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posted by britishboy
 as a human
as a human
a boy named Christan was at a special place he took his phone he didn't know until now. Now Christan is living Different lives. with light and school but what he doesn't know is what will happen in the future its a journey in a matter of life and death but Christan is missing out on school can he stop and leave from heaven but Christan remembers that his mom said, once Anointed آپ can stay and use your powers to Erase آپ when آپ wanna come down آپ cane put them in and go. so he fights its long a long way down but Christan doesn't stop he goes and sees God. there halo shines but this works God helped. now. Christan goes but wait he cant use his powers again. to finish read book two buh-bye
 as an angel
as an angel
posted by koolamelia
1. The Spell for the Dark Mark "Morsmorde" means Take a Bit out of death in French.

2. Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley owns his own ice cream but cannot legally sell ice creams because he doesn't feel like doing the paper work

3. During filming one of the breakfasts at Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe gave all his بیکن to a 10 سال old because he wa sick of having to eat it again and again.

4. Crookshanks is part Kneazle so he can sniff out anyone suspicious.

5. Demetors don't breed, they grow in damp, dark places.

6. To get into The Ministry Of Magic آپ have to dial 62442 to get...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Here is a story of what happened when I went with my Mum to the place prom was going to be.

I was there with my two older sisters, and a guy came up to change the trash bags.
"Hey, we should stalk him and see what he does", my سیکنڈ eldest sister said.
She was kidding, but I didn't care.
"Time to commence mission 118", I کہا into my wrist watch that didn't exist.
I followed him into a room down the hall, well I didn't go in. If I did he would have saw me for sure, so I hid around the corner.
He came out and walked past me, standing اگلے to a دیوار acting casual.
I followed him out into a different...
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posted by XxKeithHarkinxX
i was reading this مضمون called Ten things I want to tell teenage girls

and one of them is...Stop saying things like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.” First of all, that’s not true. And سیکنڈ of all, if it is true, آپ need a perspective shift. Your reputation matters – greatly. آپ should care what people think of you. I MEAN MY GOD!

I don't care what other people think of me, and I’m doing great in life! when people start to care what other people think they care to much about their looks, and they forgot to be themselves! sorry I just HAD to say something.

I think every girl, یا anyone really, should be themselves not matter what!
posted by xboxrocksx45
آپ just shut the door i fell like مزید when آپ say i'm shy i cry saying why? why? do آپ make sure to love me even though i'm shy do آپ ever ever ever think to try? do آپ think of me? when آپ say shy shy shy i say why and i'll sit and think about waiting when آپ say hi well than آپ won't be mine! yes this is love but does it hurt? when i cry? when آپ say shy and i know it's true but i'm alright i and i love you! why would say means things why would آپ say the stuff that stings why would آپ say that word when i know آپ much? i don't think i would be with آپ if i knew a thing یا two about your life آپ backstabbing چھری i trusted آپ and yet آپ still flew without me
posted by penguin098
Congratulations. You’ve worked up the nerve to ask the girl out and she کہا yes. You’ve convinced her you’re worth a shot. It is the night of your first تاریخ and you’re terrified of messing up. You’re not sure how to impress the girl. Well, thankfully you’ve found this guide, written سے طرف کی me, a girl.

Step one: Before
•Clean up before hand, no one wants a guy with greasy hair and an unappealing smell
•Don’t put on too much cologne. A little bit is fine but a lot quickly becomes repulsive. A tip: any amount of “Ax” is too much
•Come up with some ideas for conversations to smooth...
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Okay if someone already made this sorry but I didn't check!So didn't be a کتیا, کتيا یا a dick which ever gender آپ are!

1.Hang out with friends
2.Make sure your cell phone still works so آپ can call people,text,sext,and play video games
3.Have a video game station
4.Play video games
5.have a computer!
6.Have the internet
7.Have a television
8.Have the remote to it
9.Have cable to it as well(play your bill yah broke loser)
10.Play out side
11.Have دوستوں to play out side with
12.Draw all day!
13.Prank call people
14.Obesse over something then a سال later get bored
15.Read!-sike real 15.F*ck reading
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1)read something over and over that آپ thing that think is funny that آپ یا someone گیا کیا پوسٹ on fanpop.
2)a nice cup of coffee.
3)a nice cup of hot coco.
4)a nice brakefast(sorry if mis spelled).
5)do something to make yourself laugh.
trust me i works to laugh your head off before آپ go to school, work, cherch یا when your at ہوم i just got ڈن, اڑانا reading a 100 times over what i گیا کیا پوسٹ on an rp and it was funny i put the words "BONE HEAD" 10 times then put "YOU ARE HOPELESS!" and i'm still laughing my head off so it helps to at lest laugh to start your دن off right
posted by dizzydiscgirl
Hi peeps, I just had an idea so I made a spur of the moment article!!!
So, what you've gotta do is write a single word in the تبصرہ box (make sure it's relevant to the one above it!) and eventually it will make a story!!!

Get it? Ok, the starting word is...


