This movie series has been مزید یا less forgotten over time.. Probably only remembered because of Nostaglia Critics review.

[Ghost Rider ٹٹو video]

Anyway.. Lets start with the "bear suit" ہاتھی of the room.. Cage..

I grew up with the Natural Treasure movies. Which is basically like Mission Impossible.. So I never knew Nick as the "crazy lunatic" I know him as now.. I actually thought he was a ligitimentally good actor.. Even in Con Air..
When I got old I saw the other side of him.. I think Ghost Rider 2 was my first view of it. Cage was clearly having WAY to much fun.

Anyway.. Not sure what I can say.. This movie is all about ones prospective. I like it, so do my friends, but most hate it. یا at least watch it as "guilty pleasure"

To me. This movie use to scare me as a child. Partialary when Cage first transforms.. I can see why.. Despite Cage being "cage".. It's still freaky regardless.. The villains are creepy two. Espically the wind guy. And the main blue guy.. When ever he kills a guy, he turns the victim blue as well.. Though sounds stupid when I put it that way..

Also the effects of Rider himself still holds out pretty well all these later.

That's basically all I had to say as a critic.

For the sequel., It's far less serious. Mostly from Nicholas Cage clearly not taking it that seriously. But even this one still has one یا two creepy moments..

That's basically all I can say.. I say these are underrated. But this is only one persons opinion.. So probably not..