mine detector in front of him as he slowly walks towards the road. The blade is blue as he makes it all the way to the end* Joe, I found no mines over here.
Big Joe: Okay everyone. Kelly's got a clear path.
Fisher: ارے Joe, I found one!
Big Joe: What kind is it?
Fisher: The kind that blows up! What kind do آپ think it is?!
Big Joe: Alright, mark it and stay on Kelly's path.

Song (Start at 1:32): link

Stormtrooper 65: Colonel!! *Runs outside* Colonel!!
Imperial Officer 95: What's the problem Stormtrooper?
Stormtrooper 65: We have hostiles in Sector 4.
Imperial Officer 95: Let's go pay them a visit.

Alarm: link

Imperials: *Driving an IFT-D, followed سے طرف کی three Imperial Troop Transports* Hurry up! Let's catch them!

Back to the Rebels.

Kelly: *Helps Merner stand up* Okay, go wait behind that دیوار on the other side of the road.
Merner: Right. *Runs to the wall, then spots the Imperials coming* Big Joe, we got company!!
Big Joe: What?
Merner: Imperials, in four vehicles!

The song fades away as Little Joe makes it to Kelly.

Kelly: Alright, go to Merner.
Little Joe: Right.
Kelly: How much time do آپ think we have left?
Merner: A minute.
Fisher: *Passes Kelly*
Kelly: *Looks at Big Joe* Sargent, get the hell out of there!
Big Joe: *Looks at Rancher, and Corporal Ramn* You'll never make it. We'll cover آپ from the other side of the road. Use Baledin's body for cover.
Cowboy: *Gives Rancher an RT97* Crapgame left this behind. You'll need it. You'll be محفوظ here.

The others safely made it to the stone wall. They saw the Imperials stop اگلے to the field.

Imperial 80: *Looks at Baledin, Ramn, and Rancher* Looks like three of them are dead.
Corporal Ramn: Don't do anything yet آپ trigger happy bastard.
Kelly: Fisher. Grenades.
Fisher: *Giving everyone a thermal detonator*
Big Joe: When I say go, throw 'em.
Imperials: *Walking into the field*

Song: link

Big Joe: Now!
Rebels: *Throwing their thermal detonators*

Five of the sixty Imperials were killed.

Imperials: *Turning around to attack Kelly*
Corporal Ramn: Now!
Rancher: *Firing at the Imperials with the RT97*
Kelly & Babra: *Attacking stormtroopers with A280C's*
Crapgame: *Shooting the Imperials with a DH17* Oh yeah, this is much better!
Imperial Officer 95: Kill them آپ idiots! *Dies*
Stormtrooper 93: We need backup! *Gets shot, and dies*
Stormtroopers: *Moving towards Rancher, and Ramn, firing at them with E11's*
Corporal Ramn: *Dies*
Rancher: *Returning fire, but he also dies*
Big Joe: اقدام up! *Kills several Imperials with an A280C*
Little Joe & Merner: *Setting up RT97's on the stone wall, shooting مزید Imperials*
Kelly: *Taking cover at the front of the IFT-D. He shoots four مزید Imperials*

Reinforcements soon arrived.

Merner: *Shoots the driver, and watches the Imperial Troop Transport explode* We got two مزید Transports coming in. Taking cover to cool off my rifle!
Fisher & Cowboy: *Shooting the other Imperials*
Stormtrooper 60: *Stops the Imperial Troop Transport, and falls out after getting shot twice*
Stormtrooper 57: *Crashes into the Imperial Troop Transport* Everyone out!
Little Joe: *Killing the Imperials*

Stop the song

Kelly: That's all of them.
Big Joe: *Looks into the field* We lost Ramn and Rancher.
Cowboy: *Looks at Rancher, and has a tear come out of his eye*
Big Joe: Look, we need to get out of here before مزید Imperials دکھائیں up. Let's move!
Kelly: *Leading the others away from the road*
Little Joe: Maybe they're only wounded.
Big Joe: They're dead. Forget about them, let's go.

