Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. آپ can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 9: Movie Night

David: *Flipping burgers* Today's not as busy as I expected.
Liz: Yeah, I agree. Makes me worry about tomorrow.
Mr. Nut: *Walks into the kitchen* David, and Liz.
David: I think I know why.
Mr. Nut: Summer is just around the corner, and آپ know what that means.
David: مزید customers?
Liz: Extra work with the same amount of pay?
Mr. Nut: That actually is going to happen, but I was referring to movie night.
Liz: Oh.
David: Of course.
Mr. Nut: David, bring in the projector. Liz, آپ are responsible for the screen. I will bring in the Blu-Ray player. All three of us, along with a few suggestions from customers, will take responsibility in the فلمیں we play.
David: Okay.
Liz: Sounds good.
Mr. Nut: I have to get some posters set up outside so the customers know about it too. Carry on. *Walks away*
David: Movie night. I almost forgot about it.
Liz: If I was hired earlier last year, I'd probably remember.

Mr. Nut was outside putting a poster on the دیوار اگلے to the door. Kevin and Liam walk up to him.

Kevin: Good old Mr. Nut.
Mr. Nut: How آپ doing boys?
Liam: Good. What's the poster for?
Mr. Nut: Wait and see. *Finishes setting it up*
Kevin: *Looks at the poster* Oh of course. Movie night.
Liam: Movie night?
Kevin: I'll explain to آپ inside. *Walks into the restaurant with Liam*
Wayne: *Walks with Miss. دل to the entrance* ارے Mr. Nut.
Mr. Nut: Hello Wayne. Hello Miss. Heart.
Miss. Heart: Hi there.

Kevin & Liam sat down together in The Nut House, discussing movie night.

Kevin: It's once a week, every Saturday. If the weather is right.
Liam: Why can't آپ play the films inside?
Kevin: That's a سوال you'll have to ask Mr. Nut. He's in charge of it all.
Liam: Alright.


Wayne: Thanks for the info Mr. Nut.
Mr. Nut: My pleasure. Enjoy yourselves.
Parker: *Driving a 1947 Packard, passing The Nut House, when he sees the poster for Movie Night* I got it!!!! *Drifts left, and stops in the middle of the parking lot, running out of his car at light speed*
Wayne: *Opens the door for Miss. Heart* After you.
Parker: *Pushes them down* Thank you!
Miss. Heart:'re welcome?
Parker: Attention everyone!! *Climbs up on سب, سب سے اوپر of a table* I have a wonderful selection for the first week of movie night!!! *Holding out a DVD copy of Norm Of The North*

Everyone closed their eyes in disgust. Some shouted, too frightened to do anything about it. All except...

Parker: Kevin, and Liam!!!
Kevin: What?
Parker: Why aren't آپ acting like cowards, like the rest of the customers?
Liam: We know that'll never pass.
Kevin: Mr. Nut wants good movies.
Parker: This is a good movie.
Kevin: Your definition of good is a bit misleading.
Parker: Well, once I repel you, and everyone else out of here with this on movie night, I'll finally have a chance to beat your high score on Dig Dug.
Kevin: I was able to increase it to 26,000 points. So, good luck with that.
Parker: I'll do it. I'll get Mr. Nut to approve my movie. Just آپ wait. *Walks out of The Nut House*
Kevin: I'm waiting, but I doubt anything good will happen for our red friend.
Liam: He's our friend?
Kevin: Nope.

Mr. Nut was looking at the poster he just completed.

Mr. Nut: Very good.
Parker: *Walks outside, اگلے to Mr. Nut*
Mr. Nut: What can I do for آپ Parker?
Parker: I need آپ to approve this for the first movie. *Holds out his copy of Norm Of The North*
Mr. Nut: Are آپ trying to scare away my customers? I want them to be here for movie night. Not avoid us.
Parker: Come on. What have آپ got to lose?
Mr. Nut: The customers that I just mentioned.
Parker: This will be the first movie, whether آپ like it, یا not. *Walks away*

Back inside, Mr. Nut spoke to Kevin & Liam.

Mr. Nut: Boys, I need your help.
Liam: Let me guess, it's a red square with a mustache.
Mr. Nut: How did آپ know?
Kevin: He کہا he was going to try and convince آپ to have Norm Of The North as the first movie for movie night.
Mr. Nut: Well I won't approve, no matter what he says, یا does. I'm bringing in Smokey & The Bandit.
Liam: Good choice.
Mr. Nut: Would آپ mind keeping him away so that he doesn't try to replace the movie?
Liam: Sure.
Kevin: After all, he just wants everyone out of here so he can try to beat my high score at Dig Dug.
Mr. Nut: He's still trying to beat your high score?
Kevin: Hard to believe, isn't it?
Mr. Nut: He should just give up already.
Kevin: Try telling him yourself. He's too stubborn to listen.
Mr. Nut: *Looks to the right* I gotta clean some tables. Remember, movie night is tomorrow. I'm counting on آپ boys to keep Parker from ruining Movie Night.
Kevin: It's in good hands my friend.
Liam: *Watching Mr. Nut walk away*
Kevin: Let's discuss our plan.