Just filling up space so the مضمون will ACTUALLY POST HOW LONG DOES THIS THING HAVE TO BE?!?!?
posted by SymmaGirl2
Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. -Mother Teresa

With the new دن comes new strength and new thoughts. -Eleanor Roosevelt

A creative man is motivated سے طرف کی the desire achieve, not the desire to beat others. -Ayn Rand

Act as if what آپ do makes a difference. It does. -William James

Always desire to learn something useful. -Sophocles

Always do your best. What آپ plant now, آپ will harvest later. -Og Mandino

Be gentle to all and strict to yourself. -Saint Teresa of Avila

Either آپ run the day, یا the دن runs you. -Jim Rohn

Even if آپ fall on your face, you're...
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From butterflies to praying everyone was okay.I ran to the back room where Ben was.John ran after me.
I saw Ben pointing a gun at a aunt of John's.I grabbed my shoe and threw it at the gun.It slid out of his hand.John's aunt ran away.Ben starred at me.Then,slowly got out another gun.He kept looking at me with a confused look.I looked at John,then,quivering,I knew I had to do something.
"Blondie,Leave.NOW."Ben demanded.John fled,I hope he was bringing help!"Well,well,well.Nanette.I told I'd get you.You thought I'd lie?"He asked."N-n-n..."I stuttered and just shoke my head.This,wasn't the end!I...
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posted by LizzyTheCat
Hold on to me, love
You know I can't stay long
All I wanted to say was
I love آپ and I'm not afraid, oh

Can آپ hear me?
Can آپ feel me in your arms?

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of آپ
Sweet raptured light, it ends here tonight

I'll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow درخت
(Come and find me)

I know آپ hear me
I can taste it in your tears

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of آپ
Sweet raptured light, it ends here tonight

Closing your eyes to disappear
You pray your dreams...
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OK,everyone.The reason آپ were going to explode if آپ didn't click this is because we're gonna have a contest!!!WHO CAN POST THE MOST RANDOM VIDEO یا PICTURE???????!!(You could also post تبصرے اگلے to your picture یا video to describe what's going on,or even captions!Same rules apply below.But آپ don't HAVE to post تبصرے یا captions اگلے to it if آپ don't want to.It's completly opitional.)If آپ post just a تبصرہ یا caption and no picture یا video,by the way,it will not count and آپ won't have a shot at winning.Sorry!
Here are the rules:
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posted by andresandru
"argggg!" Lawrence shouted, as he died, everyone was near him, James, a 12 year-old boy, was right beside him, and Philip, his 15 year-old brother, too.

Lawrence had many adventures when child, he went to almost every country, he tried everything, it was no surprise the old man died 3 days before his 102 birthday.

Eventualy, after many coughing, Lawrence closed his eyes, James started crying, and his brother hugged gim, it's hard when آپ lose a familiar, but when they where going to leave, James, who was holding still Lawrence's hand, felt a hard grip.

"James?" Philip saw he didn't go, so he...
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Bunker bustin' mega ultra super, ahh ahhh! Holy crap, ahh!
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! K.O.!

One-up, power up, already leveled up
Options set to difficult, love a challenge, typical
Raging through my enemies, kicking پچھواڑے, گدا so happily
Supernova, bend آپ over, to the lava! game over!

I'm saying "Yay!" when I'm knocking آپ right off the stage,
B*tches hate but I don't play, smash a Goomba any day!
I'm on a mission, trying to save the princess!
Dashing, smashing, knock آپ outta commission!

I'm a killer like a Manson, you're blowin' like you're Hanson,
Your powers are weak when آپ go against me,
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posted by sakurahanazono
1.) write down "Alpha kenny body" on a piece of paper and get someone to read it pretending آپ have no clue how to read it. (It sounds like they're saying I'll f*** anybody)

2.) Once again write on a piece of paper "I won a math debate" Now get someone to read this and tell them to say it 5 times fast!

This only works on people if آپ get them to just say it out loud so don't let them read it in their heads first یا else they might figure it out.

I will not be held responsible if anyone gets offended یا if آپ get into trouble for doing these!

- good luck :3
When I got home,I ran to my room.I couldn't stand talking to my mom,it reminds me of dad.I couldn't believe how evil Ariana is!My dad left me and mom,but this time,Ariana made him leave!She made the hurt!The pain!And,the memories!That night,I couldn't sleep.I kept crying.Dad was the best dad!I got so used to him being اگلے to me,that it harder to let him go!It wasn't his fault.It was Jim Smith's!He killed my dad!He made the pain!He shot my father!My دل ached a pain no one could ever feel!How come Henry never had any problems!He has a mom,dad,brother,sister,a family!I wish I was him!I could...
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Me and Henry were running to the درخت house.I got out my phone and dialed nine-one-one.
"Nine-one-one what's آپ emergency?"A lady said.
"Hello.Me and my دوستوں found a woman in the forest,she looks like she was stabbed!God,please help!Please!"I begged.
"Okay ma'am.Where did آپ find her?"The lady asked.
"In the forest اگلے to Flint Road!"I answered.
"Is someone with her?"She asked.
"Yes,my friend,Sarah.Oh God,when are they coming?"I asked as a I heard a moan.
"They're coming right away!Honey,go find your friend and the lady and wait in the forest,we're coming Hun."She کہا in a sweet voice.
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"Where is Maybelle?"Alicia asked.
"I don't-"I was cut off
"Help!Help me!I need help!Please!!"A familiar voice begged.
"MAYBELLE!"we all کہا in unison.
We followed the voice into a huge hut.
"Maybelle!Where are you?"I asked.
I ran as fast as I could.I couldn't wait for them to catch up.I saw a door with a small window.I looked in and saw Ariana.When she turned back,I ran back.
"Help!Help me!Help m-MM!MUHH!MMMMMHHH!"Maybelle yelled.
I ran to the door Maybelle and Ariana were in.I knocked on the door,got out my sword,and waited for Ariana to come out.
"What?Wh-AH!"She said.
"You said,you'd leave my friends...
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