Nighttime came, and with it, a rain storm with lightning, and thunder. Kelly and the others were waiting for Oddball and his squad to arrive. Soon, they heard a song (Start at 2:16): link

Crapgame: What is that?
Merner: *Looks at the road, and sees Oddball arriving* Hey, it's Oddball and his AAC's!
Oddball: *Standing on the سب, سب سے اوپر of his AAC, waving to Kelly and the others with a big smile on his face*

Behind Oddball and his three AAC-1's were a convoy of ATC's, Metra's, and other Rebel land speeders. Some were carrying equipment to make a bridge.

Big Joe: I thought آپ کہا he had three AAC's. He's brought the whole army with him!!
Oddball: *Stops his AAC اگلے to the others*

The other AAC's stopped behind his, but the convoy continued on.

Oddball: *Laughs as he jumps off the tank*
Crapgame: *Angry* What is this?! Some kind of circus?!
Oddball: ارے take it easy Crapgame, these are beautiful people.
Crapgame: They're refugees! Misfits! They don't belong out here with us.

An ATC stopped اگلے to Oddball's AAC. It was driven سے طرف کی Lieutenant Olara.

Lieutenant Olara: Who's your leader?!
Crapgame: He's inside.
Lieutenant Olara: آپ tell him no funny business. My men and I want part of the action! We're all getting the سونا with آپ as well! *Drives away*
Crapgame: آپ told them about the gold?!
Oddball: Otherwise they wouldn't build the bridge for us.
Crapgame: Swell, just swell.

اگلے morning, at Theed.

General Rancor: *Storms into the main hall* Colonel, Admiral Ackbar just sent me a message. He کہا he wanted to congratulate me for pushing the Imperials back thirty miles! I didn't know about this! Why wasn't I notified?
Rebel Colonel: I wasn't aware of this.
General Rancor: You're the Communication's Officer! You're supposed to communicate! Where's Major Colwin?
Rebel Colonel: He went shopping sir. The other officers are inside the radio room.
General Rancor: *Runs into the radio room. He sees the other officers listening to radio chatter* Well, what the hell is going on?!?
Rebel Captain: We've picked up some radio chatter sir. It's behind enemy lines, but it appears to be coming from some of our men. They're using odd code names like Big Joe, and Oddball.
General Rancor: Turn the volume up, I wanna listen.
Rebel Captain: *Turns up the volume*

Kelly and the others just finished building the bridge to get across the stream, but they had a problem.

Kelly: *Holding a radio as he takes cover behind a destroyed IFT-T* Little Joe, this is Kelly. Where's Big Joe?
Little Joe: *Behind Oddball's tank* Give me a few سیکنڈ to find him. *Runs over to Big Joe* It's Kelly sir, he wants to speak to you.
Big Joe: *Takes the radio* ارے Kelly, what's going on?
Kelly: Those guys who built the bridge for us insist that we wait for them to disassemble it.
General Rancor: *Listening to the conversation* Don't wait! Keep moving!
Big Joe: What do آپ think we should do Kelly?
Kelly: I say we اقدام on while we can. We already lost two tanks, I don't want to risk losing another.
Big Joe: 10-4 Kelly.
Lieutenant Olara: *Speaking into a radio on the other side of the bridge* Kelly, how are آپ and the others doing on your side of the bridge?
Kelly: Fine, but we can't wait. If we do, we're dead.
General Rancor: Don't wait! Get out there, now!
Lieutenant Olara: آپ waited for us to build the bridge, آپ can wait for us to take it down!
Kelly: We're not waiting. We're taking heavy آگ کے, آگ from Stormtroopers, tanks, and if we stay here any longer, we may have to put up with AT-ST's and Tie Fighters.
Lieutenant Olara: Listen to me Kelly, you're not cutting me یا my men out of this deal! I warned آپ not to doublecross me!!
Kelly: Look Lieutenant, if آپ want to tear apart your precious bridge, that's your problem. Me and the others have problems of our own! We're pulling out and moving forward. Over!
General Rancor: Yes! Yes, that's the kind of fighting attitude I like in my men! Listen to that optimism! You're the ones that are supposed to be fighting the war, but آپ don't even know where it is, well I'll tell آپ where it is! It's 30 miles further than آپ thought it was!
Major Colwin: *Walks into the room with parcels* What did I miss General?
General Rancor: Get me my uniform!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Kelly and his heroes. They were all standing on سب, سب سے اوپر of Oddball's tank.