The اگلے evening, David & Liz were getting the screen & projector ready.

Mr. Nut: *Selling tickets* Remember folks, if آپ buy a ticket, آپ will get a free hamburger, soda, and ice cream.
Kevin: *Inside with Liam*
Wayne: *Walks in with Miss. Heart* Are آپ still waiting for Parker?
Liam: Yes.
Kevin: It's only been five minutes. How did آپ know we were waiting for him?
Miss. Heart: Mr. Nut told us.
Wayne: We have our differences, but we're still going to help آپ out.
Kevin: Much obliged.
Liam: If آپ see him, lure him towards us.
Kevin: I'm sure آپ know how.
Miss. Heart: Dig dug.
Wayne: Gotcha.
Liam: *Gives them a thumbs up*

Wayne left with Miss. دل to sit at another table. Just then, Parker drove his car towards the parking lot.

Kevin: He's here.
Liam: I was starting to wonder when he'd دکھائیں up.
Parker: *Parks اگلے to a Captiva, and gets out*
Kevin: Parker! *Pats Parker on the shoulder* Nice to see you.
Parker: It is?
Kevin: Come with me. I got those Pookas and Fygars warmed up for you.
Parker: Uh, thanks.

Parker left his movie in the car. Liam went towards it.

Liam: *Gives Mr. Nut a thumbs up*
Mr. Nut: *Gives Liam a thumbs up* Tickets for movie night are right here folks!
Parker: I still don't think your high score will last very long.
Kevin: Fine. آپ go first. I'll even pay for your game. *Puts a quarter in*
Parker: آپ are too kind. Letting me do this on one player mode.
Kevin: No sense in having me interfere.
Parker: Alright. *Chuckles* Here I go.

Back outside.

Liam: *Walks up to Mr. Nut*
Mr. Nut: Where's the movie?
Liam: Locked in the تنے, ٹرنک of my car. Your first movie night will be a success.
Mr. Nut: Thanks for your help Liam. *Gives him a ticket* I believe آپ deserve this. On the house.
Liam: The nut house.
Mr. Nut: *Laughs*

We dissolve to Parker, losing his last life on Dig dug, with a high score of 10,120.

Kevin: Wow. Talk about bad luck.
Parker: I could have sworn he was too far away to hit me with that fire. *Listens to the movie outside* It sounds like they already started. I better go.
Kevin: *Grabs Parker* Not so fast. You're not ruining movie night. You'll be staying here with me.
Parker: Let me go! *Frees himself, but goes too fast, and knocks himself out سے طرف کی hitting his head on the wall*
Kevin: It didn't have to be this way.

اگلے morning, when Parker woke up, he found himself in his car, still in the parking lot of The Nut House.

Parker: What the? *Gets out of his car, and walks to The Nut House*
Mr. Nut: *Sees Parker* Good morning.
Parker: آپ may have foiled my plan to ruin movie night, but I'll try again اگلے week!
Mr. Nut: Good luck.
Parker: *Walks out*
Kevin & Liam: *High fiving each other*

Ending Theme: link

End Credits

Mr. Nut: *Turns on the closed sign* Closing time.
Parker: Just one مزید minute!
Mr. Nut: No Parker, it's time to go.
Kevin: *Helps Parker to the door* Come on Parker.
Parker: No!!!!
David: *Shakes his head no*
Mr. Nut: See آپ later fellas.
Kevin: *Jumps, and his name appears below him*
David: *Confused, he also jumps, but his name does not appear* Huh, weird. *His name falls on the ground اگلے to him* Oh cool. *Grabs his name, but it goes up very quickly, taking him along the way*
Liam: *Looks up at David* Where's he going? *His name appears from the bottom, and gets under Liam's feet, also taking him up to the sky* Whoa. Cool!!
Liz: *Looking up at Liam* Have fun not being able to breath. *Gets hit in the head سے طرف کی her name*
Wayne: *Looks at Liz, and laughs, but he gets hit from the front سے طرف کی his name*
Miss. Heart: Uh oh. *Also gets hit سے طرف کی her name*
Parker: Everyone's either gone, یا beaten up سے طرف کی floating names. I can go in. *Sees his name on the door* When did that get there?.. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow to come back. *Leaves*
Mr. Nut: *Goes upstairs to his room, and gets into his bed. He turns off the lights*

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