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Thanksgiving is my پسندیدہ holiday, well, one of them, wanna know wy? cause for desert, آپ get pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D!
"hello there pie, are آپ ready to be eaten?"
"yes i am" کہا the pie. it was کدو, لوکی pie, my fav.
"your the best thing thats ever been invented! i love you!
"well, instead of thanking the guy who made pies, go thank the guy who made pumpkins!
"oh yeah, huh?
"what are آپ doing?" my sister came intothe kitchen.
"talking to my friend."
"the pie?"
"well, its ready to be eaten"
"OH BOY!! PIE!!!! YEAH!!" Then i started running aroung the house like and idiot lol.
i was SOOOO BORED, so thtas why i made this. blablablabla
posted by patrisha727
اجوائن, اجمود has negative calories. It takes مزید calories to eat a piece of اجوائن, اجمود than the اجوائن, اجمود has in it to begin with.

In eighteenth-century English gambling dens, there was an employee whose only job was to نگلنا the dice if there was a police raid.

The human tongue tastes کڑوا, تلخ things with the taste buds toward the back. Salty and pungent flavors are tasted in the middle of the tongue, sweet flavors at the tip.

A sneeze can travel as fast as 100 miles per hour.

It is impossible to sneeze and keep one's eyes open at the same time.

In 1778, fashionable women of Paris never went out in blustery...
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I have made a new-ish series a ماہ پہلے called toxic and admirable fanfic reviews, where i review fanfics! I have many many شائقین and many think I am funny! So if آپ want comedy based bad and good fanfiction reviews, go on Fanfiction.net club and check em out! ^__^

I review the best and the worst in each one, and I love the support I get from my fans! I also have a youtube channel named jared potts if you're interested. I made a سب, سب سے اوپر 10 kirby boss fights video, at 700+ views, so check that out too!

Thanks guys, and as always, Keep it SHADY! :D
White: Symbolic of purity, innocence and naivete, white has strong connotations of youth and purity. If آپ are an older person, your preference for white could indicate a desire for perfection and impossible ideals, maybe an attempt to recapture lost youth and freshness. It may also symbolize a desire for simplicity یا the simple life.

Red: The color of strength, health, and vitality, Red is often the color chosen سے طرف کی someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive—or someone who would like to be! It goes with an ambitious nature but those who choose it can be abrupt at times, determined...
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Omg there’s pastaaaaaaa for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and i’m going to be ہوم alone again. i feel kind of happy whenever i’m ہوم alone. i think its because i eventually got used to the quietness around the house when my sister was almost always never ہوم because of school. it feels kind of nice actually. Cait just told me she might quit. DAFUQ. SO MAD. Coach Ron isn’t that good, but WHY CAN’T SHE JUST TAKE CHARGE LIKE A CAPTAIN SHOULD. She always gets hella pissed fast and it’s scary. I mean, I try not to offend, but she gets mad anyways. If Innah and Cait are gone, we’re gonna lose all our matches....
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posted by ilovepenguins
1) If love is blind, then why is there lingerie?
2) Why are they called "apartments" if they are all connected?
3) Should آپ believe a chronic liar if he admits that he is a chronic liar?
4) Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?
5) Why is it that dogs love to hang their head out of the car window, but will get mad at آپ if آپ blow in their face?
6) If all the world is a stage, where is the audience?
7) If a درخت falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?
8) If pro is the opposite of con, then wouldn't congress be the opposite of progress?
9) If the پینٹاگون, گون were...
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posted by MineTurtle
BTW, this isn't mine. It was originally written سے طرف کی XxEmolovexX. Copied word for word.

Dad comes ہوم drunk and mad.
He pulls out a gun.
And shoots his wife then turns the gun on himself.

The little girl sits behind the couch, crying.

The police came and took the little girl to an orphanage.

She walks into the bedroom, and there is a picture of Jesus on the cross.