Cowboy: *Running towards Oddball's tank*
Fisher: Come on Cowboy!
Big Joe: اقدام your keister!
Babra: Let's go!
Cowboy: *Climbs onto the tank اگلے to Kelly*
Kelly: We're all here, اقدام it out!
Oddball: *Driving the tank*

General Rancor was dressed in his finest uniform with a DH17 in his hand.

General Rancor: Major!
Major Colwin: *Stops اگلے to General Rancor* Yes sir.
General Rancor: Get me my box of medals. I'm going to congratulate every single man for coming up with this beautiful raid!

Song: link

The raid was almost over. Kelly and his دوستوں got to relax as they sat on سب, سب سے اوپر of the tank. Oddball was getting them closer to the eastern side of Empyra, where the سونا was waiting to be picked up.

Oddball: *Passing several buildings*
Womp Rats: *Running out of the way*
Women: *Staring at the tank as it passes their house*
Oddball: *Passes a big building*
Drunk Man: *Leaning on the building. He stands up, and looks at the tank as it passes him. He continues to watch it go down the dirt road*

Stop the song. General Rancor had his medals, and was prepared to congratulate Kelly, and his دوستوں for going behind enemy lines.

General Rancor: I am very proud of all those men for their heroic actions. After we give them their medals, we're going to celebrate. *Climbs into a Metra with Major Colwin, and another Rebel*
Rebel Soldier: *Drives*

Kelly and his team finally reached the western side of Empyra. They were on سب, سب سے اوپر of a hill. Kelly was looking down at the area below them where the bank was located. Cowboy and Little Joe snuck into the village.

Cowboy: Can آپ see anythin' from where your standing?
Kelly: *Looking through a pair of macro binoculars* Not much. All I can see so far are rooftops and a گھنٹی, بیل tower on a church.
Cowboy: Me and Little Joe ain't got our eyes on anythin' important either. Hold it. *Spots an Imperial Officer* There's an officer walking around the bank. It's a brown building with a white rooftop.
Kelly: *Spots the bank* I see it. It's the only building in that village with a white roof. *Looks to the left* I see a Mobile Artillery Hovertank. Two of them actually, and there's a Tie Crawler.
Mordecai: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did آپ say Mobile Artillery Hovertank?
Kelly: Two of them.
Babra: And a Tie Crawler.
Big Joe: Shut up Babra.
Mordecai: We can't go up against them with just one AAC! We had five of them in Mygeeto, and we got assaulted سے طرف کی Hovertanks! Well آپ know what I mean سے طرف کی assaulted?! I mean assaulted!!
Oddball: Will آپ knock it off with them negative waves?!?! Why don't آپ think about something positive? Why don't آپ dig, how beautiful, and righteous it is up here for a change?
Kelly: Alright, so it's a nice day. It doesn't change the fact that we need to destroy those Hovertanks.
Oddball: Look Kelly, there's only one weak spot for a heavy tank like that. That's it's ass.
Kelly: Well I have a plan. We're going to have Cowboy and Little Joe climb that گھنٹی, بیل tower, and distract the Imperials. This will also keep 'em from hearing us enter the village. All of us. When آپ drive your tank down there, I'll be riding on سب, سب سے اوپر with an RT97, giving آپ covering آگ کے, آگ against any infantry. All آپ gotta do is focus on the enemy tanks.
Oddball: *Smiling* So many positive waves. Alright, let's do it.

