Hi. Here are some random lessons.

1. Smiles are better than frowns.

2. A friendly greeting to a friend یا even someone آپ barely know can make a big difference.

3. Making your loved ones happy is مزید vaulable than any material item.

4. Being happy with the people آپ love is worth مزید than all the money in your wallet combined.

5. Even when things get bad an optimistic attitude and hard working dedication can make things better.

6. Being محفوظ is important, just don't overthink everything.

7. Calling bullies the things they call آپ in response won't make things better.

8. It's good to be nice to everybody, even the people who act bad. Being kinder than the bad guys can inspire them to change their ways.

9. Respecting opinions is important even if آپ highly disagree with other peoples' opinions.

10. People shouldn't be mocked for being unique as long as they don't do anything morally wrong.