Girl: How did that man get off that?
Teacher: He didn't
Girl: Yes he did!
Teacher: No he didn't
Girl: Yes he did! He always sat اگلے to me when my parents fought, and he told me everything would be okay.

Post this as 'Jesus story' (any place)?
Don't ignore this.

64 percent of آپ won't re-post this.

آپ never know who might be watching. Remember: the Bible says If آپ deny Jesus in front of your friends, He will deny آپ in front of his Father.
posted by Wanda5
I'm bored so here, guess the songs :)

- Put your MP3 player/iPod/iTunes on shuffle.
- Post the first line from the first 30 songs that plays, no matter how embarrassing the song.
- Let anyone guess the جوابات (song عنوان and artist)
- Bold the lyrics when someone figures it out

1. She paints her fingers with a close precision

2. This may be the last thing that I write for long

3. Tripping out, spinning around - Alice سے طرف کی Avril Lavigne

4. She lives in a fairy tale - Brick سے طرف کی boring brick سے طرف کی Paramore

5. Your little hands wrapped around my finger - Never grow up سے طرف کی Taylor Swift

6. He woke up...
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1. Throw پاپ کارن, پوپکارن in the air and yell, “It’s snowing!”
2. Go, “Oooooh…” whenever anyone kisses.
3. Clap when the good guy gets killed.
4. During the previews, yell, “Can آپ fast-forward it?”
5. Whenever the bad guy is doing something devious, say, “Watch out!”
6. Laugh very loudly at all the corny jokes.
7. Tell the man selling پاپ کارن, پوپکارن that the bathroom is flooding.
8. Yell out what is going to happen.
9. Wear a cape and when its your turn to get پاپ کارن, پوپکارن yell, “I’m Batman! Hahaha!” and run away.
10. Say that they cannot sit اگلے to آپ because آپ invisible friend...
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posted by lauren777222
(1)We don't like to be used as a show-off فر, سمور ur friends:we know we r cute but we r meant to be only shown of فر, سمور our man. (2)We hate names like babes,hot thang,or chick. (3)We r sensible and some boys r ignorant to our FEELINGS-CARE MORE!!!!! (4)Love us;don't toy with Us! (5)Don't rush into serious actions,it makes us Uncomfortable! (6)Don't ask ur دوستوں to do it,do it yourself. (7)When u ask us we'll believe;if y'all text it,we'll خارج it. (8)Don't be suctiony,we luv Space! (9)Don't pretend ya somethin ya not,we can smell fakeness. (10)Last,if ur older say 15 یا OLDER———DONT GET...
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posted by gesci-lol
The story is about a girl named Gwendolyn who moves in with her Aunt Casey. The reason is because her single mother, Clara, is having trouble with money so she sends her to live with her older sister, Casey. On Gwendolyn's first دن of school, she's already being bullied سے طرف کی a مقبول group known as 'The dark royals'. One day, on a weekend, she goes out into a near-by forest and spot a girl and boy, who are the leaders of the Dark royals at the school, doing this odd ritual. They find out that Gwendolyn is around and they target her. [I might change it up a bit later on]

I need five characters...
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posted by octaviavsdjpon3

There is a 900 point giveaway that ends on 11/25/13!!! All آپ need to do to enter is تبصرہ and share on another site!

Link to page: nickiminaj.devianart.com/journal/900-points-give-away-ENDS-NOV-25-413362493

I'll be entering, so maybe 2 of آپ guys and I will win 300 points!!! ( because 3 people that تبصرہ will win, and will get 300 points each)

Good luck to all of you!!!

