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posted by PinkyoshiIS
Frequent use of strong language (fuck,bitch,mother fucker etc..)

.Mild sexual innuendos ( NOT full on sex scenes mor elike just really aggressive sex jokes and mild kissing scenes and maybe some aggressive make out scenes )

. VERY GRAPHIC AND IN DETAIL CONNTENT ( violence like really in detail violence and gore at some parts not very many parts but im a twisted human being so I added violence to the series XD )

.offensive jokes (self explanatory)

.Homo sexual relationships (if آپ are homophobic please don't read the chapters that warn about same sex Yoshi crushing یا dating its mostly just one girl character with a crush on another)
posted by Forgot_To_Laugh
My eyes surrendered to sleep at about 10pm. Suddenly, I heard an unusual creak, then another, then another. I looked up above at the portrait. It was slowly rocking from side to side. The young girl's mouth was moving, "Go away!" It seemed to be saying. I opened my mouth to scream, nothing came out. I wanted to call the guards, my hands felt too clammy. I wanted to yell so badly! "HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!!" was repeating inside my head. I willed myself back to sleep, hoping for dear life. Then, all went silent and I breathed a sigh of relief.
posted by Bluekait
Two little boys were playing together. One little boy saw a nut on the ground. Before he could pick it the other boy took it.

The first boy demanded, “Give me the nut. It’s mine. I only saw it first”.

The other boy replied, “It’s mine. I only took it”.

This lead to a quarrel between these two little boys. Just then a tall boy came that way. Upon seeing the quarrel between the boys, he said, “Give me the nut and I’ll settle your quarrel”.

He تقسیم, الگ کریں the nut into two parts. He took out the fruit-seed. He gave one half-shell to one boy and the other half-shell to the other. He put the fruit seed into his mouth and said, “This is for settling your quarrel”.

MORAL : When two people quarrel some one else gains.
"Ha! The pervert is active! "Randomness کہا floating in the air. Zachkyu gave him a sideways look. Randomness' s eyes changed from blue to green.
"Will آپ shut the hell up in a monotonend leave?"Zachkyu said. Randomness put his feet on the ground. "Kívánom, hogy meghal, mint egy nő," he said. Zachkyu frowned at him."I don't speak Hungarian,"Zachkyu said.
"Will آپ two just stop? And apologize to my boobs Zachkyu," Kaia کہا shortly. She was on the ground, frowning. "I'm sorry I accidently fell on آپ Kaia's boobs," Zachkyu کہا I. Kaia got up and low kicked him, making him fall. She then...
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"We've gotta do something quick!" Larry cried. Nath held a sign that کہا "I Agree!" then said,"She's کہا awesome twenty-nine times.... Twenty-seven were about her!"
"We're in a pickle... So what do آپ suppose we do?" Venous said, trying his best to keep a cool posture. He moved some blondish-light green hair out of his face. "We could always use our powers."
"We can't, Domness put some sorta thing on the room," Ushio said. Benga looked to the door. "Idiots. How can آپ suppose we're trapped? We haven't tried the door yet. If I know that bastard Domeness, he probably didn't lock the door,"Benga...
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posted by Bluekait
Your butt is wide, well mine is too
Just watch your mouth یا I'll sit on you
The word is out, better treat me right
'Cause I'm the king of cellulite
Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

My zippers bust, my buckles break
I'm too much man for آپ to take
The pavement cracks when I fall down
I've got مزید chins than Chinatown

Well, I've never used a phone booth
And I've never seen my toes
When I'm goin' to the movies
I take up seven rows

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, آپ know it
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come...
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posted by Vishwa_22496
"WANNA MAKE a cutte quick effective difference in life...?"

1) If آپ Want to work for people ....Make your دل the ultimate NGO and see the difference.

2) If آپ want fame ...Make yourself famous to yourself and see the difference

3) There is never a fresh start. But there is always a brighter start.

4) As آپ are the creator of your life, similarly آپ are the destroyer of your life.

5) Change not to please others, but to improve yourself.

6) And then remember the 2' ALWAYS:-
*always forget what people did bad for آپ
*always forget what آپ did good for people

P.S :- *always have an attitudde of excellance with combination of nobelity*
posted by FanFun1010
If you're under weight: She's too skinny
If you're over weight: She's a fat ass
If you're gay: He's so gay
If you're a lesbian: She's fucking gay
If you're Black: NIGGER!
If you're White: CRACKER!
If you're Mexican/Hispanic/Latino etc.: ارے TACO!
If you're tall: How is the weather up there?
If you're short: MIDGET
If you're smart: NERD!
If you're not smart: DUMBASS!
If you're a virgin: haha virgin
If you're not a virgin: SLUT!

There is no way to please society. Doesn't matter what آپ do, you'll be judged.
posted by BenderIsGreat34
Narrator: آپ are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, یا some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.

Last Man: [Walks into library]

Narrator: As per your request, please find enclosed the last man on Earth.

