because it makes u feel intellectually superior? because آپ associate it with education and think that the مزید educated آپ are the better آپ are? because being educated automatically makes آپ an athority on whatever آپ wanna say? because when u don’t have a real argument it’s an easy way to get points?

here’s the thing

last time I had an account on this hellscape (before I was rly active on Twitter and stuff) I cared a looooooot about grammar like y’all do. I was totally a dick about it. but then I realized! It doesn’t fucking matter! someone can make a great point and not have perfect grammar. someone can make a shitty point and have perfect grammar. nowadays on Twitter the only people I still see correcting grammar are like literal nazis and meninists. people mistakes all the time. not making mistakes is not a sign of intelligence, nor is perfect grammar.

I made an account here again and realized y’all were still stuck in those ways. I made a سروے asking how much social media y’all use and for a lot of u it seems to be like only fanpop so maybe that explains it. If not exactly culty this club operates on its own rules. آپ care about grammar. آپ care about your “ringleaders.” if someone insults one of them آپ all take it personally. آپ don’t trust یا care about outsiders until they prove themselves to you. I think آپ guys really are kind of stuck in your ways, and you’re just going to attack me for this, right? آپ guys find meaning in meaningless places. آپ care about grammar because آپ always have.

Also, lowkey it is kind of elitist to care about grammar. When آپ care about grammar you’re associating it with intelligence and education, right? maybe that’s true to some extent. but not everyone who is educated is still going to have perfect grammar, and people still make mistakes. And even if grammar did indicate education, does that mean that someone who is less educated than آپ doesn’t have anything meaningful to say? Does that mean that آپ will dismiss anyone who doesn’t have perfect grammar because آپ think آپ know better? How is it not elitist to dismiss people on the basis of how they talk? Does that not sound similar to dismissing immigrants who don’t speak perfect English, یا black people who use AAVE, یا women یا say “like” and “literally” a lot?

grammar is very important in some settings. casual internet use is not really one of them. u can use ur perfect grammar if u want but criticizing others for it? when it does not matter at all and you’re only doing it to boost your own ego?

آپ guys care about grammar because آپ always have, and because آپ see it as a mark of intelligence. It’s fine to care about how آپ present yourself on the Internet but trying to police others only fuels your own ego. It isn’t kind یا productive. It isn’t a real argument. It’s honestly just a bad look.

Love from,
a reformed grammar n*zi and a current English major