Cowboy, and Little Joe climbed the گھنٹی, بیل tower, and were right اگلے to the bells.

Kelly: *On Oddball's tank with an RT97* Cowboy, آپ guys ready?
Cowboy: We are in positiion.
Kelly: We won't start moving in until آپ two start ringing those bells.
Cowboy: *Watching the Imperials*
Little Joe: Wait for it.
Cowboy: *Waiting a few seconds* Now.

Song: link

Cowboy: *Ringing the bells in the tower*
Little Joe: They're buying it!
Imperial Officer: Into your tanks!
Imperial 53: Yes sir. *Running with other Imperials to the tanks*

The two Mobile Artillery Hovertanks تقسیم, الگ کریں up. The Tie Crawler followed one of the Hovertanks as it went towards a set of buildings.

Oddball: *Driving his tank into town*
Big Joe: *Leading Babra, Merner, Fisher, and Crapgame into the town. All five of them have A280C's*
Stormtrooper 49: *Sets up a DLT-19 on a balcony*
Big Joe: *Waiting behind a brick wall* Now. *Moves out of cover, and shoots the Stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 49: *Falls down, and makes the DLT-19 go up into the air as he fires 20 bullets*
Big Joe: Move. *Runs with the others*
Little Joe: *Pulls out a DLT20 sniper rifle. He points it at the officer guarding the bank, and shoots his head*
Stormtroopers: Look around for Rebels!
Merner: *Shoots them*

The Tie Crawler was following one of the hovertanks towards an alleyway, but as it turned right, it got crushed سے طرف کی Oddball's AAC. The stormtrooper operating it was killed.

Mordecai: That Hovertank is just outside of the alleyway. We got him.
Oddball: *Turns right, and sees the Hovertank in front of him*
Stormtroopers: *Running towards the Hovertank to cover it*
Kelly: *Shoots the Stormtroopers with his RT97*
Moredecai: *Fires a میزائل at the Hovertank*

The back of the tank was covered in red once it got hit.

Kelly: That's paint!
Oddball: آگ کے, آگ an actual میزائل before it's too late.

The driver tried to turn the برج to the right in order to shoot Oddball's AAC, but a دیوار stopped him. Then he tried turning the برج to the left, but it got stuck in a درخت branch.

Kelly: *Watching the tank*
Oddball: Fire!
Moredcai: *Fires a missile*

Stop the song. The first Hovertank was destroyed.

Cowboy: *Ringing the bells*
Big Joe: *Runs up to Cowboy* Stop ringing those damn things!
Cowboy: Kelly told me to ring 'em to make it easier for آپ to enter the city.
Big Joe: Well we're already here! Let's move! We need to regroup with Kelly and Oddball.

Over at the bridge. Lieutenant Olara and his men were still fighting Imperials while disassembling their bridge, until they saw the sight of General Rancor.

Lieutenant Olara: What the hell is a General doing here?
Rebel Soldier: *Stops the Metra near the bridge*
General Rancor: *Gets out, and looks at Lieutenant Olara* آپ are to put everything back to the way it was, so I can پار, صلیب this river!
Lieutenant Olara: Out there? With all those Stormtroopers?
General Rancor: There's a group of brave soldiers, real patriots! Unlike you, they're not afraid of those hundreds of Imperials.
Lieutenant Olara: They're in Empyra. There's less enemy resistance there.
General Rancor: Shut up, and put the bridge back up!
Lieutenant Olara: Yes sir. Okay guys, آپ heard the General!
Rebel 60: آپ must be out of your mind! *Gets shot*
General Rancor: I want that man to be court martialed!
Major Colwin: Yes General.

Meanwhile, in Empyra.