Last Man: Finally, solitude. I can read کتابیں for all eternity! [drops his glasses] It's not fair, it's not fair! [calms down] Wait, my eyes aren't that bad; I can still read the large-print books. [reaches for a book, his eyes fall out] [hysterical]...
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posted by KatelynBrown
[This is pretty neat how it works out... DON’T CHEAT سے طرف کی SCROLLING DOWN FIRST... It takes less than a minute... Work this out as آپ read... Be sure آپ don’t read the bottom until you’ve worked it out...]

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that آپ would like to have chocolate (try for مزید than once but less than 10) ...

2. Multiply this number سے طرف کی 2 ...

3. Add 5 ...

4. Multiply it سے طرف کی 50. I’ll wait while آپ get the calculator ...

5. If آپ have already had your birthday this سال (2013) add 1763 *; If آپ haven’t, add 1762 *...

6. Now subtract the four digit سال that آپ were born ...

آپ should have a three digit number ...

The first digit of this was your original number (i.e. how many times آپ want to have chocolate each week) ...

The اگلے two numbers equal ...


If آپ don't believe, check this website:


Your demigodishness,
Dreams are what makes us imagine.
our bodies make us stand, but our hearts are what keeps us alive.

blank faces, colored pages, morbid truth for a soul.
we are connected, our hearts are one. We are one.

We ponder for answers, we wonder the truth.
Society and war are corrupting our youth.
Blue skies and قوس قزح butterflies are مزید than an inch from your fingers.

Reach out. Take it. Make it yours.

Live for today, rather than tommorrow.
The truth is only a mile away.

Catch Your Dreams.
posted by MineTurtle
Just to let آپ know, this is NOT mine. I found it on another website.

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. Psalm 139:1

I know when آپ sit down and when آپ rise up. Psalm 139:2

I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
Matthew 10:29-31

For آپ were made in my image. Genesis 1:27

In me آپ live and اقدام and have your being. Acts 17:28

For آپ are my offspring. Acts 17:28

I knew آپ even before آپ were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5

I chose آپ when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12

You were not a mistake, for all your days are...
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posted by danmarino900
My friend (I won't use her real name) ill call her "Jessica", was once kind of suicidle and she got really sad one night so she found a bunch of pills (she doesent know what they are) and swallowed them. She had really bad stomach pains since then (its been a month, and the stomach pains have been going away slowly) Also, she gets the pains when she eats. Although the pain slowly keeps becoming easier, it doesent seem to be going away. She does not want anyone but me to know, so she doesent want to see a doctor either because that would involve her telling someone. (She especially doesent want her parents to know). Any medical help یا ideas as to what it might be یا what she can do to fix herself?
posted by ShadowFan100
(This is a lil...inspirational/moral speech about what a Human truly is. And don't get offended when it mentions "God"--it's my right to believe in Him)

I'm sure there's a lot of people who often wonder what it means to be human--what a human IS exactly. Some might say we're unimportant, not special, not amazing. And even possibly (dare I say) nothing مزید than just a of bunch mutated wild beast that came from the animal kingdom, who are only capable of destroying themselves beyond any hope of being redeemed of our dark side.

Well, that's not true--and IDC HOW many of your so-called "facts" tell...
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1.Tell someone آپ truly trust about your trouble.
2.Talk to your friends.

3.Go outside (somewhere آپ can relax when آپ visit) and don't say I am not in the mood.

4.Cry when آپ feel that آپ need it and don't think crying is weakness.

5.Bring a piece of paper and write/draw whatever آپ want .

6.Take a شاور with a cold/warm water .

7.Listen to classic موسیقی .

8.Drink a fruit رس, جوس یا anything cold.

And in the end remember that life goes on and never stops ...You have to live it as it is and it's your choice to be happy یا sad :)

With my love .....
posted by klaine_forever
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posted by justinfangrrl
I did write this on tumblr. It's both opinion and fact. More-so on fact. Say what آپ want. But don't be rude.


A rant for the earth~ Idle no مزید

-just a rant, reblog if آپ wish/if آپ love the earth- //read if آپ want

Jeez, I was having a conversation with my mom (a social studies teacher) about racism and how odd it is that somehow all the corrupt, stupid people get picked to be a Country’s leader. [This isn’t always the case of course, but it happens مزید than it should]

I can honestly say that Stephen Harper is probably the most despicable, corrupt, moronic, pathetic excuse of a Prime...
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posted by LaDispute
I was staring at myself in the mirror, eyeing the scars and wondering how I would make them go away in time for the spring break trip I'm taking with my family to Florida.

Now, I don't cut myself often, but when I do the cuts are deep and they leave wide, bright گلابی gashes behind. That kind of stuff is hard to hide.

The reason for the cutting? I use it as what a shrink might call a "coping mechanism." Sometimes things build up inside of me, little things and big things. As time lengthens between cutting sessions it's like I can feel the pressure inside of me pressing outwards on my skin, taking...
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