To make this long enough to publish; bverrhjddfginjkvrebhujddvfbvvdsuyisvdfhdsvfgyugivsdfgusvfduigdvsfvddguyivsdbfsdyvgfuvsgddsguyirggsygfudhsdgsgduhfykgfdhuysdfbgyuvdsfbuyivbfsudyudsfgvdsufyubsdgrubvidsfhhesuhrighyierthuiydgrtjkhutgryuhk. There. All done.
posted by randomgirl3000
Malcolm X (1925-1965) "Cool it, brothers..." (His last words before being assassinated.)
Karl Marx (1818-1883) "Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven't کہا enough."
James McLain (1970) [American criminal] "Take lots of pictures! We are the revolutionaries!" (Before being killed سے طرف کی the police, as he tried to shoot his way to freedom at his trial.)
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posted by klaine_forever
13/10/2012. Saturday

This morning I woke up at 7.30am and read 'Dear Nobody', a teen pregnancy romance novel' for 15 minutes. Then I got out of بستر and woke up my father. After that I heated up a piece of پیزا and watched the Today show. Then I cleaned my teeth and changed into a black and white striped tee شرٹ, قمیض with a glittery دل design and tight hot گلابی denim shorts. Then I packed my backpack with 2 frozen fruit رس, جوس poppers, lots of water and 1 chocolate muffins. I took my bag and my father and I got in the car and drove to the beach. We met up with about 15 locals and walked down...
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posted by Kyssmig
There are five people. One of them shot and killed one of the other five. Which man is the murderer?

1. Dan ran in the NY City marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.

2. Mike considered being a farmer before he moved to the city.

3. Jeff is a topnotch computer consultant and wants to install Ben's new computer اگلے week.

4. The murderer had his leg amputated last month.

5. Ben met Jack for the first time six months ago.

6. Jack has been in seclusion since the crime.

7. Dan used to drink heavily.

8. Ben and Jeff built their last computers together.

9. The murderer is Jack's brother. They grew up together in Seattle.

Consider yourself to be a detective....So who is the killer ??
posted by E-Scope90
Between 10-12% of people on earth are “lefties.” Women are مزید likely to be right-handed than men سے طرف کی about 4 percentage points.i
August 13th is “Left-Hander’s Day.” Launched in 1992, this yearly event celebrates left-handedness and raises awareness of the difficulties and frustrations left-handers experience every دن in a world designed for right-handers.c
At various times in history, left-handedness has been seen as many things: a nasty habit, a mark of the devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality, and homosexuality. It has also been seen as a trait indicating creativity...
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posted by E-Scope90
Historically, sweat has been an active ingredient in perfume and love potions.g
In Bali, men believed a woman would fall in love if her suitor fed her a certain kind of leaf incised with the image of a god who sported a very large penis.e
The Mexican chief Montezuma considered chocolate a “love drug” and drank 50 cups of chocolate a دن before visiting his harem of 600 women.a
Scientists suggest that most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.h
Some individuals who claim never to have felt romantic love suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare disease that doesn’t...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
My Name Is Zack
My Sister Is Lucy
I am 12
And she is 6

Our dads always mad
He screams and he yells
I don’t think he likes us
It's easy to tell

Mums only kind
When dad's not around
And when he is ہوم
She hardly makes a sound

Mums always out,
Never home
Dads always drunk,
And always alone

As soon as we hear
Those jingly keys
We run and hide
We run and plea

We find a place
And curl up tight
I hold her hand
And she holds mine

And soon enough
Dad then walks in
Don’t make a sound, don’t say a word
I pray inside, deep within

But Lucy she cannot help herself
For the pain is just too much
"O-God" she yells
"Why are...
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posted by klaine_forever
One their was a goat named Jeff. He was born in the 1930's, the good ol' days. Once he was out for a sunday stroll and he stumbled apon an acorn. It was a bit odd looking, he couldn't but his finger on what it was with this acorn. He touched it and POOF! It turned into a space aged looking glass cube. It was perfectly square and clear, but it had a blue-ish tinge to it that made it visible. He took it back to his cottage and put it on the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ table. He made himself some cheese and biscuits and sat himself down اگلے to the cube. He read his 'goats weekly' and enjoyed his cheese and crackers,...
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