Song (Start at 2:12): link

Imperial 57: *Driving a hovertank through the village* No sign of Rebel's so far.
Imperial Officer 80: *Holding a wound in his chest* You're the only one left. *Looking at Big Joe, and Babra, shooting the rest of the Imperials* Everyone else is dead. *Dies*
Imperial 57: *Stops in the center of the village. She slowly turns the برج to the right, and fires at a building. She turns the برج to the right, and destroys another building. She backs up towards the bank, and destroys a small building near it*

Big Joe and the others made it to Oddball. Kelly and Mordecai were looking over the AAC.

Oddball: *Sitting in a lawn chair, with wine, cheese, grapes, and crackers* ارے man.
Big Joe: What are آپ doing?
Oddball: I'm drinking wine, and eating cheese while catching some rays. The tank broke down.
Big Joe: Well why aren't آپ helping the others fix it?
Oddball: I only drive them man, I don't know what makes them work.
Big Joe: *Walks away, and goes to the tank*
Crapgame: *Looks at Oddball*
Oddball: Definitely an anti-social type. *Beeps four times* That's my other astro-droid impression.
Big Joe: *Looks at Mordecai, and Kelly* How's the tank?
Kelly: Hopeless.
Mordecai: We don't have the right parts to fix it up.
Big Joe: There's a big tank between us and the bank. How do we stop it?
Kelly: Suppose the driver of the tank doesn't know what's inside.
Big Joe: What do آپ mean?
Kelly: They just tell the tank drivers to guard the bank without any reasons. We tell that one Imperial what's in there, and we get the help we need.
Big Joe: *Nods* Okay. It's worth a try.

Song: link

The tank was still in front of the bank. The driver thought the coast was clear, until this happened.

Kelly: *Walks out onto the سٹریٹ, گلی from one of the buildings to the left*
Big Joe: *Walks in from the right*
Oddball: *Following Big Joe*
Imperial 57: *Turns the برج towards the three Rebels*
Kelly: *Holding an A280C*
Big Joe: *Holding an A280C*
Oddball: *Moves back part of his coat, revealing a holster کے, holster, قبور carrying an SE14C*

The three of them started to walk slowly towards the tank. The driver still had the tank's big gun pointed at them, but was curious to see what they had planned.

Kelly: *Stops with Big Joe, and Oddball, directly in front of the tank*

Stop the song

Imperial 57: *Opens the hatch, and comes out of the tank. She moves her blonde hair back with her right hand* آپ don't want me dead, otherwise you'd have attacked me سے طرف کی now.
Big Joe: *Nods* Smart girl. Then again, girls are always smart.
Imperial 57: Why would آپ let me live though? آپ are Rebels.
Oddball: Nah.
Kelly: We wear their uniforms, but we're not entirely with the Rebels.
Big Joe: We are soldiers, just like you. We have orders like you, but we all want this war to end, and go home.
Imperial 57: My orders are to guard that bank with my life. آپ three cannot stop me.
Kelly: Do آپ even know what's in that bank? One of your Colonel's told me that there's 14,000 bars of سونا in there. That's worth 16,000,000 credits. 16,000,000. آپ see we're just a group of men that have no interest in you, یا the rest of the Empire. We just want the gold. آپ can have some if آپ want. All آپ gotta do is turn your tank around, and blow a hole into the front so that we can go in and get what we want.
Imperial 57: Very well. 20 bars are mine if I help آپ get the gold.
Kelly: It's a deal.

With one blast from her tank, the Imperial knocked the doors down, allowing Kelly and the others into the bank. Inside was a mess. There were green blankets covering stuff up, and lots of dust.

Kelly: *Looking around the bank*
Big Joe: اقدام those blankets.
Kelly: *Moves the blankets out of the way, and looks at a pile of crates*
Little Joe: *Runs in with Cowboy, Crapgame, Babra, Mordecai, Fisher, and Merner*
Babra: Well?
Kelly: *Picks up a crate, and drops it. سونا falls out*

Song: link

People: *Waving Rebel flags around* The 2nd Death سٹار, ستارہ has been destroyed!! The war's over!
Kelly: *Picks up a golden bar*
Cowboy: Wooh boy.
Oddball: *Beeps like an Astro droid twice*
Big Joe: *Opens another crate* It's all here!!
Fisher: Yeah-hahaha! Oh it's beautiful!!
Babra: Pass me a crate!!
Gungans: *Dancing with the humans as they celebrate the end of the Galactic Civil War*

Kelly and everyone else began ہے رہا ہو لوڈ the سونا onto an Imperial Troop Transport.

Babra: What are آپ going to do with your share Kelly?
Kelly: *Puts a کریٹ, کھوکھا of سونا into the Transport* Buy a fancy ship with a hyperdrive, and build myself a mansion on an isolated planet. I'll live the rest of my life in solitude, and relax.
Cowboy: I'm gonna buy myself another farm! *Laughing*

Later, Oddball and Mordecai were having a discussion of their own.

Oddball: *With several children on the Mobile Artillery Hovertank*
Mordecai: Now look Oddball, these E11's, and the uniforms are a nice touch, and I also appreciate the fact that آپ bought us مزید wine, but to buy this tank? You're absolutely nuts!
Oddball: It's a beautiful tank Mordecai!
Mordecai: It's a terrible tank! It stinks! The fuel system leaks all over, and there's barely any room for the both of us.
Oddball: *Disgusted* Always with them negative waves. Let's go! *Drives the tank*
Mordecai: *Sitting on سب, سب سے اوپر of the tank*
Merner: *Running towards the others* Guys, there's a Metra coming with a General!
Gungan: On behalfa the entire planet of Naboo, weesa want to thank آپ all for your bravery.
Big Joe: That's very kind of you, there's a General coming. We gotta go!

The gungans ran towards General Rancor, and blocked the path of his Metra. There was also too many of them. Because of the big amount of gungans, General Rancor, Major Colwin, and their driver could not see Kelly یا the others leaving with all of the سونا in the Imperial Troop Transport.

General Rancor: *Smiling* Thank آپ all for your warm welcome.
Gungan 56: Are آپ Luke Skywalker?
General Rancor: *Laughing* Look at these guys, they think I'm Luke Skywalker! Major, go look for the others, and bring them over here.
Major Colwin: Yes General. *Gets out, and walks towards the bank*
Gungans: Yousa our heroes!
Major Colwin: Thank you, thanks. *Looks at the bank, and slowly walks in*

Song (Start at 0:09): link

Major Colwin: *Looks around as he slowly walks in. He makes it towards a wall, and looks at a message*

The Rebel Alliance logo was drawn on the wall. On it was a short message that said, Up Yours Colwin.

Far away, Big Joe was driving the others down a dirt road, away from Empyra, and towards a sunset.


Sean Bodine as Kelly
Louis Bodine as Big Joe
Craig Becker as Crapgame
and Jerry Meyers as Oddball

Also starring everyone else in alphabetical order

Andrea Libman as Colonel Allandra
Alec Baldwin as Major Colwin
Brett Dejneka as Little Joe
Cody Wengryn as Rancher
Eminem as Corporal Baledin
Ian Lafferty as General Rancor
James Arnold Taylor as Lieutenant Olara
Jeff Bodine as Cowboy
Joey Timpano as Babra
Kilmer Varela as Corporal Ramn
Michael Luxich as Fisher
Mordecai the Sullustan as himself
Wes Bentley as Merner

Songs used for پرستار fiction

Burning Bridges - Mike Curb Congregation Band
Sherman Hotel - Lalo Schifrin
Kelly's Heroes - Lalo Schifrin
Young Love - Sonny James
All For The Love Of Sunshine - Lalo Schifrin
30 سیکنڈ To Tokyo - Hans Zimmer
Courage - Hans Zimmer
Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Carmen Dragon
Danger Plan - Sam Spence
Quick Draw Kelly - Lalo Schifrin
National Anthem - France

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.